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MP3 Activation Series

This is an extremely powerful activation MP3 series designed to fast track you towards full and triumphant twin flame union, there are codes and frequencies embedded into these activations that work specifically to bring you fully home to yourself on a spiritual level, and return you to full physical union with your eternal beloved on all planes of consciousness… These activations attune you specifically to 5th dimensional consciousness, and the results so far have been truly mind blowing with many many people reporting crying the deepest tears they have ever known, and many being miraculously contacted by their twin flame around the time of completing these activations…..

Meet the 5D aspect of your twin flame

In this MP3 activation you will meet the 5D aspect of your beloved twin flame, this is an extremely important and powerful activation whether you have physically met your twin flame or not. The twin flame template is a higher frequency blueprint that forever is, on the higher dimensional realms of consciousness. Experiencing this meditation profoundly accelerates your physical union with your beloved twin flame, as the higher realms is the patterning for the 3D realm, therefore whatever takes place on the higher dimensions, must find its way into the third dimensional field of consciousness. This MP3 is recommended for everyone on the twin flame divine union path whether you have physically met and united with your beloved twin flame or not. Please know there are many many who have not met their twin flame who have done this MP3 and have miraculously discovered the identity of their bona fide twin flame from this guided meditation, and this has gone on to activate a full ascension in their consciousness. This is an extremely powerful MP3 activation and is definitely one of the most important activations in the entire series….. When you meet the 5d aspect of your twin flame, you activate and turn on the soul codes that are lying dormant in their consciousness, and for many this can be the beginning of the spiritual awakening trajectory for your beloved twin flame. As with all these activations You are being guided to utilise extremely potent higher dimensional vibrational tools which bring about lasting transformation onto the 3rd dimensional field of consciousness…..

Zero Point Activation 

The zero point activation is extremely potent as it seals the higher dimensional entwinement of you and your beloved twin flame, and reactivates the union codes that they may anchor swiftly and coherently into the third dimensional field.

This is an extremely important activation for illumined twin flames as the activation of the higher dimensional union creates a purification portal whereby the dross 3D ideas and concepts can be succinctly cleared from the physical emotional and cellular structure.

This is an extremely potent activation that fast tracks your ascension and your full union with your beloved twin flame through stimulating soul memories of your union, catalysing them to flood your 3D consciousness field.

This activation is extremely important for your beloved counterparts who very often, are swimming in a sea of profound disillusion and forgetfulness.

Meeting and merging with them in the Zero point field stimulates their soul codes to come online and nourishes them very deeply, which prepares them proficiently for union.

It is this meditation that has accelerated my own consciousness the most, and I wish to offer you this powerful and important tool for you and your beloveds divine union.

Please note a byproduct of this activation is that it works specifically with the kundalini to initiate the hieros games.... the inner alchemical marriage of divine masculine and feminine energies within you.

Self Worth Activation 

Many of us have been born into families and societies who do not recognise and acknowledge their own inherent divinity, and so in turn are completely unequipped to recognise the inherent divinity in us their offspring. This has created an internal belief system that is vastly unaligned with the truth of who we truly are. These false perceptions create deep roots in our belief system and cause all manner of problems such as illness and injury, and for successful twin flame union it is imperative that the original template of our true self worth be finally restored. This MP3 does exactly that. It reactivates the  ancient program of truth back into the consciousness software, which brings with it many many blessings, one of them being vibrational preparation to be with your beloved divine counterpart.


In this MP3 activation you will be guided on a deep soul journey and will be given access to powerful symbols that overwrite all of these limited beliefs you have held about yourself regarding your true self worth. this truly is a life changing MP3.

Abundance Activation 

In this MP3 you will be guided on an extremely powerful soul journey to retrieve lost aspects of your soul that have become identified with the consciousness of lack. This MP3 holds codes that communicate directly to the unconsciousness to overwrite all old previously held programs to do with the consciousness of lack. Many who start working with this MP3 on a regular basis have experienced up to an eight times times increase in their income, and this is due to the specific nature of the symbols that are used to bring about this profound transformation in one's psyche. This is truly the fast track to aligning with the frequency of abundance that is your inherent birthright.

Please see some feedback...

“Since doing Jen's abundance MP3 I have experienced a five times increase in my income, not only am I in a whole new paradigm with my financial flow, this has reverberated into all aspects of my life, and more importantly, I am feeling an innate sense of my inherent worth which is something that I haven't experienced before, and it is this which is truly priceless. I believe it is this new belief that is affecting my abundance levels.thank you Jen” Mary Gordonio

Yeshua & Magdalene Divine Union Template

This powerful and sacred MP3 activates the sacred codes of your divine union into the 3rd dimensional matrix field. This MP3 assists you on a very deep level to become a conduit of the Yeshua and Magdalene divine union codes. This template was stolen from the Earth by the Church Fathers who sort to defile the role of the Divine feminine within the church, and this activation triumphantly returns this template back to its rightful place, Those who have completed this activation experience a deep soul memory realignment with this original divine union template which sends forth the calibrated codes of true twin flame union throughout all the physical and emotional systems. Please see feedback.

“Wow thank you Jen that was one of the deepest experiences of my life, I have always felt a connection with the Christ and Magdalene divine union codes and doing this activation confirmed this innate connection. Soul memories of this union flooded my consciousness and washed over me in waves of very deep emotions, and the most miraculous thing of all was that within 24 hours of completing this MP3 might beloved twin sent me a photograph of an illumined Christ, which deeply confirms that his soul was fully on board with the return of this divine union template. I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do for of us in the twin flame community I feel so blessed to have found you and have found these important and powerful MP3s.” Sarah Ellis

Atlantis Meditation

For many illumined twin flames the Atlantis timeline witnessed the most significant physical separation of the original twin flame pair. During this meditation you will be guided back to the time of Atlantis, and will be  given the opportunity to transform and rewrite the script of this timeline. Many regards this to be the most powerful and important activation in the series and those that have completed this activation have had a profoundly cathartic release, experiencing thousands and thousands of years of grief that have been stored in their emotional body be removed from their physical and emotional systems....


This MP3 is extremely important for a illumined twin flames, as it works on the level of the core wound to deal with the original trauma that all twin flames experienced.

Violet Waterfall

In this MP3 activation you will be guided on a journey to access the extremely healing and potent tool that is the Violet waterfall. The Violet waterfall frequency is a potent ascension ally that has been sent to us from the higher ascended masters, and this light dispensation is overseen by Saint Germain and his consort Lady Portia, Lord Merlin and his consort Lady Nada, and Archangel Michael and his consort lady faith. This activation is highly effective when done every day for at least 40 days and then when ever it is required. the Violet waterfall frequency activates a profound cleansing and removal of all old beliefs and programs from your energetic systems and is an extremely important light dispensation to be working with. Doing this MP3 Fast Tracks your spiritual evolution through the successful removal of old Programs that are no longer congruent with your higher Christed self. This MP3 cannot be recommended highly enough.

Inner Child

In this powerful MP3 activation you will be guided on a journey to heal the deepest part of your being. The scared inner child that dwells within you. This is deeply important work for those who are on the ascension path, as a healed inner child is a whole inner child, and that is the destiny for everyone ultimately...In this MP3 you will be guided on a journey to retrieve this ancient and almighty aspect of yourself, Those that have done this activation experience profound shifts in many many areas of their life due to the calibrated and aligned healing frequencies that form during listening to this meditation,which transforms very old neural pathways and births brand new ones that are in alignment with your christed self, the aspect of your being that is eternally home, and eternally whole….  

Body Transmission

Many of us have been fed very dark programmes about our physical body and we have been taught to be judgemental, critical and unaccepting of our physical selves. This MP3 activation deals specifically with this issue. In this activation you will be proficiently guided to implement brand-new programming into your consciousness software with regards to aligning your relationship to your physical body back with your original divine innocence codes. These are very important issues that stand in the way of your triumphant union with your beloved twin flame, for if these issues are left unaddressed and  unhealed, they gain momentum within the shadow aspect of your consciousness, and can be easily projected onto your twin when you come into physical contact.


There are many who have completed this MP3 activation who have reported experiencing huge shifts in this area. Issues that have been prevalent their whole life have been successfully cleared after working diligently with this MP3, and it cannot be recommended highly enough.

Light language dispensation

This is an extremely potent and powerful MP3 activation that completely bypasses the conscious mind and communicates directly to the super consciousness field in all, enabling the higher ascension codes to permeate throughout all levels of your divine consciousness. Those who have experienced this light language activation have been able to move through extremely stubborn and persistent blocks that they have carried for a very long time, eons perhaps. In this MP3 you will be guided to choose an intention before you begin which adds an extremely deep potency to this sacred transmission. This is the first of many light language activations that our beloved channel has been guided to bring through and we hope very much that you enjoy.

Deep Relaxation

This is an extremely important MP3 to do as it assists you to align with the vibration of 5th dimensional consciousness, The codes contained in this mp3 are designed to fast track you onto a path of deep relaxation which aligns you with the source frequency that you are… This is an extremely powerful MP3 and works specifically with people suffering with any anxiety or mental imbalance of any description, and the feedback that I receive about this is truly incredible.. I highly recommend this MP3 as it supports you in the full return home to your holy divine self

Rebalance Giving With Receiving

For many of us on the deep spiritual path there is much misaligned balance between the aspects of our consciousness that is adept at giving, and at receiving, This MP3 fully addresses this issue and establishes equilibrium between theses two vital aspects of our nature… This MP3 is highly recommended especially for the divine feminine aspects, as in most cases it is the divine feminine who is out of balance in this way…… When we work with this MP3 it brings us into the vibration of energetic balance which is a master key in attracting the divine beloved counterpart, twin flame into your reality.

Source Frequency Activation

Another extremely powerful MP3 activation that will fast track you to full and complete alignment with the source frequency within you… For all those on the twin flame path it is imperative that your vibration is attuned to the source frequency within you,. This is such a vital gift for yourself, your twin flame, and all the beloveds in your life. Life is always reflecting our dominant vibration, and all those who work with this MP3 experience a profound acceleration in the vibrational tone that is conducive to triumphant and sustaining twin flame union

Reviving The Frozen Garden of Your Heart

For many of us life on the 3rd dimension has been fraught with trauma abuse abandonment and neglect which has caused for many of us, our hearts to entirely shut down and freeze, in this MP3 you are expertly guided to the aspect of your heart consciousness that is frozen and you are guided to activate the presence of the sun energy into this garden which is in fact your own connection with your higher self.. Many beloveds who work with this MP3 experience miraculous results on so many levels of their life in terms of them becoming far more energetically available to all the wondrous gifts their higher self has lined up for them. This is an extremely powerful MP3 and it is highly recommended for all those who are on the path of reunion with the divine beloved of their soul

Angelic T Cell

For many of us on the deep spiritual path there is much misaligned balance between the aspects of our consciousness that is adept at giving, and at receiving, This MP3 fully addresses this issue and establishes equilibrium between theses two vital aspects of our nature… This MP3 is highly recommended especially for the divine feminine aspects, as in most cases it is the divine feminine who is out of balance in this way…… When we work with this MP3 it brings us into the vibration of energetic balance which is a master key in attracting the divine beloved counterpart, twin flame into your reality.

catalyst twin clearing

Each soul group is made up of 144 souls 72 masculine polarity and 72 feminine polarity, you and your vibrational counterpart stand opposite each other in your soul group, the being who stands next to your vibrational counterpart in the soul group is called the catalyst twin, or near twin. Many who encounter their near twin in this lifetime become extremely hooked on the idea that this is their genuine twin, and whilst this is occuring it is impossible for the genuine twin to enter the sacred stage of your life, therefore it is imperative that the cords to the catalyst twin twin are cut to ensure the triumphant reunion of the genuine twins, in this mp3 you will be expertly guided to powerfully and gracefully cut the cords with your catalyst twin, and you will be introduced vibrationally to your genuine eternal divine counterpart. Many beloveds who do this mp3 experience 
profoundly miraculous shifts in their vibaration, and timelines as a result of doing this activation

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