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Twin flame Ascension Report: Solstice Gateway Planetary Liberation and the City of London

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever evolving humanity. There are many monumental shifts that are currently taking place on the higher dimensional plane at the moment and we come to reiterate the absolute irrefutable fact that God has already won this spiritual battle.

The light has won on the higher dimensional planes and what we are experiencing is a catch up on the lower dimensional planes. That does not mean to say that every character in the lower fractions of the pyramid is not playing out their role in accordance with the old controller's timelines. That is still going on to a certain extent, however, the overall vibration of victory is sealed in the higher dimensional realms.

There are so many shifts going on in the collective at the moment and it is absolutely imperative that awake humanity hold the line.

The old powers are seeking to test humanity currently to see at what level they will acquiesce to their demonic requirements. It is very important that we hold the line and we trust in the divine plan and we never ever acquiesce our sovereignty for one single second.

Every single thing that is being imposed upon humanity by the old controllers is a mandate and none of it is legally binding. This means that every mandate requires your consent. If you do not consent then you are ungovernable by the tyrants.

It is very important that everyone reading these words deeply understands this and stands their ground. We are duty bound to stand up against tyrannical mandates that have been created to harm humanity. That is our spiritual duty. And mother, father, God will always support us and protect us when we do that.

There are huge and monumental shifts going on for the twin flame collective at the moment and many twin flames got to see each other around the 12 12 portal date.

The 12 12 portal was an extremely powerful master portal for the twin flame collective and was very powerful in terms of assisting in the awakening of the last residues of a sleepiness for the divine masculine collective.

Many divine masculines got to experience the vibration of their twin flame in this current portal. Please know that they are being deeply affected by the vibrations of this meeting. This is happening via synchronicity and dream time visitations. It is all accumulating so fast now that the many of the divine masculines are just unable to deny the fact that mother, father, God is speaking to them and directing them on their path of their true spiritual destiny.

The energy is building up now towards the solstice gateway and we will be working with the portal of Uluru and the guardians of the portal of Uluru.

We will be working with the Aboriginal elders and our galactic brethren to open up a planetary liberation portal on the 21st of December, 2021.

In this transmission we are also being guided to heal all fractured relationships in our families. This has been the old controller's agenda to create splits and fractions in families. And it is absolutely imperative that we all stay in our hearts and stay deeply aligned and connected with our loved ones.

In this transmission we will be activating the unity code in the planetary grid, ensuring that this is the predominant master vibration that is anchored on the 21st of December.

Please see below for further details and all instructions to join the solstice transmission.

Please know also, that I will be hosting an after party after the transmission to go deeper into the codes.

This is an opportunity for us to have very sacred and intimate time together in a smaller group, where we will go into much greater depth around the healing codes that are pouring in on that day.

Many shifts are taking place in the eye of the storm also known as the city of London at the moment.

There are huge spiritual shifts taking place in London and all of the forces of great love are surrounding all governmental institutions now ensuring that God's victory is anchored imminently into the current timeline.

It would serve us all well to hold that vision of London being surrounded by angelic light at the moment, particularly all governmental institutions.

This is a deep request as London is the belly of the beast and if we can shift the energy in London very, very quickly, this will automatically have a huge knock on effect to the rest of the planet.

So thank you so much for taking heed of these words and I deeply look forward to being with you all on the 21st of December.

In love and eternal light Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

Solstice transmission

The Solstice transmission will take place at 8:08 p.m. UK time on the 21st of December 2021.

This is an opportunity for all the ground crew to take their places on the most Potent spiritual day of the year.

In this transmission we will be working with Uluru and the Guardians of Uluru…

We will be working very deeply with the Elders of Uluru and the galactics that will be working with us on this Potent day.

we will be anchoring into the Planetary grid the vibration of Unity. This is the glue that binds humanity together as one and is the very thing that the old controllers are trying to interfere with…

This will be an extremely powerful and life-changing transmission for all of us and we will be working specifically with healing our fractured family relationships at this time.

Please expect miraculous shifts in time for Christmas with many of your family relationships.

In this transmission we will also be activating a planetary liberation protocol with all of the galactics and angelica.

This ceremony has been written in the stars for aeons and we the ground crew are showing up in service to fulfil the promises that we made aeons ago.

There are other aspects to the Solstice transmission which will be revealed in due course and as ever I will be hosting the Solstice transmission after party.

This is an opportunity for you to come and spend Close and deeply intimate time with me as we go even deeper into sharing the downloads and the transformations that we will all be experiencing on this powerful and significant portal date….

Nervous system recalibration container

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

There is so much interest from so many of you about this container that I will be hosting.

It is very important for so many beloveds in our community that we address the elephant in the room which is the unstabilised nervous system.

This is affecting all of us and our ability to manifest our hearts desires as it is deeply connected to our root chakra and our sacral chakra and the vibration of belonging in the world.

Many of us have experienced Heinious amounts of psychological sexual and physical abuse and this has activated a dislodge in the base chakra which means that the nervous system is not operating in its optimum capacity.

This can be corrected through quantum timeline recorrection and connecting with the God source code within.

This is going to be the theme of the container and it is specifically for coaches and people that are working in facilitator roles

You can only take your clients as far and as deep as you have gone on a personal level.

Activating this re-correction within the nervous system will be an absolute game changer for you and all the people that you work with

I am currently collecting everyone's email who would like to go on the pre-book list and be invited to participate in the 21 day container for a vastly reduced discount.

please make sure that you send your email to me in 24 hours as I will be sending out the invitation in 24 hours time and if you are not on the prebook list you will not be given the opportunity to receive the extraordinary discount that I am offering.

So please email me at and I will put your name on the pre-book list and you will be the 1st to be invited to this life changing container.

Please know that I will have payment plans available and if you feel that you are aligned with this I recommend you start commanding the quantum field to align you with the abundance to make this a reality...

I love you all so much love jen

Activate your spiritual business with jen mccarty

I have been strongly guided by my spiritual team to bring through a Leadership initiation program for members of the community that are ready to step up into positions of leadership be that coaching teaching writing speaking showing up in a form of authority in the world

I will be hosting a 3 day container and initiation process to activate the codes of leadership that you are destined to activate in this lifetime

this is specifically for those who have been deeply feeling the call and the urge to let go of the old Paradigm of income structure to follow their souls true passion

this container will be a safe space to activate all the codes within you to take this leap and be caught by all of the angels in gods kingdom

since I began my leadership embodiment work I have noticed hundreds of sisters and brothers in the community truly level up and step up and own spiritual gifts whether that be through one-to-one sessions, group work through containers

I have observed extraordinary shifts in the people that I have been working with over the years

please know that if you are vibrationally drawn to these were words I am creating a crystal grid now on the highest etheric plane to call forth the brothers and sisters of the 144,000 ground crew to come forward and position themselves on this etheric grid

I am the actualised and embodied leader holding the mother crystal tone and it is very fast for all those who have close proximity to me to level up and align with these mastery codes

please know that you will be held, your and your little child hands will be held as we all embark on this life changing journey

this is a three day leadership initiation retreat

we will meet on zoom on three consecutive days for three hours and in that time we will fully nourish and open those seeds of creativity and soul base leadership that are ready to bloom in our hearts

if you are excited and inspired by reading these words you are invited to participate today for the discounted price of £1111 the price will change in 48 hrs from now love Jen

here is the link to book


Angelic bundle half price

Miracle healing half price

twin flame container and spiritual business container for £1111

Pay in full

Pay in instalments


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