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9.9 transmission



The 9.9 transmission will take place on the 9th of September at 7:17 PM, UK time. In this transmission, we will be working to entirely align the divine crystalline womb with our earthly vessels.


We will be activating all our crystalline eggs.


This is deeply connected to the age regeneration timeline, and please know, we will be deeply empowering the age regeneration timeline.


We will also be sending a huge boost of spiritual support to the divide masculine, who has not been brave enough to mate with his true divine counterpart.


We are going to be assisting in the collapsing of these lower timelines, which are enabling these masculines to do that.


We are going to be sending them a whole load of spiritual support.


This work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and no one has ever been turned away.


There is a bursary fund available. If you are unable to make any contribution,


please contact my team and you will be sent a link to make a donation.


Love Jen.





PIF 9.9 transmission

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