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A royal love story of the twin flames' summer solstice transmission, 


The Solstice transmission will take place at 8 minutes past 8:00 p.m. UK time on the 21st of June 2023 this is a powerful ceremony I highly recommend you have an activated old tar light candles and where ceremonial clothing..


The summer solstice transmission will bear witness to the royal wedding of the twin flames, / the hieros gamic union 

This powerful spiritual Union will be celebrated throughout the multiverse as the sun reaches its highest point in the ecliptic cycle at the Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn 

In this Powerful and memorable ceremony we will be utilizing the energetics of this powerful solstice portal to receive a hiero-gamic subconscious code stamping in the unconscious full actualisation symbology of the higher twin soul marriage, and this union will be anchored and stamped on the earthly plane.

In the transmission, we will be working with the “ribbon”, the cord that eternally binds the twin flames Together on the Eternal Realms , which appears to be temporarily cut when the twins descend from the higher dimensional realms into the third-dimensional material realm. 

But the bond is never, ever cut with the twin soul. The circle eternally remains complete. 

We will be working with the highest symbology of the complete union circle that has never, shifted since time began, this knot which represents our union with God, with all that is, and all of existence.

This is a very, very powerful ceremony for all those on the ascension and twin soul path. 

It is very important that we come together as the light family to honor this potent ceremonial day and serve the light and anchor the light and receive a deep subconscious blessing from the highest spiritual realms, stamping and ensuring the actualisation of our twin soul union in this lifetime.


solstice transmission replay

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