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Asension report 144: solar flares forward motion now 10:10 gateway

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.

We have just come out of Mercury retrograde, which has been an extremely powerful and auspicious time for so many of us.

This has been linked with the Navaratri, which is connected to the reverence and celebration of the goddess Durga.

We have much to share with you about the current energies.

This is a very strong time of our collective ascension, and there has been an unprecedented number of solar flares that have been pouring forth from Galactic Central.

These solar flares have hugely increased in intensity recently, and this is due to the exponential shifts that are taking place within our individual and collective vibratory field.

Every time the solar flares are released, this interacts with our DNA and essentially brings more light into our DNA, which changes it's base point patterning and enables our DNA to start transforming and coming into alignment with our multidimensional higher self DNA code-ons.

This is why everyone is experiencing so many symptoms and anomalies at the moment. And this is because as the light enters into our consciousness, it essentially exposes all the areas of trauma, darkness, and wounding that is stored within our unconscious mind.

As the light is shone on these places, this can be very uncomfortable for us and very confronting, and it can feel like we have gone backwards on our spiritual path.

But what is happening is that the light is finally being exposed on the shadow aspect.

The shadow cannot function if it is exposed to the light. It can only maintain its patterning if it remains in the darkness.

So just simply having the experience of feeling confronted with your old patterns is an extremely positive sign on your spiritual evolutionary path.

So many brothers and sisters in the community have done the deep work, and I am constantly receiving emails from the community saying that they are coming into physical reunion with their twin flame.

This is truly happening to so many people in our community and this deeply connected to the exponential shifts in vibration we are all experiencing individually and collectively.

As we know, twin flames are the antidote to the matrix, and they are the antidote to the control structure that has kept humanity enslaved for thousands of years. this is because twin flames exemplify and embody divine love in its highest and purest form. And on a vibratory level, this completely overwhelms all lower frequencies and eradicates them at a root level.

This is why Twin Flame Union and Ascension is so intricately connected.

We are now moving towards the 10:10 portal and the 10:10 energies are deeply connected to the restoration of The Age of innocence.

The Age of Innocence is connected to the anchoring of the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age. And this is particularly connected to the restoration of the innocence codes around our sacred sexuality.

Our sacred sexuality is the seat of our spiritual power, and this area of our reality has been the most heinously controlled and manipulated. And through sexual abuse, perversion, and trauma.

There has been an agenda to entrain everyone out of their innocent codes related to their sexuality.

This has caused a profound detriment on humanities' consciousness and this now needs to be corrected.

And so in the 10:10 transmission, we are going to be anchoring the Age of Innocence.

The Age of Innocence is anchored within our own individualized consciousness.

Once we embody it on an individual level, it can then anchor on a collective level.

In the 10:10 transmission, we will be working deeply to unfathom the mysteries of the spirit and the soul.

What is the soul consciousness and how does it differ from the spirit consciousness?

This is deeply connected to the one and the zero.

And in the transmission we will be decoding the one and the zero at the deepest level imaginable.

All those participating in the 10:10 transmission will experience an auspicious blessing with your divine twin flame union as we will be working with the 144,000 Holy Grail twin flame pairs and anchoring their union through the maypole on Glastonbury to.

This is connected to the Beltane energies which are approaching in the Southern Hemisphere. And this is connected to a timeline of the Beltane that is going to be anchoring in the Northern Hemisphere next May.

This is an extraordinarily auspicious ceremony to be invited to participate in. And the benefits will be untold for all those that hear the call.

When we show up for transmissions, this is likened to go into the spiritual gym.

The whole purpose is to become a spiritual heavyweight so that we become stabilized in fifth dimensional consciousness.

Which means that we are able to be anchored on this realm and navigate this realm masterfully without ever falling off our surfboard.

This is the whole entire purpose of the transmissions, to bring you to a place of vibratory mastery so that you can navigate this realm and be a role model of the highest order.

Please see below for all the details on how to book onto the 10:10 transmission.

As usual, the ground crew is called to take up your position on your grid points on this auspicious day.

I look forward to sharing more and more with you in the coming days, weeks, and months.

And please know that I'm so grateful to everyone that reached out to me to send me love on my birthday.

It truly was the best birthday I've ever had.

So much love to everyone.

In love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

The 10:10 transmission

The 10:10 transmission will take place on the 10th of October at 7:17 pm UK time.

In this transmission we will be working with the powerful and sacred energies of Glastonbury tor to fully anchor the "Age of innocence" which is part of the golden Aquarian age

This is deeply connected to the restoration of our sacred innocence sexuality codes which have been hijacked

in this transmission we will restore these codes back to humanity's super consciousness field, so that everyone can remember the sacred innocence of their divine sacred sexuality.

We will also be doing a huge twin flame reunification ceremony in Glastonbury tor anchoring the 144,000 holy grail unions via the portal that is the maypole

The maypole is connected to the sacred union of the masculine and feminine.

It is a very powerful symbol to be working with and please know that it is an extraordinarily auspicious ceremony to be invited to participate in

I will not be hosting the ceremony on zoom

I have a very exciting surprise for all those that come to the ceremony….

Please know that this sacred work is often an energetic exchange basis and there is a best refund available for those that would like to make a donation please email my assistant at

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Have you read my book divine actor I am the reviews are starting to come in it is so life changing the codes in this book because I feel so deeply that so many people in my community are meant to read this book to receive this transmission I am going to do a sale on the audio version of the book usually is £27.99 for 48 hours I'm going to make it available to everyone in my community £14.44.

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this inc's p and p

Here are all my links to all my books and social media




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