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12:12 karmic correction transmission


The 12:12 transmission will take place at 8:08 p.m. UK time on 12th of December.

in this transmission, everyone will experience a profound upgrade of their entire spiritual light body.

We are going to enter into the ascension chambers of the highest order, which will allow us to clear any hooks that have been preventing our expansion, and we will be able to bathe in frequencies that will bring us to the singular point of magnetism within our vibrational field.

In the 12:12 transmission, we will also be working with the collective ascension timeline, and we will be activating a huge influx of spiritual light into Planet Earth.

This will help many, many souls that have incarnated at this time to become one with their source field.

In the 12:12 transmission, we will also do a planetary protocol to cleanse our planetary system of many of these low-frequency karmic trauma bonds that are holding up the next level of Ascension for many in the ascending community. This will be an extraordinarily divinely orchestrated angelic intervention that will send codes of profound support to many of the souls in these relationships, truly giving them the courage to take heed of the messages that their higher self-soul consciousness is relentlessly sending forth to them…..


There are more Wanderers and exciting aspects to the 12 12 transmission which will be revealed in due course and I completely Trust at the ground crew take their positions on their grid points to complete this great great planetary work….


Please know that this powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and there is a bursary fund available for those that wish to do the work and are not able to pay the full price…

I really cannot wait to be with you all see you on the 12:12 transmission brothers and sisters


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