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Leadership initiation program calling


for the members of the community that are ready to step up into positions of leadership be that coaching teaching writing speaking showing up in a form of authority in the world 

I will be hosting a 3 day container and initiation process to activate the codes of leadership that you are destined to activate in this lifetime 

This is specifically for those who have been deeply feeling the call and the urge to let go of the old Paradigm of income structure to follow their souls true passion 

This container will be a safe space to activate all the codes within you to take this leap and be caught by all of the angels in gods kingdom

Since I began my leadership embodiment work I have noticed hundreds of sisters and brothers in the community truly level up and step up and own spiritual gifts whether that be through one-to-one sessions, group work through containers 

I have observed extraordinary shifts in the people that I have been working with over the years 

Please know that if you are vibrationally drawn to these were words I am creating a crystal grid now on the highest etheric plane to call forth the brothers and sisters of the 144,000 groundcrew to come forward and position themselves on this etheric grid

I am the actualised and embodied leader holding the mother crystal tone and it is very fast for all those who have close proximity to me to level up and align with these mastery codes 

please know that you will be held, your and your little child hands will be held as we all embark on this life-changing journey 

this is a three day leadership initiation retreat 

We will meet on zoom on three consecutive days for 2- three hours and in that time we will fully nourish and open those seeds of creativity and soul base leadership that are ready to bloom in our hearts 

if you are excited and inspired by reading these words you are invited to participate today for the discounted price of £1111 the price will change in 48  hrs from now love Jen 

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