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Hello Beautiful Souls, I am writing today to tell of another wonderful experience with Jen. Yesterday we did a one on one activation. It was powerful!!! And much needed for my twin. There were some deep wounds that needed love and healing to be sent to them. We did just that. Then today I woke up to a "Good Morning" text from him. We continued to talk for a bit. He then invited me to his Thanksgiving Dinner. I can not began to tell you about the amount of inner peace I feel. This time around we are moving towards one another the way we should have the first time around. There is something there that is immensely peaceful and positive. And yet I can't quite put the appropriate words to it.This I know for sure. I have tried other groups on FB and one in person. There was something off with all them. I couldn't & didn't figure it out but knew it wasn't for me. However, with Jen and this group every single thing is spot on! Thank you so very much Soul Sistar Jen. As well as all the other Brothers and Sistars here. Thank you for a safe and sacred place to be. _/\_ Namasté _/\_ :-)

Email24. Nov, 2016



Dear ones!! Yesterday I had the most powerful 1 on 1 session with Jen! I cannot accurately articulate it into words but I will do my best. Suffice it to say I am a spiritual medium and a healer and no one has ever come on my path by accident. My connecting with Jen was divinely planned before we came here. I have received messages from my personal spirit team this morning, that Jen as a powerful Goddess Angelic Avatar, has come here at this time to bring twins together. They told me specifically that she holds keys to all of our unions. I haven't even relayed this to Jen yet because as I type this is flowing to my awareness now. Our beautiful soul sister was sent here to unlock the codes of our unions and facilitate our reunions. This morning I woke up with the most incredibly powerful feeling of compassion for my twin, the likes of which I have never felt before! This is all a result of the healing activation I received from Jen yesterday! This insanely otherwordly love and compassion I am now feeling for my beloved is a crucial part in the awakening our sleeping counterparts. I strongly urge all of you, if you are guided, to work with Jen 1 on 1. If you have been thinking about it, that means your soul is talking to you. So much love to all of you and a huge hug for

you ((((Jen Mccarty))))

Email18. Apr, 2016



I have been a "twin-flame" student for several years now, and have studied, read, and absorbed all that I have come in contact with, which is a LOT. Some opinions are very differing - so we sift through and determine what resonates with us - and lovingly leave the rest behind. I was so thrilled when I came across Jen's blog, as my studied beliefs could not be more closely aligned with what she shares. I was even more thrilled to have such a spot-on reading with this beautiful soul....and have my thoughts and fears beliefs and own discernment confirmed, reinforced and validated. There is something so very powerful in knowing that all the storms you continue to weather, all those niggling little doubts you try to bury and ignore (but still lurk in the remote corners of your overactive ego brain), all the inner work you continue to do, all the hopes and intentions you put out to the Universe - really ARE for a reason, and that you really ARE on the right path. To have someone who so clearly "GETS IT" recognize how far you've come and give you that extra bit of encouragement....for that, I'm so blessed and extremely grateful! I can't wait to do continued work with Jen in the future, and see where our paths might cross.

Email24. Feb, 2016



Dear Jen, This was such a beautiful and profoundly comforting session. Your guidance and love have shifted me from a place of doubt and struggle, to knowing that what I am experiencing is true, and important, and also justifiably terrifying as it is a big job ahead! ( :-) ) Your words "It will be so, so worth it." will resonate through my whole heart, in harmony with what my heart has been showing me. I have found an extraordinary ally in you, and for this I am deeply grateful. Love.

EmailWebsite24. Feb, 2016


a big thank you for our session on Monday! i felt Jen took me very far high and very far back on a journey that was needed for deeper healing and integration. i'm coming out of it transformed, more self-assured and trusting in my evolution, more anchored into the current situation, which is my point of power anyway. i really, really, REALLY wanted to have a peak at this fabulous timeline of Atlantis with someone i could lean on for a safe exploration of ancient grief for my pair. Jen saw me in a way i'd never been seen before and the mirror she held up for me is already helping me grow wings to fly higher on my own and step more firmly and enthusiastically into my purpose and mission in a light-hearted way. this session truly was an incredible gift. many blessings to you dear Jen, i am ever so grateful we connected and worked together. Elisabeth. xxx

Email19. Jan, 2016


Thank you so much for the session. It was exactly what I needed right now. The past life you identified and healed reflects an aspect of myself in this lifetime that I'm not very proud of. I could feel the shift taking place in my throat chakra. Now I will be able to let go of that influence and start speaking from my heart. Much love and gratitude.

EmailWebsite28. Dec, 2015


Hello dearest, So much joy and gratitude flows through me just a few days after receiving my healing session with you!.................Prior to seeing you I was a little heart broken and confused about what was happening in my life, and the work you lead me through showed me such horrific pain in my heart, a trauma that I didn't know existed. Following there was a lot of emotional releasing that came but shortly after I have been flooded with profound and beautiful visions. One of which I saw my soul beautifully intertwine with the soul of my beloved and I have not experienced such blissful and emotional joy in such a long time! So incredible! The physical separation that we are going through on this plane of existence no longer aches me as I feel so incredibly connected to him and to everyone. I have been unified with my heart, my home and the greater Divine plan is thoroughly felt, loved and accepted within me. I am so grateful for that dear sister, thank you for the work and the light that you bring to us all. Looking forward to connecting with you

EmailWebsite28. Dec, 2015



Jen, just want to tell you how did I get so far off,I was in a bad place when I talked to you. I feel so much better now, I have been following your advise. I feel so much more grounded and have so much more inner freedom. I still feel his energy around me and it is okay now. I did a lot of purging the next day, I know there is more to come.....thank you so much, you helped me in a big way. I will definitely follow up with you in 30 days. Sending lots of love and blessings heart emoticon heart emoticon

Email20. Dec, 2015



Thank you for a wonderful session. Since then I'm filled with acceptance. It doesn't matter what is playing out on this plane we are helping each other grow. I know we are in Union on a soul level and love for my beloved for all people is just flowing. Thank you I thought the heart ache of separation would never end. Now I feel calm and okay with how things are. Blessings to you and deep gratitude.

Email29. Nov, 2015



Dear Jen, Thank you so much for my healing. It was a relief to hear that it wasn't my fault that I couldn't let go of the pain that I was carrying. The session had a deep effect and I felt something shift inside me, something that had been stuck for a long time. I feellike I can now do what is necessary and have the strength to move forward again. You made me feel reassured, less alone and more calm. I am doing better already and will continue working with the tips you gave me until everything is cleared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Email4. Nov, 2015



Jen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our meeting yesterday. The work you did on my deeply rooted issues were nothing short of breathtaking. As I was sitting in relaxation (and doubting a little I could let myself go deep enough), I suddenly felt in my physical body popping and pulling sensations, in my throat, my solar plexus, and sacral chakras. The feeling of being lovingly worked on was obvious, and glorious, as the clearing and template was brought in. I am at this moment, in peace and know I need to go within for a time to enjoy the great gift you bestowed on me. I'm in awe and in such gratitude for your beautiful light and support. Then last night I had an interesting dream and when I researched the meaning, I received this message: "Getting rid of the old. New Beginnings. This indicates that you are releasing your pent-up tension and worry. It signals an end to the difficult times and the beginning of relaxation. Some creative energy is being released or recognized." WOW- perfect validation! I am sure more messages and sensations are to be revealed in the coming days- I am excited to continue down this new road. Thank you again! All my love and gratitude, Christine

Email22. Oct, 2015


Ella del Rosario

Here's is my testimonial, sissie: "I just had my second session with Jen today and may I say that I thoroughly was in anticipation and awe during the session. Jen is not only an empathic listener with amazingly deep gifts of insight and offers her clients clear spiritual guidance from her guides, angels and ascended masters. She guided me through several in-depth healing meditations with her warm, honest, nurturing spirit; she infuses wonderfully positive energy into your soul with calm reassurance and shares her amazing mixture of divinely-unique shamanic tools of matrix and EFT. She also empowered me with new, fresh, clear, bright frequencies and higher energy vibrations. I always leave Jen's vibrant sessions feeling much more calm, clear and balanced about the journeyof my soul's awakening. Jen is the real deal! Authentic, transparent a true gem of a loving, giving, nurturing angelic Lightworker whose only goal is to help, lead, guide, inspire and love. I look forward to regular sessions with dear, exuberant, caring Jen!



Email22. Oct, 2015


"Dear Jen, I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent in our session on 10.16.2015. I stumbled upon your blog about twin flames nearly one month ago and knew I had to connect. Not only did our session alleviate disruptive symptoms in my root chakra (manifesting as knee pain - which is completely gone now) you also brought to light a piece of me that has been illusive for quite some time. With just one session with you (Jen) you’ve helped me stir up my soul’s purpose and bring forth a pre- birth contract that has helped launch my journey into a new and exciting direction. Words can not express how grateful I am for your guidance. I have been much more focused in every facet of my life -- from the creativity of my writing to the day to day tasks of being mom. I feel refreshed, awake and alive. Once again a tremendous wave of gratitude, love and light to you. I look forward to booking another session in the near future! Sincerely,Robin Korejko

Email19. Jul, 2015

Leah Clark

I very recently had a tf session with Jen Mccarty. Interestingly Jen was the first twin flame healer that I had allowed into my Union after 5 years of being together with my beautiful twin. It was though I had been protected until I was drawn to Jens workas a tf healer.I was utterly shocked by the profound informatiom that Jen was able to share with me. It has given me so much confidence, guidence & reassurance in regards to the path that I have trod. Tf Unions are the most precious, most arduous, most painful,most extraordinary, most amazingly beautiful, run deep like a river & test you until you feel as though you cannot be tested any more. Patience is certainly a virtue in these relationships. I was humbled by Jens words &deep honesty and feel very grateful to have crossed paths with Jen.  Thankyou so much ~Leah~ <3

EmailWebsite15. Jul, 2015



- Jen, words are difficult sometimes and this is one of those times! 12 hours after our session & I am feeling a profound energetic shift which I cannot quite put a finger on. Massive 'downloads' of realisations 'connecting more dots' (very significant) - immediately after the session & now, a day later; I feel as though I am more on my path than ever. I feel a calm sense of peace & love - and I am ready to shine the light on, give love to & accept the darkest parts of me which so many of us hide so well - even from ourselves. Intellectually I 'knew' I needed to address some things before.. But you showed me how to simplify it energetically - by you identifying specific characteristics of my 'core wounds', acknowledging & giving it love. I think often we feel like we are doing/have done 'the work' (on deconstructing our constructed -self) .. When whilst we may have done a lot of useful work- the core wounds themselves often get ignored. The depth & energetic resonance of the visualisation techniques are so on point & relevant to my situation. Feel they are already having a profound effect ; I have been intermittently practising all morning You cut through the crap in an amazing way Jen saw what was really needed right at this very point, from both sides. Can't wait to have a follow session in a few weeks! Xox xox xox


Email14. Jul, 2015

Michelle aka Love Jones

Believe it or not - JUST NOW was I able to thoroughly read this report. Jen Mccarty - You are AMAZING - and this came through right when it was needed,,, due to the shift - I had difficulty keeping up with all that light that was being shed on the grid… BUT I also was trying to stay centered / grounded - it was a lot of energy.... THIS IS Beautifully written - I cannot express how grateful I am for this light you have brought to me.... I resonate with this piece tremendously- it is perfect and gives me peace.I have to say it is one of your best transmissions - I AM IN AWE & with all the work I have been doing these past few weeks, I am a witness.... especially today I went back to ZPF (zero point frequency) & experienced what you transmitted. In meditation -  sent him unconditional love and I let him know that I forgive him, I will always forgive him and I am here... Ironically - the description of sending my inner child to play in the Sun with him is what I saw in my meditation on Sunday... AMAZING - The Universe never ceases to amaze me - I am overwhelmed with GRATITUDE. Abundant blessings to you my SOUL SISTER <3


EmailWebsite13. Jul, 2015


Bless you sister Jen indeed spirit is working so powerfully and masterfully through you right now xxx thank you for channelling xx


EmailWebsite8. Jul, 2015


Jen has been a wonderful support and source of reassurance to me during my TF journey. At the core of every TF journey there are many blocks and egoic patterns that stand in the way of Divine Love. As Rumi once said "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" and this truly is the essence of the TF journey. Rumi, to me writes the essence of true Divine Counterpart and Beloved. I have known for some time that this Earth has been controlled and hijacked by forces that have prevented TF returning together fully, but I now know that that dark cloud is lifting and we are to become a planet of Beloveds once more. As we are here in human bodies with deep emotions to navigate, Jen managed to delve into my core wound, which I believe is the core wound of all Twin Flames and that is of "abandonment." How frightened we are to give our love to this other half of our shining soul, for fear of rejection, for fear that the Divine may turn it's back on us... and if we hold that fear of abandonment, then that is exactly what we get, which creates the runner dynamic. So Jen with her gentle and loving Divine Feminine presence, wisdom and guidance helped me to clear this wound and as a result, my twin is doing a 180 degree turn back to Divine Love.I highly recommend Jen's guidance, readings and channellings, as she has immense gifts to share at this time as a catalyst to return the twins back together

Email8. Jul, 2015



Thank you Jen for delivering my breakthrough. I have been experiencing incredible healing since our session. I felt stuck for so long but now I am seeing and clearing the patterns that have held me back. I'm so glad I was guided to you. Deepest gratitude and love.

Email7. Jul, 2015


Debbie Twist

Hi Jen thank you for the session yesterday I really feel like I connected with my twin flame it was very informative and I am feeling a lot more positive. You are a lovely lady much love and gratitude xx


EmailWebsite6. Jul, 2015

love jones

so gifted Jen Mccarty - love & light to you and yours - Blessed our paths crossed / xoxoxo

EmailWebsite6. Jul, 2015

Sasha Michalitsianos

Wow, this is so similar to the message I have been given also.. Beautiful! Thank you.. I knew there was a reason I had to make friends with you. I'm a channel too. Much love to you lady of the light heart emoticon


Email25. Jun, 2015


I had a such a wonderful session with Jen where she was able to help me clear up certain blocks within my energy field, with a simple & intutive guided meditation that brought me to tears. It left me feeling more lighthearted and relaxed, increasing my faith and trust in my reunion with my Twin <3 I will also be using this method that Jen has shown me to work on myself further, and I am really looking forward, and with great excitement, to seeing major shifts and upliftments within our Twin Soul mission! Thank you lovely Jen :)

Email24. Jun, 2015


My name is Amy. It has taken me about three weeks to be able to put into words my reading with Jen was. first and foremost, if you are thinking about doing this. DO IT. DO IT NOW. I was drawn to Jen from of her posts a friend of a friend in a twins group shared her website. I was be on amazed at the reading and meditation. My twin and I are on our path back to each other, having met when we were teens. I have such a clear healing of my past blocks and everything seems to be falling into place as it should. It took days for me to stop buzzing after my reading and to be honest I still am and it's weeks after. I find that I am much more at peace, calm and have less worry in my heart. While I have not doubted who my twin is, I have often wondered "how, when, etc" those thoughts are gone. It is just as it should be. While my higher self knows those things, I feel like I needed a human reminder. Jen accomplished this also during our time together. (where she was planning on it or not) when we were in meditation with my twin, I felt in every single cell of my body and soul were intertwined with his. (yes... every single one). it was overwhelming and wonderful. I could feel the energy swirl between our chakras and cells, back and forth in a single unit. Be on amazing and wonderful, there really are no words to explain how wonderful it really is. Jen my soul sister. I thank you and bless you everyday! much love!


Email13. Jun, 2015


I have been in the separation stage with my twin since March. We had a break up, and I was deeply affected emotionally, which lead to my awakening. I was searching for help surrounding this twin flame ordeal when I ran across Jen. One of the first few days of June we had a session, and the very next day I interacted with my twin in a different way. She was very different towards me in a loving way, and we had better communication. About 5 days later, we went on a date and spent time together in a whole new way! I was amazed at how the energy shifted surrounding our interaction and I think we are really on our way to reunion. We still have work to do, but Jen assisted me with this and helped me to understand what was happening on a deeper level. Her energy was upbeat and happy and the work she did with me was awesome!! Thank you Jen!


Email6. Jun, 2015


Wow Jen, I had a great sleep and am still buzzing. What wonderful work you do. What a gift and a blessing to the world. I get the 33 thing, however, you don't charge enough, so I'm sending you another 33 - hehehe - that way it will be twins!


Email3. Jun, 2015


Hi Jen, I hope you're well. Today, after more than 13 months with absolutely no contact or comuniación with my twin flame, we have spoken again. It was very nice and made us both well. Thank you for your valuable assistance. If you want your message to reach Spanish-speaking twins, count on me to translate. No cost, it would be my collaboration to the project. I think (and my spirit guides have confirmed me) you are at a level higher than most people who write on this subject consciousness. We are not many who are above the 5d, but Jen McCarty certainly is. Thanks again. I hope to make another skype you soon. It has enabled me certain things that made my consciousness raised. Thank you, sister! You're amazing heart


had a Skype session with Jen as I felt I need some clearing and healing. What a wonderful session I had, feeling immediately comfortable with Jen, where she took the time to understand my situation but also intuitively knew much about it. Jen lead me into two meditations that resulted in the clearing and healing I was seeking, taking place. I immediately felt lighter and positive and a sense of calm and inner peace came over me. This feeling lasted with me for a number of days after the session. I would highly recommend Jen if you are wanting clearing and healing and to reconnect with your inner knowingness and yes, I would have another session with Jen again. Love and light, Georgia


Email29. May, 2015


I'm so happy to meet my galactic sister! After the session with Jen I felt light, clear and happy. We truly connected as we both are blue rays and I still felt the loving connection days after the session. The channel between me and my twin obviously cleared up too We'll keep in touch! Love & blessings <3


Email28. May, 2015



After having a session with Jen I felt very very tired, more or less almost knocked out and I had serious difficulties to find words. But the other morning I felt a huge difference. It feels like there is so much more transparency inside of me! I have gained access to more "spaces" and aspects of myself and feel so much less stuck. Every time when a thought based on fear turns up there is now a voice pointing at it and making me look at it from a different angle!!! I can now see beyond my fears, see the entire picture and not only sense it like I did before. And every time I caught such a thought it was dissolving itself into a bubble of love. I'm very happy to have come across Jen. The session I had with her made a huge impact in my growth process and was worth every penny! Thank you sister ❤


Email28. May, 2015


Laura Calderon what a blessing to have found you sweet soul. This website is already so stunning but connecting to you was even more stunning. I feel very blessed to have had the session with you this morning. I know lots has shifted and I am forever grateful to what and how you do !!!! sending you love...always

Email24. May, 2015

Love Marlene Hi, Thank You so much! Your sharings here have brought me great comfort, I appreciate You! Many Blessings to You ❤


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