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Here is the link To purchase this meditation program at the heavily discounted price:
£369 is now £111

Something really amazing happened to me.

I Spontaneously went into went a very deep meditation and my spirit guides took me on a journey and they showed me incredibly powerful symbols, totems and guides that are specifically connected to increasing The amount of followers and subscribers that you have on social media. 


My guides took me on a journey and it was absolutely awe inspiring. 


On that journey I encountered many souls who are in fifth dimensional/ millionaire mindset.

They were high vibing souls that were holding space for us all in the higher realms as we uplevel our spiritual vibration and massively uplevel and increase the number of followers we have. 


So therefore I am absolutely delighted to inform all of you that have been vibrationally drawn to this landing page to let you know that I have channelled and created a meditation whereby you program your subconscious mind In an extremely powerful and proficient way to attract a huge number of followers.

It is so important in these transformational times that the souls that have attracted huge followings
be aligned with God consciousness.

Souls who are deeply driven and continuously inspired to share these codes and frequencies with as many people as possible, in order to awaken them from the third-dimensional matrix.


It's really important that we on the spiritual path have an engaged and high-level following so that we can share our inspiration and deep insights with as many people as possible in order to activate their DNA so that they can awaken. 


There is a very, deep reason why we would have that desire to have a large following and it is not because we just want people to like our cheek bones, and silly selfies..


It's not about that at all.

It's about the frequency and about the vibration, and about getting our frequency and our vibration out there to as many people as possible in order to help them awaken out of the spell of the matrix.

This meditation is extremely powerful and will transform your spiritual vibration on a very deep and lasting level.


Please understand that this is a program that I'm offering and not simply just a meditation.

There is a PDF Ebook that goes with this meditation which gives you practical guidance on how to transform your vibration and become magnetic to the Followers that you have made a soul contract to inspire in this lifetime.

I will share with you life-changing habits that will massively affect your vibration very very quickly.

it's very important that everyone does the meditation for 21 days and also work commitedly with the program for 21 days.

Then please get back to me and let me know how your Instagram followers and indeed all social media followers have increased.


This is a program that enables you to work on your inner vibration, to get to that place where you are attracting super engaged and loving followers every single day. 


 A huge part of the work that we will be doing in this program is specifically attracting followers that you really admire. 


It's really important that we attract people that we look up to, And this course will massively help you attract your dream people to follow you.


Please know that this intention is hugely encoded within this meditation. 


I am truly overjoyed to be sharing this meditation with you all.

Also I have created a crystal grid that goes along with this meditation program, and every single person that does this meditation will be vibrationally connected to the crystal grid and I will be daily sending out frequencies and vibrations to fully support you to anchor in this high vibrational timeline which makes you extremely magnetic, and enables you to attract a loving and engaged following in a record amount of time.


Everything is based upon magnetism.

If you are finding yourself drawn to this programme and drawn to the vibration of this conversation please know that this is a specific message from your higher self to let you know that working with this program will massively help you up-level your spiritual vibration in So Many Ways.

My relationship with social media has been extremely powerful and I created a viral Facebook group a couple of years ago.

I've never invested any money on advertising as I have always sold out all of my programs prior to the Launch date, and I regularly sell-out retreats in 24 hours of the announcement.Therefore invite you to deeply place your trusting me as a guide to assist you to go to the next level and sharing your beautiful sacred offerings with the world.

I regularly host large group global meditations that are attended by 500 to 800 people at least 1 x per month since 2017...

Having a record number of social media followers will be one tiny measurable result that will demonstrate the shifts that have taken place within your vibration after doing this powerful upgrade meditation for 21 days.

The price of this meditational program is £369 however if you purchase it now up until the 18th of April you can get it at the extremely discounted price of £111

Here is the link To purchase this meditation program at the heavily discounted price:
£369 is now £111

When you click "buy now" you will be asked to download two files (in your email) one is the MP3 file with the meditation and the other is the PDF e-book that goes along with this program


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