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This is the most powerful manifestation mastery manual on the planet

Become The curator Of the life of your dreams So many people are saying this book is the greatest Manifestation  Book Ever Written

This book will show you how to hack the quantum field in order to truly become a master manifester

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Are You Tired Of Missing the Mark with Your Manifestations?

There is a very powerful string that attaches us to every single one of our hearts and souls desires for us to experience those desires, we have to vibrate at the frequency of those desires. But the big question is how do we do that?

And You Are Still struggling to live the life of your dreams?

Are You still desiring to manifest greater success, more financial stability, greater health and vitality or (insert YOUR big dream here)?

If so maybe you need to consider that you are still missing a crucial piece of information that will enable yourcmanifestations work

But don’t worry, beloved, I got you

This is by no means your fault…

It’s Just That No One Ever revealed to You The information that will enable you to have a breakthrough and become a master manifester…

and this is exactly what is going to be revealed to you in my book manifestation mastery

This book has been created for everyone that is very committed to cracking the manifestation code and becoming a master manifester in every single area of your life.
This includes relationships, finances, health, your children's success your own personal success blueprint and indeed every single area of your life that is important to you.

Become The Curator of the Life of Your Dreams

Let me let you into a secret of mine

I used to really struggle with manifestation too...

Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with manifestation and the law of attraction I read many of the great books on manifestation by teachers such as Neville Goddard, Wallace D wattles, and many many others.

However I would very often have a great deal of faith at the beginning of a manifestation protocol but then if I had a bad day or something went wrong I would automatically lose Faith I had no understanding of what faith is and how faith is the magnetic superpower that brings everything from the material realm into one's physical experience based upon the visualizations and intentions that are seeded in the subconscious mind…

And that’s when my search for the truth started. I made it my lifes goal to find out how manifestation and the law of attraction can be truly harnessed.

And When I Found One by one every single area of my life started coming into alignment I started being able to manifest instantly but most of all I learnt the true power of prayer and have helped many many people achieve miraculous results simply through the power of prayer

Listen To Shalle & Why She Thinks That This Manifestation Book Is Truly Magical…


These are Universal Laws that Work.

This book is a game changer.

This book will enable you to manifest the life of your dreams.

This book will enable you to manifest the income of your dreams.

This book will teach you how to manifest the relationship of your dreams.

Nothing has been left out.

“After reading this book, you will never be the same again, as this book is infused with enlightenment codes that will enable you to awaken out of the long, drawn out collective spiritual slumber”……..Katrin B.

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In The Last few years,I have
Helped hundreds Of thousands
of people become master

And Manifest Their Wildest

…And Now maybe It’s Your Turn,

Are You Ready To MakeYour Prayers Come True?

In this manifesting guide, I Included Many industry secrets that you will never find in any other manifestation book

“The most deepest powerful ancient manifestation 
mysteries for the first time have been openly shared”


“The rhythm of her words will unbound your resistance and will locate and ignite your dreamer within. Thanks Jen McCarty for setting the dreamer free. You are golden.” Melissa

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“The thing I found so amazing reading this book was that upon lecture of certain new truths, I had energy showers streaming over my head! Some insights feel so magically true... Thank you beautiful goddess!” Jane


In this powerful manual, I will share with you all that I have learned about manifestation in the last 25 years and beyond, since my third eye blasted open, and the veil to higher consciousness was opened, and all multi-dimensional celestial glory was revealed to me.

What I know primarily, is that this is a vibrational universe, and we all live and coexist within a vast quantum field.

This means that there are an infinite number of possibilities, that are available to us in every single moment, and we as God beings, have the power to choose and attune our thoughts, frequency, and embodiment to the vibration of that which we wish to experience in order to magnetise it into our
reality. In this book you will learn and remember on the
deepest level of your being that ….


Our desires are indeed extremely holy. The desire to serve, the desire to be in a sacred union, the desire to be a wonderful mother and father, the desire to be an extremely wealthy and abundant soul, the desire to manifest a particular specific vehicle. All of these desires are holy desires that are specifically placed within our soul, and they are definitely not random.


We must remember that there has been an agenda to attempt to cast a shadow over these most sacred inner knowing’s that we all carry, And a societal programming which has sought to belittle and diminish the importance of the sacred desires of our heart……

“What Sets This book’ Apart From Other Books Of The Same Genre,
This book contains many many
previously deeply guarded secrets that
have only been made available to
members high up in secret societies this is
the most profound explanation of the
knots and bolts of the manifestation process that is now finally being revealed
to the general public many people that
have read this book have gone on to
become master manifesters and have
easily and successfully manifested the life
of their dreams this includes the perfect relationship the income level that they
have aspired to dream homes and dream vacations to name but a few…

“Dear reader, whether you are being introduced to Jen and her work for the first time or are an avid follower of Jen’s teachings’, you will find within a beautiful map that will take you on a most extraordinary journey bringing you to where you have chosen to arrive. You will be shown clearly every turn toward your every desire, and you will find along the way it is already alive and living. If you follow the precise direction within this map, you will be shown places in yourself you have never been before and the help to navigate your destination even when you can’t see. By journeys end you will be masterfully manifesting your desires as you travel a most exquisite journey into yourself.”
                                                                      Sheila F.

Are you ready for this? Then say YES! And click the buy button NOW.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It. See What
Amazing Results My Readers Had After Going
Through My Manifesting Guide…

Are YOU Ready For YOUR Manifesting Success?


Get The E-Book & Audio Book Bundle Today For ONLY $191


Here Is What You’ll Get…

Manifestation mastery E-Book Version in ePub (for your ebook reader) and as a PDF (Value $37)

Manifestation mastery Audiobook Version as MP3 download (Value $47)

Self concept meditation valued at £111

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Here is a little about me

Hi, my name is Jen McCarty. Many people know me as the creator of the extremely beloved and popular Facebook group, called The Event Is Happening. I created the group, and within the first month 11,000 people had joined. By the third month 33,000 people had joined, and each month the growth of the group was exponentially expanding. The reason I was able to do that, was because I worked for many years on polishing up my spiritual vibration and becoming a guardian of my spiritual vibration. I took responsibility for all of the energy that came into my sacred space, such as music, mainstream media, social media, and I completely committed to the path of being guardian of my spiritual vibration. I learned about self-love, and I remember that mother, father, God, gave me the job, the responsibility to be the guardian of my own inner child. When I realized that it was my responsibility to love my inner child, I was very easily able to place solid and firm boundaries in place, so that only people could enter my inner sacred space, if they came with the vibration of devotion and love.

Working on my spiritual vibration enabled me to become extremely magnetic to my tribe. I called my tribe one day, when I transitioned careers from being a fashion designer to becoming a spiritual activator, and I called my tribe. I went to a sacred site in Glastonbury, the United Kingdom, and I called my tribe to come and find me. I then started sharing my sacred writings via a lead magnet, which was a free blog. I did not know anything about lead magnets in those days, I was simply sharing my truth from my heart. I then posted this blog in many different Facebook groups, which enabled me to reach a brand-new network, a brand-new community. From this place, people started following my blog regularly. And then when I created my Facebook group, I already had a very, very warm community, that came and joined the group.

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Are YOU Ready For YOUR Manifesting Success?


Get The E-Book & Audio Book Bundle Today For ONLY $191


Here Is What You’ll Get…

Manifestation mastery E-Book Version in ePub (for your ebook reader) and as a PDF (Value $37)

Manifestation mastery Audiobook Version as MP3 download (Value $47)

Self concept meditation valued at £111

Don’t leave empty-handed…

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Do You Have More Questions
Do you have any more questions? Check the FAQs below or contact us at
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