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Twin flame, Ascension, report: 144 code red pill or blue pill

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, evolving humanity. We are rapidly moving towards the 10-10 master portal. This is coupled with the powerful energies of the Full Moon in Aries, marking the brand new cycle that we are all entering into. And this is also connected to the upcoming eclipses that are destined to occur in the upcoming weeks.

We are moving into an extremely potent and rapid part of the ascension process, and many on the front line of the ascension timeline are experiencing a profound quickening. The 10-10 gateway is deeply connected to rest, reset, and rejuvenation. It is an opportunity for all of those that give so much to stop for a moment and allow their own cup to be filled.

Many will notice that this is a very strong reoccurring theme as we move into the 10-10 Numerological power portal gateway.

It is very important that everyone reading these words understands and remembers deeply what happened to humanity at the time of Atlantis. As Atlantis went into its fall, humanity's DNA was manipulated and shaken out of its 12-strand multidimensional 144 code to a two-strand operating system. This ensured that all humanity had available to them was the basic survival aspects within the DNA, i.e., to keep the blood circulating, the heartbeat functioning, and all bodily functions working.

On a consciousness level, the two-strand downgrade had a huge effect on the consciousness level of humanity, and in effect, it enabled humanity to shut down the consciousness portals to the higher dimensional spiritual realms. One of the most pertinent aspects of the DNA manipulation was connected to the downgrading of the longevity of the human lifespan.

As fractals of God source energy, our master blueprint holds it such that we are able to actively regenerate the cellular regenerative process through the will of our unique consciousness.

However, with humanity dumbed down to a two-strand DNA level, this has activated a matrix program whereby 99.999% of humanity have forgotten their true aging and longevity blueprint that still remains untempered with in the spiritual realms.

Most people go along with the matrix third-dimensional aging paradigm and assume that things such as menopause, degenerative aging, etc., are an inevitable part of the human process. This is absolutely not the case. These are beliefs and programs that have been planted into the subconscious mind. And just as like all seeds that are planted in the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will activate and grow those seeds and enable them to fructify to the point that they're experienced as actual, physical reality.

It is very, very important at this stage in the ascension process that we disrupt the degenerative aging patterning and free ourselves from this insidious matrix control system. It's very important to understand that the reason why the longevity of the human race was targeted was in order to create loosh for the reptilian overlords who have also had a hand in manipulating the moon portal, creating it such that souls do not return back to source energy.

Instead, souls stay stuck in the moon matrix and then get recycled back as more loosh for the reptilian controllers. This is a huge manipulation agenda which humanity has swallowed up, and now is the time for more and more people to become aware of that. I have been very strongly guided by my spirit team to dedicate the 10-10 transmission to the aging regeneration timeline.

In the 10-10 transmission, we are going to be coming together as the ground crew, and we are going to be purging the blue pill, which many of us have swallowed around the aging agenda. We are going to be experiencing a very, very powerful collective ground crew purge of all of the components that taking the blue pill has enforced upon the subconscious field.

We are going to be giving ourselves the gift of taking the red pill, which is deeply connected to the firing up of our 144 DNA source code, which will enable us to completely defy the third-dimensional aging patterning and return back to regenerative cellular source beings who are able to instantly regenerate their cellular structure.

We are going to be activating an extraordinary twin flame blessing in the 10-10 portal, and this is going to very, very deeply support many divine masculines to purge themselves of the third-dimensional programming that has kept them stuck in identification with the matrix.

I'm being guided not to reveal all of the elements of the 10-10 transmission, but I will say that everyone that comes forward to be part of this transmission will have the opportunity to receive a fundamental DNA upgrade and the opportunity to purge some exceptionally potent bugs which have been implemented into the consciousness fields, which have acted as parasitical entities keeping one's consciousness tethered to the lower-dimensional realms.

For all those that come forward to be part of this amazing transmission, you are going to receive a profound blessing which truly words cannot possibly define.

This is going to have a huge effect on the Twin Flame Collective.

I highly recommend everyone watch Matrix four. This is one of the most powerful twin flame decodes that have ever been shared with humanity.

The most important mission for us now is to prime ourselves ready to be with our twin flame and focus on that. Because when the twins come together, they completely free themselves from all matrix programming, and that is exactly what the Ascension timeline is all about.

Please see the details below to book onto this very, very powerful ceremony.

I can't wait to be with you all for the 10-10 transmission in love and eternal light,

Jen and the White Wolf Tribe.

The 10-10 Master portal transmission

The 10-10 Master portal transmission will take place at eight minutes past 8:00 PM UK time on the 10th of October 2023. In this transmission, we are going to be working with the Crystal Lions, who are the guardians of our crystalline DNA patterning. We are going to be experiencing a protocol whereby we purge ourselves of all of the toxic poison that the blue pill has inflicted on many of our consciousness, and we are going to give ourselves the incredible gifts of taking the red pill.

For all those that show up to participate in this powerful ceremony, you are going to be experiencing an extraordinary blessing, not only for you and your twin flame, but this is also going to activate an extraordinary transformation within your own matrix reality. I truly, absolutely cannot wait to be with you all for the 10-10 Master Portal Ceremony.

This powerful work is offered on a energetic exchange basis. When you book onto the transition you will receive a PDF file with instructions to book onto the call for the 10.10.

See you on your grid points for the 10.10 beautiful brothers and sisters.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, here are the links to book onto the transmission

pay it forward

Bali retreat

Dearest brothers and sisters it gives me great pleasure to announce that registration for my Bali retreat is open.

The retreat will take place on the 11th, 12th, 13th and and finish on the 14th of December.

Myself and Somesh have spent a lot of time creating this beautiful page for you all which explains in great detail a lot of information about the retreat

as soon as you book, your name will go into a list and you will be contacted in due course with important information regarding the upcoming retreat.

There are currently 2 spots available.

You are being offered the earlybird price because you are part of the pre-book list

as soon as the retreat goes live to my wider community the full price will be activated.

All of this is explained in th email/landing page

I love you all. I can't wait to share my love of Bali with you

every day when I'm not in Bali I miss it. I grieve it and I long for it. I am so delighted to share with you all - the utter exquisite glory of mother Bali. Love Jen

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