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This programme is valued at £333 there is a sale on at the moment and it is £111

There are no words that can adequately express how powerful we all are….
One of the main things that has been targeted with humanity is their connection to the individual power source their own DNA
This was controlled and manipulated at the time of Atlantis and a huge disempowerment codon was activated within our perfected 12 strand DNA patterning which was scrambled to become a two stranded DNA configuration …..
We as the enlightened groundcrew have been ordained with the spiritual task of re-correcting the distortions that took place at the time of Atlantis..
We each have the power to be able to communicate with our DNA to tell it to oscillate at a level whereby it is no longer affected by EMF warfare radiation.
However until we get to the level of absolute unequivocal faith I do recommend working with external devices such as Shungite Black tourmaline and Tesla frequency devices such as a Healy machine
This meditation is extremely powerful and life changing and will assist you massively to be completely invulnerable to EMF radiation

This programme is valued at £333 there is a sale on at the moment and it is £111

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