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Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be hosting my first ever container entitled, "Write your first book." The container will start on the 14th of June and run for three weeks. 


It is my absolute deepest honor to share with you the incredible skills that I have learned from bringing through four books. 


When I wrote my first book, I made a lot of mistakes that were costly and time-consuming, but I'm so glad that happened as it taught me the quickest, efficient and most streamlined way to birth a book into the world.

In this course, I will cover accessing Many various aspects of The Creation and will share with you every process that you need to be able to birth your first book


We will cover issues such as: 

  • Discovering your muse, 

  • Finding your message, 

  • Attaining profound clarity on exactly what it is that you are here to share with the world. 

  • I will share with you all of the tech that I used, 

  • I will share with you all of the apps, 

  • I will share with you all of the amazing digital support that I used in order to bring through this book. 

  • We will talk about the physical creation of the book into an actual document. 

  • I will share with you design skills, design tools.

  • I will share with you all of the phenomenal hacks that I've discovered that have enabled me to bring through a book very quickly and efficiently.

if you have any issues with the payment button please use this paypal link below to send £1111

It is possible for everyone reading these words to birth a masterpiece as everyone has a specific message that only they can deliver.

We will spend part of the course truly honing in on that specific gift.

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Please know that I will be offering elements in this course that I only offer in my high-level masterminds. This will make the ensure of this course exponentially more valuable than what the true cost is.


In the first week, we will:

  • l cover the subject matter of the creation of the book, 

  • We will cover how to access your inner inspiration, 

  • We will cover honing your message, 

  • I will share with you all next level practical tips to get your words onto the page. 

In week two,

  •  I will share with you all of the technical and digital support I have used to be able to birth my books. There are so many incredible tools and apps that are available to support us with the creation of our book these tools are not expensive and are not time-consuming we will go into Great depth about all of the the tools and apps that will support you to birth your book.

In the third week, 


  • We will talk about getting your book published and putting your book to the market. 

  • I will share with you the most efficient ways to do that.



There are many people that are bringing through courses on how to write your first book. But my unique selling point is that I've been able to produce spiritual masterpieces with an exceptionally fast turnaround. 


I've been able to hone my gift so clearly and so specifically, and this is what I want to help you with.


I want to be able to help you birth the most extraordinary masterpiece of your lifetime so that you can leave a lasting legacy for all the future generations to come,


There are many elements and surprises to this container that will be shared with all of the participants that sign up. 


This promises to be a life-changing experience for all of us.

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As well as sharing with you the fundamentals about how to bring through a book. I will be also teaching with you the fundamentals of spiritual enlightenment, so that you can really get into a place of alignment before you start birthing the book and bringing the words out of your consciousness onto the page.


I'm so grateful to my community for all the love that you have sent to me at this very challenging time whereby my stepdad has passed over and it has taken me a while to find inspiration again to come back to my community to share my teachings. 


However, please know I am deeply inspired to share this three week container with you. 


The process will be split over three weeks and there'll be two-hour Zoom meetings once a week for three weeks. 


There are so many exciting elements that I can't wait to share with everyone that has expressed an interest to participate in this container, which will start on the full moon on the 14th of June.

The Cost to participate in this container is £3333 I will allow the first 10 people who book on to pay £1111

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