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I have just launched a 3 month 500K mastermind and it's time to play big.....but I am running a beta course any more inviting you to take part in this groundbreaking teaching for 50 K...... 

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In this DIAMOND PLUS MASTERMIND, I will take you on a journey home to full spiritual enlightenment and full spiritual mastery. 


What I will be teaching is wisdom that has been hidden within the highest echelons of secret societies and Has been locked away in the higher dimensional realms of consciousness until now.


Something extraordinary has happened. And through my own persistent journey of determining to crack the manifestation code at the highest level, my consciousness has merged with this deepest, ancient, powerful, actualised manifestation tool, that once embodied, makes it such that we cannot even use the word manifestation anymore, as everything becomes so instant. And the timeline that we step onto is much more a path of actualisation, as opposed to manifestation.

There are very, very important codes that will be revealed in this mastermind that will enable you to hold an extremely high-level spiritual power that the deepest, ancient mystics and magis have held in this dimensional reality.

It is very important that you understand that this is only open to high-level coaches that I love and trust, who are responsible enough to be able to work with the tools of manifestation at such an intense and rapid level. 


I've never in all my years of sharing my work personally, invited anyone to participate in any of my offerings. But I am being guided to email you personally, as your higher self Contacted me whilst in a vision and transmitted to me that you are ready and ripe to receive this Life-changing upgrade at this time.

In this webinar we will cover:


This is what you will get from participating in this mastermind. 


  • A fully healed nervous system, and the experience of forever having arrived home.

  • I will share with you all an actualisation protocol that means that we have now evolved be on manifestation

  • You will get inner child healing, 

  • self-love practice of emptiness and mindfulness gratitude, 

  • familiarizing yourself with the myriad of characters/aspects of yourself. 

  • Practice of getting into character, 

  • doing monologues, duologues, and in front of the whole group acting, as though it is so right now.

  • Deep remembrance of our responsibility to always create with love and always remember to practice hopoonono. 

  • Share my full enlightenment experience when I realized that if you felt not loved, send pink light as we are all one. 

  • Fully letting go of victim story, stepping into enlightenment. 

  • Curating your own reality at a brand new level. 

  • Acting as if 

  • owning your multidimensionality in the moment of now and 

  • acting as if throat chakra is healed

  • Letting go of need for approval. 

  • Leadership codes 

  • kundalini, heieros gamos, 

  • role play. 

  • Warming up ways to find the posh aspects of you, and start there. 

  • Practice, practice, practice.


Please know that for what you are receiving, the investment is extremely minimal. And that is because this is a beta group mastermind.


I am calling the crème de la crème of the teachers and coaches that I resonate with and love and respect, to come forward to be the first initiates of this dynamic manifestation mastery protocol. 


We have all been working deeply, committedly, extensively, and somewhat intensely with mastering our relationship with the quantum field. And I can honestly say that I never, in all my years of being an avid student of this subject, come anywhere close to the teachings that I will be sharing with you in this mastermind.


These are a such high caliber that nobody is speaking about it. And it in my humble opinion, is the very purpose of our reason for being on this earth, and that is to activate this particular codon within our throat chakra - as we speak, the words I Am. 


There really is so much to be revealed.


I am humbled to walk this sacred path with you. And I await in great anticipation to see which of you hear the call to come and be a part of this beta mastermind container with me, 


I have completely 100% cracked the quantum manifestation code, and I'm now hosting a $50,000 mastermind to work with 10 women to teach you this master manifestation modality. 


There is no higher teaching that has ever been shared that can parallel this level of transmission and direct instant manifestation capabilities.


The highest mystical manifestation download has landed, that will transform the entire landscape of human consciousness,

You have been handpicked to attend this master-mind as I recognise a divine light and grace within you that shows me you are able to hold responsibly  eloquently, this powerful teaching.

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