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Twin flame Ascension report: This the most important message I've bought through for the collective.

Dearest, brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with extremely important news to share with everyone who is a vibrational match to receive this message at this time.

It is clear for all of those with activated pineal glands and open third eyes to see that all of the ascended beings and galactic beings and the higher self of the 144,000 incarnated Illumined Twin Flames are currently working on the higher dimensional realms at the moment to fully and completely anchor the Golden Age timeline.

This is currently occurring on the higher realms at the moment, and is intricately connected to the stellar work that the star beings have been doing and achieved in these latest few months.

There are so many of you who are reading these words, who have been diligently working on and taking responsibility for your spiritual vibration to the point that you have entered into the zero point field of all time and no time.

As one individual soul arrives home in the zero point field, they become extremely potent and magnetic to their divine counterpart on all dimensional planes of consciousness. This particular gateway that we are in, which is connected to the 9:9 numerological portal, is deeply connected to the completion of the timeline of separation.

We, as a galactic species, since the fall of Atlantis have taken on the experience of deeply experiencing and understanding every minute aspect of separation consciousness. However, with the anchoring of the Golden Age timeline, this is heralding the absolute completion of this cycle.

The 9:9 portal is unlike any portal that we have experienced thus far as it is acting as a climax point for the anchoring of the Golden Age timeline.

The Golden Age timeline is in the process of being anchored as we speak and all of us that gather on our grid points to hold our mastery frequency for the 9:9 transmission, are being encouraged to understand on a very deep and intricate level, that there has been an energetic shift. And we are being called to witness the final completion of the anchoring of the Golden Age timeline in the 9:9 transmission.

It has come to my attention that everybody who takes part in the transmission is being trained to become a heavyweight on the spiritual realms. And it is absolutely imperative that if you commit to show up for this level of spiritual and galactic service, that You understand that the more transmissions you show up for the more solid and stable your energetic field becomes….it's not just a one-off wonder. Every transmission that you show up for builds up your spiritual muscle on the higher dimensional realms and creates the conditions which make you unpenetratable and protected on the most profound unfathomable levels.

The 9:9 completion ceremony is intricately connected to the powerful triumphant successful reunion of the 144,000 Twin Flame Illumined pairs.

This particular gateway is bearing witness to the most profound unprecedented number of Twin Flames coming into sacred recognition reunion at this auspicious time. The energy of the unified Twin Flames activates the frequency of rapture and rapture is the specific energetic code that will lift the earth out of its fixation in the third dimensional matrix into the higher fifth dimensional Christic paradigm.

There has never been a more important time for you as a lightworker to show up on duty on your grid point on the 9:9 transmission.

There has been an unprecedented number of souls in the community that have heard the call so far. And I trust that we are going to reach our target of 999 souls on the live call for this transmission.

Please see below for full details to book.

Please know that everyone that comes forward to offer their time and energy for this level of planetary service will receive a profound boost with their own spiritual energetic frequency. And this choice will clear any blocks that you may be experiencing with regards to the manifestation and anchoring of your divine Twin Flame union.

If you are connecting to these words, if you are feeling your heart expanding, if you are feeling emotional, if you are feeling excited from reading this message, you are meant to be there. You are meant to be at the ceremony.

Please know that there are many people that will not be able to make the live ceremony. And it is just as powerful to show up for the recording as there will be many people tuning in just after the live event.

I've been guided to host a transmission after-party for brothers and sisters that want to go even deeper into the teachings. And there is a link if you would like to book onto the after-party transmission with me. This will give everyone an opportunity to ask some very important questions about the current energies and the best way to navigate this energetic shift that we are in.

Even though the Golden Age has anchored, is anchoring and is climaxing on the 9:9 transmission, only those of you who are a vibrational match to the timeline will experience it. If you are stuck in a victim consciousness of focusing on lack and observing the fact that things aren't aligning for you, then you are not a vibrational match to the Golden Age timeline.

in order for you to match the energies, it is important that you find the spiritual practice that brings you home to emptiness to the zero point field that you remember to continuously go on endless rampages of gratitude and do random acts of kindness, whilst becoming 100% orientated to serving your brothers and sisters, as well as having profound vigilant boundaries.

This is the way to reach spiritual mastery. This is the way to become extremely magnetic. This is the way to activate your higher self destiny. I pray from the deepest depths of my heart, that you take powerful inspiration from these words and understand how important and pertinent your individual role is in this current planetary ascension is.

You are the one that you have been waiting for. You are the one that you have been praying for. There is no more waiting now.

There's just the invitation to step fully into sovereignty and mastery.

Please see below for the details on the 9:9 transmission. In love and eternal life,

Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

The 9.9 divine love completion ceremony

The 9.9 divine love completion ceremony will take place on the 9th of September at 9:09 p.m UK time

in this transmission we will be working All the galactic sand all of the ascended beings to fully and completely anchor the Golden Age timeline in order for this to be successful we will be working specifically with the Divine masculines who are still in karmic relationships.

we will be sending a boost of extremely powerful courage to enable them to awaken from their comatosed nightmare of settling for a relationship which is less than their higher selves destiny.

In the 9:9 transmission we will also be working with the Galactics to fully ground and anchor the new Earth timeline we will do this through an embodiment exercise whereby we each embody the codes and frequencies of new earth

We will also be working to send our support to our brothers and sisters in Australia who are on the Frontline of this planetary globalist take over.

We will be sending a huge boost of support to all of the brothers and sisters in Australia and all of the truckies and all of the people that are rising and taking a stand against tyranny.

Everyone who comes forward to take part in this ceremony will receive an extremely powerful and auspicious individual blessing for their own twin flame sacred Union and will have the opportunity to participate in an extremely game-changing global ceremony that will support the collective to entirely free itself of all tyrannical regimes

This powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis..

As soon as you sign up you will receive the PDF instructions to join the transmission please check your spam box under SELLFY and you will find the PDF

Dearest brothers and sisters I have been guided to create some changes with the transmissions starting from this month - the 9.9 transmission there will be an option to pay £44 to join

if you pay £44 you will be invited to take part in the after transmission party with me

this is a powerful and sacred opportunity for us to have intimate time together to go deeper into that the teachings of the transmission and for me to answer any questions that you may have

it will be an opportunity for me to share with you deeply and intimately the downloads and insights I have been receiving about the current planetary great awakening situation

It has been strongly suggested to me to do this by the mentors that I am working with as it will create a powerful opportunity for members of my community to go deeper into the work

not everyone will wants to do this and so therefore there are a limited number of places

to all of those that sign up for the £44 option, please check your inbox and you will find two invitations under SELLFY one to join the YouTube public ceremony and another invitation to join the zoom meeting

Dear brothers and sisters I have been guided to host a 2-hour workshop entitled “Upgraded wealth codes for the multidimensional goddess” Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters

it gives me the greatest pleasure to invite you all to come and take part in a two hour masterclass I will be hosting entitled.

"Upgraded wealth codes for the multidimensional goddess"

In this masterclass, I will be sharing with you some of the core mastery principles around wealth Accumulation and transforming your wealth mindset IN ORDER TO MANIFEST YOUR souls DESTINY.

I will teach you about timelines - how to collapse timelines and how to calibrate to timelines that are in alignment with your deepest souls destiny.

I will also teach you about THE IMPORTANCE AND POTENCY OF working with mentors and show you how to calibrate to your mentor's energetic field.

Everyone that participates in this workshop will receive a breakthrough in their wealth mindset which will have a knock-on effect on their income.

Everyone that I’m working with at the moment is experiencing an unparalleled transformation with regards to sharing their sacred offerings to the world and deeply transforming their monthly income.

The techniques I will be teaching will enable you to easily make five figures a month moving to 6 figures per month in your business

This work has been designed for coaches, healers, teachers, artists musicians, authors, and all those with a private practice.

This is a powerful opportunity for you to work very closely and very intimately with me, which will give you the opportunity to calibrate to my energetic field

I am working with the most groundbreaking mentors at the moment who are assisting me to massively up level my offerings and profoundly transform my income and everything that I share in the world

Everyone that takes part will also get to bask in the codes and frequencies of the mentors that I have been working with who truly are beyond world-class they are galactic class.

here are some of the by products of working closely with me:

1. Everlasting transformation of your wealth mindset

2. A huge shift in your income

3. A redirection into the path of your spiritual Dharma

(what you are truly meant to do)

4. You will become an expert at spiritual magnetism and drop all effort when it comes to aligning with perfect high ticket paying clients

5. Understand fully what it means to be in spiritual alignment

6. Eradication of victim consciousness forever

7. No more searching seeking externally

8. No more hustling for clients

9. Huge increase in confidence

10. Eradication of impostor syndrome

11. Full empowerment and permission to pursue your wildest dreams

12. All the top tips I have used to grow my audience and business without spending a penny on advertising

13. The ability to live the life of your dreams

14. How to attain financial freedom

15. How to create consistent five-figure months turning into six-figure months.

16. How to live the life of your dreams

17. The best tips available on how to transform your energetic vibration.......

the masterclass is on the 12th sep at 2.30. pm UK time and the replay will be available

in love and eternal light jen

here is the link to book your place for the massively discounted price


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