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Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,



Please know that this is an extremely exclusive offer that I am sharing, and I will never ever do a live training at this cost ever again.....


In this training you get a huge amount of in-person access to me via the training modules and the Facebook group that everyone will be added to whereby I will be very active.


Every single phenomenally successful person that I have ever met has a mentor and works with a mentor.


This truly is the fast track to transforming your reality on all levels and everyone that is hardwired for success truly knows this and is prepared to make the necessary investments knowing that the return will be much faster if working with a high-level mentor.....


This is an incredibly powerful opportunity for you to come and work directly with me to transform your spiritual vibration forever to unblock all emotional blocks which are directly linked to financial blocks.


We will completely re-evaluate and restore our true relationship with wealth and abundance consciousness, and everyone who takes part in the container will be given a huge initiation to manifest the life of their dreams with the income of their dreams.


Since accessing these codes I have manifested WELL over £100,000 and within three days of me accessing the codes £30,000 was paid into my bank account. I really want to show as many of you as possible how I did it if I can do it anyone can do it.


The course is absolutely packed with so many extras which actually come to the value of over £700 and I have created three separate e-books that go with the course for each module which are absolutely packed with exercises information and guidance to implement lifestyle changes that will very swiftly stabilise you in fifth-dimensional consciousness.






The price for everyone on the pre-book list is £1144 and this is available to the first 20 people that book 


After that the price goes up to £1444 


Please know that there are payment plans in place 


The payment plans are as follows:

£1444 is the price if you pay in full today.. 


If you choose to pay in instalments I would require you to pay five instalments of £220 after paying an initial £144 non refundable deposit.


This option will be available for the first 20 people that book 


For those who book who are not on the pre-book list the price will go up to £1444 for seven days and after that the price will go to its non-sale price of £2222....

There are instalment plans for all of the various options and a non-refundable deposit of £144 is required to secure your place.....



Please use this PayPal link to book your place today 



in 24 hours I will be opening up the invitation to this Wealth mastermind to the 150,000 people who make up my online spiritual community 


so far 10 of you have booked and I’m absolutely delighted about that.


I can’t wait to witness more of you saying yes to:


*investing in yourself 


*to working with a millionaire mindset mentor 


*saying yes to becoming the most brilliant version of yourself 


*saying yes to increasing your income times 10 


*saying yes to joining the band of spiritual feminine entrepreneurs who are absolutely smashing it in the world of self-improvement and coaching 


*and have a huge breakthrough if you are an artist 


Doing this course will enable you to start charging the true value for your sacred work.


I’ve spoken to my high-level  coaching sisters and they have assured me that the value of this course is well over £4000 and to be getting it at just over £1000 is a blessing.



Here are some of the side-effects that occurred for many of the sisters who worked with me on my first mastermind container:  


•depression was alleviated 


•impostor syndrome gone forever 


•depression medications were no longer needed •huge breakthroughs with income •unwavering confidence and trust in one’s ability to be magnetic and be phenomenally successful 






•commitment to a spiritual practice •complete reset 


•vast increase in income


*deep trust in ones innate magnatism


Here is the link to book your place


If you would like more information on the course here is the landing page


Here is a video of my beautiful soul sister Ana who completed the first mastermind container giving a testimony 


I do hope that as many of you as possible get to watch it


please ignore this email if you are one of the 10 people that has already booked on

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