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Dear beautiful brothers and sisters


It is my greatest honour to invite you to my very first ever


 “Nervous System Recalibration Container”. 


The nervous system is deeply connected to our feeling of belonging and safety in the world. 


Many of us have experienced very high levels of trauma in our childhood and many of us have experienced high levels of abuse in the form of sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. 




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As a child, when we experience abuse, this activates a splitting off of the aspect of our soul that experienced the trauma as we are very often unable to process and understand the trauma as a small child. 


This has a huge negative effect on our nervous system.


Some of the signs of having an unbalanced and unstabilized nervous system are: 

*a feeling of nervousness, 

*a feeling of anxiety, 

*the inability to manifest the dreams of our heart, 

*we will often seek validation from others, 

*we will experience a lack of direction in our lives, 

*and we will experience lack of consciousness, we will experience not having the breakthrough that we desire even though we are doing all of the visualisations and manifestation protocols. 


These are some of what we experience when our nervous system is destabilized and not calibrated to the God source code within.


I have been very blessed in my life due to my spiritual enlightenment experiences to have an extremely coherent, deeply calibrated and extremely calm nervous system. 


This is due to the fact that I am deeply plugged into the GOD SOURCE CODE WITHIN.


My auric field could be likened to a horse. And everyone that steps into my auric field has the opportunity to calibrate and uplevel their heart and mind coherence, as essentially we are all tuning folks and we all naturally  attune to each other. 


Therefore, it's my greatest pleasure to invite you to come and participate in my first ever 21 day nervous system recalibration container.


 In this container, we will:

*Gain a life changing understanding about all the different aspects of the nervous system.

 *We will identify all of the trauma that we have experienced. 

*We will work with mentors and we will work in partners, and this will give us an incredible feeling of healing and belonging in the world, as we will experience what it truly feels like to be deeply listened to by someone that is skilled and informed on how to truly hold space.

*We will experience many life changing transmissions whereby we will deeply align and empower with the God source code within us. 

*We will dive deeply into all of the practical tips that will help us heal our nervous system 

and we will align proficient with all the benefits that come from calibrating the nervous system - such as a sense of belonging, and a deep and abiding healing connection with the God source code within 

*recallibrating our nervous system contributes profoundly to generational healing as this deep spiritual alignments enables us to easily forgive others as well as becoming proficient  with 

*Self love atonement at one moment are also a byproduct of Recalibrating our nervous system...

 When we re-calibrate the  nervous system we align with the abundance of wealth and abundance of health that our higher self has stored for us on the etheric plane ...

*We become deeply magnetic to our spiritual destiny as we are no longer being run by the programming and beliefs that are causing resistance to the manifestation of our hearts desires…

 *And I will share with you so many life changing tools that have enabled me to have an extremely calm and coherent nervous system. 





Many of us have experienced Heinious amounts of psychological sexual and physical abuse and this has activated a dislodge in the base chakra which means that the nervous system is not operating in its optimum capacity


This can be corrected through quantum timeline re-correction and connecting with the God source code within..

When we heal our nervous system, we are able to manifest the dreams of our heart, we are able to manifest the relationships that we are worthy of, we are able to stand in the vibration of vigilant boundaries, and we are able to easily manifest all the wealth and abundance that is stored in our spiritual destiny. It is my deepest desire to see as many of my spiritual community align with the abundance that mother, father, God has stored for everyone in their spiritual destiny.


The cost to participate in this container is £4,444 

But I have been strongly guided by my spiritual team to offer everyone on the prebook list the opportunity to join the container for a quarter of the price. 


If you sign up today, you can join the container for £1,111  


Because this is such important work that is so deeply needed at this time, I will be offering a payment plan. 


So in order to book your place, please send a deposit of £144 pounds. 


As soon as you book, you will receive an email from my assistant explaining to you about all of the elements to fulfilling the payment plan.  The course will begin on the 15th of January and it will run for 21 days. 


You will receive all the logistical information when you sign up. It is very important that as many souls as possible come forward to do this work. This is the elephant in the room and this is the game changer. 


Once you heal and align your nervous system, you will start being able or to manifest the life of your dreams 


In love and eternal light 




Please know that this container has been brought very specifically for those that are struggling to manifest using the principles of visualisation and scripting etc the reason why you are not seeing the breakthrough is because your nervous system is not calibrated to a feeling of safety and belonging this container has been specifically designed for beloved who can relate deeply to this….



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