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twin flame energy report new super moon in Aries

7. Apr, 2016

Aries super moon

Dearest beloveds

Greetings of the most high in this most auspicious moment of now where by a new supermoon is occurring in the sign of Aries…. what a deliciously auspicious date this is, as April is the fourth month of the Gregorian year and this is symbolic of the Aries energy to get things built and actually moving.

We have powerful all mighty Fresh spring energy bursting forth now in all aspects of your experience bringing with it the Arien might of getting energy that was stuck finally moving.

The energies of the winter months which have been still and hibernating and gestating have given way now for, the return of the light.

2016 is a number 9 year numerologically and 9 is symbolic of high completion within a significant cycle.

Twin flames this refers to you.....we understand very well that many of you are yet to experience the full actualisation of your Union with your beloved twin flame on the 3D level, whilst being constantly akin to the depths of your bona fide and authentic 5D connection with your beloved twin flame.........but we can assure you that all this is about to radically shift ….. beloveds imagine now the most powerful God in heaven zeus himself alongside with his Queen his beloved twin flame Hera stepping forward now and gifting you with the promise of your destiny.

These early spring months represent a 100% overhaul with regards to the earthly luck you have been experiencing in your twin flame unions and Zeus and Hera are stepping forward now as the highest Gods in creation and are offering you their support to manifest everything you have ever prayed for.

It is all in your power to receive this, and please know you now have all the support you have ever prayed for. they want you to know that this time marks a significant shift in the timelines for many many twin flames. Many channels have been saying this and we are strongly confirming that the turn of this particular season is an extremely important one with regards to the fulfillment of many of your earthly destinies.

Please know you have magnetized these huge shifts through your own enduring commitment to knowing that it is only through the alignment of yourself to the eternal I am presence within, that you could ever be the humble servants and emissaries of the will of the One

And this test, many of you have passed, and we congratulate you... for this is in fact energetically for many of you twin flames and star seeds the graduation date of a very significant part of your earthly experience, and we affirm to you that you have passed with honours this here your masters degree, through your own stabilizing in the fact that it is your own personal duty to be 100% committed to the knowing that you are the source of your own muse, and there is nothing outside of yourself that you are ever actually seeking, for you have accessed the well spring of source energy within.

All your external circumstances are now overflowing with a sense of penetrating gratitude in the celebration of this knowing….. this is the highest exam so to speak, that all of you whom we speak to tonight have been tested on……. Have you been able to Hold Steady to the knowing that there is nothing outside of yourself that is your Source or your Saviour.

It is your duty to remember this and to remember that this is a significant choice that you must make every single moment of every single day.

Beloved's we see that many of you see and recognise this now, and this is bringing forth The most highest and exquisite blessings and jubilations that you have prayed for….. graduation day is upon you…... and you now have become the Living Awakened Masters that has always been your destiny.

Congratulations lightworkers starseeds twin flames, throw your caps in the air for you did it and we are all here with you at your graduation parade witnessing you receiving your certificates saying that you have passed with honours this masters degree well done.

So now you have graduated you are ready to take up your positions, and your positions are to be the living breathing Awakened aligned twin Flames coexisting in an exquisite 3D earthly consciousness reality with the highest consort of your souls... whilst having an absolute ball.

This is your reality, as it has always been and this is how it is now. So many of those dark clouds have been cast out and dusted off like ancient old cobwebs, and you are able now to hold no more cellular memories of all the pain and all the trauma that separation from your twin flame has triggered within your cellular and muscular memory banks.

This Potent gateway of this new moon in Aries offers you the opportunity to once and for all accept your own living mastery, and receive this initiation from your own self. The energetics of this time period are wholeheartedly supporting the alignment with this frequency of thought and knowing…... this is the time now to masterfully surf these mighty cosmic waves that are delivering you to your very own 3D destiny.

We know many many of you sense the validity of these words as confirmations of your own inner knowing, and we confirm to you that your intuition is correct…. this is not the time where the pawns are being moved on the chessboard of your life…. it is the big pieces who are being strategically aligned (more specifically the King and the queen)...... big moves are taking place now on the the chessboard of your life beloved's, as many of you are now taking significant strives towards uniting fully on the 3d planes with your beloved twin flame.

Breathe deeply and walk through all doors that are opening for you right now……. you have all done so well and cleared so much and purified yourself to such a heroic extent that the time has come for the end of Act 3 and the start of Act 4….. This period is a game changer, it's curtains down, and curtains open to make way for a fresh new scene….

Step in, the Beloved divine twins flames……. hold onto your hats if you must, but we say throw them high in the air in celebration and jubilations for reaching the end of this particular Act…....

We bow to thee in deepest reverancy and offer you our hands, reminding you that you have always been free……..

Receive this message as a sacred gift from the living heart of the Living one Source…. We are here to remind you of your highest knowing, the highest resonance you carry in the nucleus of your cells….. we humbly bow to you in always…... feel our exaltation feel our cheers, as we watch you step over the threshold to a place that's always been your one true eternal home.

Whatever you believe is what you will create….. belief exist as one of the fundamental cornerstones of all manifestation……. believe that miracles and transformation are the order of the day and that is what you will experience as your day-to-day reality, it really is as simple as that. But often in its simplicity the illusion of complexity obscures what is so blatantly apparent in every moment of now….

We bow to you oh Awakened ones…. You who have penetrated beyond the veil of Illusions and pierced the Eternal curtain of Eden and now dance merrily here.

Enlightenment always comes down to remembering to choose it in every single moment of every single day….. Mastery is a choice….. the master has remembered that her will is Almighty and all powerful, and what she believes and what ever she intends is what is…….. Therefore Awakening from the illusion of victimhood and the knowing that my/thy will is the most powerful force in creation is the key to open the unlocked door to your actual 3D destiny….. so mote it be…..

in loving and eternal service

twin flame energy report ........congratulations, we are now in the period of reconciliation

18. Apr, 2016

twin flame energy report

Dearest beloveds,

We have come forth today in this sacred moment to offer you our holy hand that we may embark on another unbegotten story, whereby the Holy groom is United with his precious Bride let us resound throughout all of Heaven the Call of the high and holy twins United as one on Earth.

Such huge monumental shifts are taking place in the lives of many many twin flames at this time, this is a period of profound dusting out and making the space spick and span and ready to receive the highest concert of your soul. Bearing in mind that this is not something that you have called in from your ego consciousness, it is a bonafide cosmic mission that has been programmed within you since the beginning of your creation, particularly in the area of your body consciousness matrix that is known as the pineal gland and in the area that is known as the thymus gland - the higher heart Centre. The codes of this cosmic mission have indeed been stored in these said here portals/stations and have been designed to activate and be catalysed at certain timeline configurations within one's timeline destiny.

All this, the holy presence within achieves, when you get out of the way to let the force that has programmed the Roses to blossom and the hawthorn to Bloom and the stars to remain in their constellations all night, flow again unhindered in your earthly reality…..., this is the force that is magnetizing your true heart's beloved back to you, remembering that everything ultimately is magnetized to its original and true identical vibrational match.

This is the fundamental flow of all nature and we humans attune our consciousness to be in alignment with this when we remember that everything is always already being taken care of, our main task is to get out of the way, to get the ego consciousness out of the picture for a moment, in order to allow the energy of the higher I am presence to flood the self in wave upon wave of bliss,higher knowing, serendipity, synchronicity, and fortuitous meetings.

Beloved twin flames we hope we have conveyed to you sufficiently that this is a fundamental period within your 3D timeline matrix agreement which has now finally aligned sufficiently with the zero point field of consciousness, This has orchestrated a monumental upgrade in the harmonic frequency of gaia and has Precipitated the orchestration of a vast number of twin flames coming into their 3D union en Mass as we speak... this is indeed the ultimate destiny and journey Of All Souls eventually, but it must be stated that our creator Mother Father God has decreed that this period of now is the time that many many bonafide twin flames will be successfully reuniting, without having the need to go into periods of further separation in order to keep evolving.

All this is testimony to the grand levels of clearing that have been taking place particularly in the fourth Dimensional fields of consciousness of late, which of course has infiltrated down into 3D consciousness….. this week is bringing about monumental game changing moves on the great chess Boards of many illumined twin flames lives.

Well done everybody, A Huge pat on the back is called for, the light quota has stabilized at such an activated pristine setting, that is now successfully infiltrating many human beings within your vicinity.

What you could term the light army has been called in en masse to guard over the earth's magnetic field during this quantum upgrade time period, and this climaxed at the time of the the 28th of September 2015. Energetically since then, there have been a Legion of angelic lightworkers (many of whom inHabit 3D bodies at this time) that are are emanating a harmonic tone/frequency that is bringing restoration and laughter back to Gaia's Shores once again.

We know and sense deeply that many of you are feeling these monumental shifts taking place at this time, and please remember that during this time all is being cleared and faced which has been blocking you from entering the Garden of paradise…. which forever will be the present moment.

The twin flame mysteries reveal a truth that has long been suppressed, and that is, that in the unification of these energies, here we find the primary source of all creation, of all Union, and all bliss,

Now is the time….. for the Wayshowers have returned, they have cleared so much fear, darkness and control from their throat Centres, they have learnt to speak their truth in tongues and many have witnessed the realignment between their throat centers and their hearts. Many have been guided to practise particular exercises which have sought to bring great release, and restore the energy flow into the area that is known as the jaw.

Beloveds, you on The Awakening path, will have been experiencing huge shifts and transformations occurring also within your sacred womb area…….. Recently there have been some strong scorpionic 8th house planetary alignments that have brought up and stirred up much of this energy frequency many of you are tuning into…….some have felt this consciously whilst others unconsciously…

Black lilith and Kali ma are working together now to bring back the voice of the Divine sacred feminine out of the darkness and back into the light and current present moment conversation….. to do this she needs to speak openly about her pain and Betrayal which is by no means easy.

However now is the time beloveds... the pain can be tolerated no more, the light has already shone on the shores of your soul…... in this month of April we invite you to sit calmly sensing and knowing that your hearts eternal Ally is riding this cosmic wave all the way with you…. For there is nothing that is truer than that

Blessed be beloveds, this has been a powerful download and we would like to inform you that our beloved channel is available for personal one to one sessions to assist you deeply on your souls ultimate soul expansion and reunion with your twin flame. She is also running a retreat in the Isle Of Avalon UK on the 14th 15th of May and in Derbyshire UK on the 11th and 12th of June please get in touch to this email if you would like to attend or would like more information regarding her one-to-one sessions….. there are only four places left on the Avalon Retreat so please book asap if you feel in your heart you are meant to be there. It has been an honour to share with you all.

We give thanks and send you many many blessings

Jen and the white wolf tribe

Om shanti

The white wolf tribe

Twin Flame Energy Report.........recalibrations keys and blessings pouring in now for twin flames

26. Apr, 2016

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high, we come forth today on wings of the highest celestial blessings infused with the Sacred Heart of all the souls who have recently passed in this auspicious time of the turning off the great cycle.

Creation is a story that we have all come here to create, and awakining to that is what seals our destiny and our fate, as we remember it is a choice that we made somewhere along the line, to believe in this illusion and give power to the lie…... the lie goes as deep as the greatest ocean it would seem, into the depths of our unconsciousness where we have deeply chosen fear……...

What wonderous times beloveds that hold us now, unbelievable insights, recalibrations and downloads are flooding many of your consciousness now at this moment, with the deepest keys that are needed, that you may come into your fully healed and Awakened state of actualised mastery……...Please know that these times are imbued with your living destiny, everything is coming to you that you have always prayed for, and that is through the remembrance that you always had the power to choose, what to believe, and in that choice, what you get to experience in your earthly reality matrix.

We bow to you dear ones, as we see the Planets supporting this 360 degree turn in the spinning of your actual atomic patterning….. as you turn back towards the source, back towards the remembrance that you always had the power….. even when you were choosing pain, suffering, rejection and separation…... it was your own choices being mirrored back to you, mirroring the beliefs that you held onto often times in your own subconscious mind.

You have never ever been a victim…. sometimes, often in fact, these choices and beliefs are imposed upon us by Society and our culture, but we each individually always have a choice to invest and keep believing in these ideas or not…….some examples of the ideas we are referring to are…..

1. Nobody loves me

2. I am unlovable

3. I am unsupported

4. I am separate.

This is a short example of the ideas and beliefs that we are referring to, but these are old programs and programs keep running whenever we press return on the keyboard…. we can stop playing that old belief at any moment that we choose to…... when we stop pressing return on the keyboard and instead use our conscious awareness to remember to choose what it is that we really want, which Invariably is connection, healing, play and sacred Union.

The tide has truly turned now beloveds as now you can actually see that all of the power has lay within you, and in the choices that you have been making. Reality is always a mirror of a choice that is made on some deep level of your being.

For many of you it has taken everything that you have got to get here to this moment, to the remembrance that everything has always been a choice, and that you have just had to be aware of what you are choosing……..beliefs also very often reflect what we believe that we deserve but the truth is you get to say what you deserve not some old false dark Programe…. You have the power to decide exactly what it is you deserve through simply remembering this.

All illness and disease is the body's way of vying for your attention, your hypothalamus has been working in overdrive and as you didn't interpret the messages your emotions were trying to show you, your hyperthalamus had to work harder to get the message to you in the form of ailments and symptoms of physical discomfort and disease.

The key is to remember that all pain in the body represents a place where you have been committed to the belief in your separateness and deep within you consciously or unconsciously you were choosing to keep this program alive.

The transformation happens when you realise that your whole life has been mirroring your own beliefs at a deep primary level, and you must now ask the question- are the choices I have been making in alignment with what I actually want to experience? herein lies the key that unlocks the door to miraculous healing, well being, fortune, serendipity, fortuitous meetings, and timelines collapsing, as the atom of your vast beingnesss begins to spin in a opposite patterning now…...away from separation, changing its direction entirely, turning the other way, finally and consciously turning towards Union.

This is a monumental shift that takes place in the individuals quantum reality matrix and this is indeed the master code that aligns the initiate with the full quota of Christ consciousness Maharic Awakening that they have always prayed for……. for in the Garden of Union eternal love forever Grows

We see many of you on track and in alignment with yourselves now, remembering that at the deepest level that is what your twin flames are……. they are yourself and very often they are mirroring the places in you where unconsciously you have rejected your own self…... they are you and they are your truest mirrors so as you evolve and expand it is an inevitable occurrence that they too will also expand and transform. This is the law of nature,

You all possess the keys to unlock the door to the Greatest Love Story your soul has ever known…… remebering to release all fear, as why would you choose fear …….releasing all doubt …….as why would you choose doubt……. choosing trust, joy, bliss and connection.

Remeberance of all this is the master key, we can assure you of that …..This is the antakarana the Rainbow Bridge that Unites the vast spectacular realms of ones unconscious with the physical consciousness aspect on Earth, and all power lies here, in the unconscious, which is the place that you have sovereign right to set as your own conscious domain.

Beloveds we invite you to awaken from the nightmare of unconsciously choosing, to remember to again and again choose Union over separation….

Blessed be beloveds, this has been a powerful download and we would like to inform you that our beloved channel is available for personal one to one sessions to assist you deeply on your souls ultimate soul expansion and reunion with your twin flame. She is also running a retreat in the Isle Of Avalon UK on the 14th 15th of May and in Derbyshire UK on the 11th and 12th of June please get in touch to this email if you would like to attend or would like more information regarding her one-to-one sessions….. there are only four places left on the Avalon Retreat so please book asap if you feel in your heart you are meant to be there. It has been an honour to share with you all.

We give thanks and send you many many blessings

Jen and the white wolf tribe

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