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3. Aug, 2016

Twin flame Energy Report.....Call out to the Masculine counterparts to step up now for the 8/8 gatew

Dearest beloveds,

We come forth today with greetings and salutations from the higher dimensional fields of light and consciousness, in the gateway of this auspicious new moon in Leo, that is preparing us all energetically for the light dispensation that is set to occur and flood the earthly plane on the 8th of the 8th 2016.

We have much to share with you today, and am so deeply honoured to have all of your attention as we bring forth this transmission from the higher realms of consciousness. We would like to take a moment to offer a sincere prayer of gratitude and love to all the souls who follow these energy reports diligently, indeed our beloved channel receives a vast number of emails from many of you informing her of the immense ways these sacred transmissions serve and benefit you all. Please know it is our deepest pleasure to be able to serve you in this way, as this current time in humanity's destiny has decreed for those who have eyes to see and those who have ears to hear... the veil that obscures the higher and multi dimensional realms will be obliterated.

We have come forth in this manner to share these sacred twin flame teachings and activations with you as this is the truth.....and it is our intention to remind you that this primary axiom of creation was stolen from humanity's consciousness via the man made realms of religion....the truth of sacred union divine marriage, the hieros gamos and kundalini awakening....all of this was stolen in plain sight by the church leaders and from the leaders of many of the world religions,and this atrocity has manifested as the imbalanced nightmare paradigm of patriarchy that has been governing humanity for millenia.

The truth that creation came into being through the divine union of the masculine and feminine frequencies, the fact that the masculine and feminine frequencies cannot coexist separately from each other, the fact that what you call God is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies ....enough is enough beloved children of gaia the times of darkness have reached a uninspiring finale,and now the truth tellers, the way showers will be persecuted no more, as we sing the eternal love song loudly and clearly, that all of creation in all of the realms is due to the sacred union of the masculine and feminine energies.

These energies are within you all and housed safely at the base of your spine, and known as the Ida and the pingala, the masculine and feminine serpents who, prior to full awakening lay dormant at the base centre, and who at the moment of their predestined activation stir, recognise each other and then rush towards each other in sacred reunion, which then activates their full ascent up the spine reaching and moving through all of the energy centres in the body.

This union at the base of the spine is the kundalini awakening, and heralds the complete end of duality for the initiate, as duality ceases to be part of one's paradigm when these two hitherto dormant serpents recognise each other and merge in their eternal embrace.

This sacred union of the masculine and feminine energies within is a mirror of the outer manifestation of union which is that of the union of our beloved mother father god, and the time. whereby this blatant truth is hidden and denied, shall be no more, as we declare that we have remembered now, that non-duality is our eternal nature and that all of creation is a sacred marriage of polarity - matter and antimatter, light and dark, and of course masculine and feminine.

Beloveds we felt it was necessary to reiterate this fact and bring this awareness straight back to the heart of humanity's consciousness and in fact back into this conversation.

We would like to take a moment before we go into discussing the relevance of the 8/8 Lionsgate portal to send a request to the masculine twin flame counterparts to step up now and come forward to engage in this conversation, in this conversation whereby the veil is being obliterated and all that remains is the living breathing truth of divine sacred union.

Within our beloved channels private practice of guidance of twin flames there have been less than a handful of men who have come forward to engage in this deep Soul alignment work and in the webinars that she has shared of the 44 attendees only one was of the masculine polarity. This is not good enough beloveds. Please dear brothers hear this call, there is work to be done, and deep support is available to you, but you must start reaching out and stepping into the place where by your vulnerability can be witnessed and held.

There is a call being sent out by the feminine counterparts urging you to engage in this conversation of sacred union. We as the feminine counterparts need you, we cannot do this work without you. we have all signed up for this mission and regardless of how enlightened we are, we all still have blind spots and benefit from receiving loving guidance from healers teachers and guides There are many awakened souls out there whose mission it is to serve you and your spiritual evolution and expansion and it cannot carry on like this with only the female counterparts reaching out for support and guidance on this somewhat tumultuous path.

Here we are of course are not only suggesting you reach out to our beloved Channel 4 support, reach out to your own twin flame, contact her stop running and engage in this mission that you have both signed up for. We understand that this is a somewhat different message from what you are used to receiving from us however it has become apparent that these words need to be spoken. It is time dear brothers, time for you to receive the love and support and guidance that we all need on this path of twin flame union. Take heed of these words and reach out, you will be met with profound wisdom and grace and levels of support that will truly blow you away.

Now beloveds we must bring up the discussion of the 8/8 Lionsgate, this is an extremely potent twin flame activation portal whereby the Sphinx which is an earthly manifestation of an aspect of the divine godhead and the pyramids of Egypt align via the constellation of Leo with our beloved parent star system that is known as Sirius. On this date the earth plane will be flooded with the ancient and timeless codes of divine sacred union which will be anchored through the mother portal of Egypt. this light dispensation will be sent through the pyramids and then directed via the ley lines to all of the sacred sites on the planet and all of the genuine extra terrestrial crop circles. the 8/8 dispensation is the activation of a profusion of gamma rays, photonic light, and God particles which have been sent forth particularly to communicate with humanities dormant Christ DNA.

Our beloved channel has been called to facilitate a group call at 5 PM UK time on that date to bring together a field of light workers to act as conduits and gatekeepers for this light dispensation. This is due to the fact that this energy is extremely intense and therefore it is wholly appropriate for a circle of planetary elders to be the living receivers and channels to enable this influx of light to ground safely and successfully into the earthly plane.

Please contact our beloved channel if this is something that you feel called to participate in,or indeed if you sense deeply that this is in fact your destiny to be one of the sacred ushers for this light dispensation.

Without an anchored group of lightworkers the energy can be manipulated by a lower dimensional frequencies and at this point in our collective evolution this is unacceptable.

Beloveds as ever we have much to share with you all,the webinars that we have hosted have been extremely powerful and activating for all of the participants and have led many miraculously to be contacted again by their twin flames. We will be announcing the details of our next webinar in our next transmission.

It is extremely powerful on a shamanic level to gather together in this way with a band of high-frequency light workers to assist us all in bringing forth our twin flame unions onto the physical plane.

The 8/8 energies are predominantly correlated to the restoration of the divine sacred union template back into humanity's consciousness, and as such all who participate in the group call will experience a potent alignment with this original soul blueprint template, which will bring in enormous blessings for your own personal twin flame union trajectory and will bring in great blessings to the whole of the collective consciousness.

Please know it is our deepest honour to serve you all in this way.

You are seen, you are held, and you are truly loved by us in the higher realms ....your angelic helpers and guides... Receive these words as activation codes, aligning you vibrationally into fifth dimensional consciousness, and restoring you back to the place whereby you recognise that any concept of separation from your beloved twin flame is in fact a great great lie.

Reach out to us beloveds,

Come forth and be part of the 8/8 call.

Your presence is required.

in love and light

Jen and the white wolf tribe.

19. Aug, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report.....Are You Ready... Ascension Activation

Dearest beloveds,

We come forth now in this moment of your time to offer you, particularly the soul group that know themselves as the first wave Ascension Pioneers, some insights that we believe, will serve you deeply and assist you in navigating this extremely powerful time within your own personal and planetary evolution.

Our words are coming through in this time whereby the partial eclipse is peaking in your skies to remind you that as with all eclipses you are now being given the opportunity to put some very old very ancient deep dark Demons which exist within your psyches to rest.

These Demons (for want of a better word) are simply inherited thought forms that unconsciously you have been programmed to believe and take on, but are now, at this conjecture unequivocally no longer serving you. This is a final purging for many of you, of these old thought forms that have been tightly hooked into your emotional pain body, and have kept you stubbornly aligned with extremely false ideas and beliefs about who you truly are. These thought forms that we refer to could be summed up in one word and that is ‘fear’......... fear of life…. fear of death…... fear of abandonment…... fear of your innate safety on this planet, and fear that you are in fact separate from that which will always be known as Mother Father God.

Beloveds many of you, will have been feeling deeply challenged in the last few weeks and these challenges have had a far more intense flavour than the challenges hitherto you have had to face on your Ascension journey.

The reason for this is that you are being presented with an opportunity to clear out and clean out some of the oldest densest dark programs that have existed within the deepest depths of your psyche. We understand how challenging for your ego identity this time has been, but we promise you that what you are in the process of deeply purging is set to bring about an alignment with your own highest self, which until now has been primarily accessed in your dream time and 5D visionary moments.

We can assure you that you will look back on this period of your life with a deep reverence and gratitude for the impeccable means with which the universe has orchestrated these events to bring you into alignment with your whole and complete I am presence.

A most potent practice for you during this eclipse gateway is to extend a prayer of deep gratitude to all the souls who are in fact actors that are playing their part perfectly to show you the parts of yourself that have very much remained in the depths of your shadow, and we invite you to remembering that you are never ever a victim, your soul has co created all that is happening now with the loving support of all these souls/actors to bring you this unparalleled gift of purging, which is preceding this ultimately reunion with your full christed self.

All of this purging and the soul directed orchestrated events are inextricably linked to the 8/8 Lionsgate alignment which as we stated in our last article saw the earth plane being bombarded with the most intense influx of gamma rays and photonic light particles that Gaia has known since the time of Atlantis.

Beloveds please understand that what is happening right now is the miracle and the gift that you have been praying for ever since you commenced your awakening journey, and we advise you to send forth high level blessings to your current circumstances and all the souls who are playing a role for you right now in these situations, as what is being cleared from the depths of your psyche at this time is assisting you to come into full physical reunion with your beloved twin flame. It is imperative that this degree of purging be allowed to be fully cleared out of all your physical emotional and energetic systems, as for many this is the final cleanse before the grand reunion which is set to occur for many in the coming few months.

A very powerful practise for many of you during these times is to ask for this thought form which very often Is inherited, to return now safely back to the light…... inform it that you are complete on all levels, and it is time for it to be set free, and return home back to the light…... Explain that is no longer needed by you.

We also invite you to thank your current situation for the exquisite grace that it has bought you, and for everything that has happened to get you to this point.

From this moment on we invite you to remember that faith and trust are a choice and so you may as well choose them.

Choose to vibrate in the frequency of pure grace and gratitude sending blessings to all the souls who are involved in your current situation……..

Remember that you are all working together as a mighty team, in order to bring you to an even deeper level of awakening and well-being.

Your current situation is truly a gift that you specifically called in on the physical level, in order to catalyse this ultimate purging

Beloveds at this point we would like to offer you a pertinent reminder that in order to be a vibrational match for your twin flame union it is imperative that you wed all aspects of your consciousness deeply to this here and now present moment, knowing that there is nothing outside of this moment (regardless of whether you are physically united with your twin flame or not) that you need in order to be whole satisfied fulfilled and ultimately in service to the whole of humanity and beyond.

This moment is a gift given to us by our Creator God and that is why it is called the present and awareness of this gift aligns your frequency with all the intentions that you have carefully sent out to the universe.

This is so important beloveds, the words that we speak here. It is our intention to support you all to be the vibrational match for your twin flame union on all planes of consciousness, and by heeding this guidance you are aligning yourself, your twin flame, and the collective consciousness with the eventuality of this God ordained union manifesting throughout all planes of consciousness.

Beloveds in order to align with this knowing of the truth of what the present moment truly holds for you, it is imperative that you focus diligently on the matter of becoming a master of self-love. Self-love is one of the primary keys that ensures this soul reunion between you and your twin flame, occurs on the physical level, as it is only when one truly understands and puts into practice the art of self-love that you can ever be ready to receive the love of your beloved twin flame.

Our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate her next webinar on this essential subject matter as there is very little information available within the 3D realm which teaches and shows and exemplifies precisely what this is.

Therefore we would like to share with you that our next webinar will be taking place on monday the 29th august at 7pm uk time, and will be focused on the transmission of the vital codes that are required in order for you to step into and embody your own personal mastery around self-love.

We will also be addressing the vital issue of the Atlantis time line whereby Twin flames experienced their primary separation from each other, in many ways this is the root trauma lifetime that all lifetimes since then have been playing out, We will be working together as a circle of planetary masters and elders to rewrite the script/ the timeline of Atlantis, in order to restore and transform this key timeline…. This work is very often done in one to one sessions by our beloved channel, However the masters have decreed that now is the time to bring together a powerful circle of lightworkers/wayshowers to address this core issue within the collective twin flame reunion trajectory, We are addressing the original physical split of the 144, 000 illumined twin flame pairs, and therefore your presence is required to assist in the complete healing and transformation of this important timeline….

If this is something that you feel called to please contact our beloved channel at the cost of this transmission is £33 and will happen through a secret group on Facebook so please only contact us if you are on Facebook.

We are so deeply honoured to show up and share these sacred writings with you, we love you all deeply and are truly available to serve you and the full victory of your union on all planes of consciousness.

Our beloved channel is also available for one-to-one sessions to assist you personally as you move through and transcend any seeming blocks or thought forms that are affecting your reunion with your beloved twin flame, and the full alignment with the Christ consciousness being that you truly are.

Please reach out to her (See below for details of how to book a session)

It is our deepest honour to serve…..

In love and light

Jen and the white wolf tribe.

Details of the 8/8 transmission

This is a call out to the tribe to gather on the 8th of the 8th 2016 to anchor and become conduits for the extreme light activations on the 8/8 gateway, whereby gaia is aligning via the pyramids to the star system of sirius our parent star, and is about to be flooded with the higher ascension twin flame frequencies. this is an opportunity to create a master circle of planatary elders to act as ushers to enable the higher frequencies to be received by the earth plane - the 3D consciousness. in this activation we will be receivers of the 8/8 codes which will assist us all specifically with being the holders and conduits of the yeshua and Magdalene divine union template, and to facilitate the anchoring in of this light dispensation within the earths electromagnetic field. this is extremely potent personal and planatary service which is all who signed up for this's Dharma, spiritual service and mission. I very much look forward to gathering with you all in this way and creating this master circle of planatary Elders and light workers. there are 44 places available on the call. please send an email to, to reserve your place and receive the booking form. the transmission will be for one hour and the investment is £22 many blessings Jen and the white wolf tribe

Details of the next transmission

The next webinar transmission takes place on the 29th September 2016 at 6PM UK time to “Activate the Pardise Codes” that have been stored, and safely tucked away in the 144 000 twin flame pairs pituitary gland, pineal gland, and higher heart center.

The 999 Gateway witnessed Gaia transition fully into the golden age, and in order to support her it is necessary and appropriate for her wayshower brethren to activate the Paradise codes within their own personal consciousness and energy fields.

The paradise codes are aligned with great health, great well-being, divine flow and upgraded synchronicity, the Paradise codes once activated bring forth the blueprint of our higher Christed consciousness into the apex of our frontal cortex.

The transmission will also include activating the paradise codes within Gaia herself, We will be communicating to the Akashic record keepers and working with them to fully and successfully anchor this ancient yet brand new template safely into earths biosphere and electromagnetic field.

This is a great personal planetary activation to be part of and your presence is very much required on this call. Throughout this transmission as you activate and and enliven the paradise codes within your own consciousness please know that these codes are also very much activated within your beloved twin flames consciousness, which will act to deeply serve your physical union when divine timing decrees.

These are incredibly powerful times that we are living in now and these webinar transmissions are calling forth the souls who are truly ready to be part of a master circle of planetary elders, in order to assist gaia and her children to move smoothly into her brand-new Ascension timeline.

To take part in this life altering webinar transmission please contact to reserve your place. The cost of this transmission is £22 it is our deepest honour to serve you all and be the living conduits of spiritual light and grace that has always been our highest destiny.

The transmission willl take place for 1 hr, and happens in a secret group on facebook via facebook live

please see details for the 9/9/9 transmission

The 9/9/9 webinar will be held on friday the 9th september 2016 at 6pm uk time..

The purpose of the transmission is to harness the light dispensation on that day which is bringing through the great transformation from the age of Kali yuga to the golden age.. We will be co creating a Master circle to work with these energies on a personal and collective level, and there will be opportunities to use the potency of the group transmission to activate and materialise our own twin flame unions on the physical plane..

A ritual will be facilitated to gather together all the dysfunctional old programmes of the past and they will be offered to the gatekeepers of the violet flame… Please know beloveds that when these intentions are sent forth in an enlightened group setting, This exponentially magnifies the potency of the intentions..

The New earth paradigm foundations are built on conscious community, and awakened beings coming together to co create the new timelines that are in alignment with the paradise blueprint that we all carry in our sacred and wise hearts…

Your presence is required on this call…

In love and service


The investment for this transmission is £22… and will last for approximately 1 hour

Blessed be……..

please see feedback from my recent webinars...

The last webinar was a multidimensional explosion of orbs and Fairy sprites which took over the transmission, and the feedback has been deeply humbling to receive…..especially with regards to the powerful upgrades all of the participants are experiencing now at the moment, and at the time immediately after the webinar.

If you feel drawn to be at the next webinar the details are below (please send an email to I would be honoured to have your energy and presence on the call…..

The last webinar was a multidimensional explosion of orbs and Fairy sprites which took over the transmission, and the feedback has been deeply humbling to receive…..especially with regards to the powerful upgrades all of the participants are experiencing now at the moment, and at the time immediately after the webinar.

If you feel drawn to be at the next webinar the details are below (please send an email to I would be honoured to have your energy and presence on the call…..

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