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Dearest beloved,

Thank you so much for saying yes to showing up for this powerful transmission that I will be facilitating with my beautiful divine beloved Liam.


The transmission will take place via zoom on the 16th of November 2019 from 6 to 9 p.m. UK time. The cost to join is £33 and I am offering you the option to pay in three instalments of £11 or in one go.


In this powerful workshop, we will cover 


*--> The importance of boundaries..Clarifying that all those who are granted permission into your sacred Space must come forward in recognition of your divine femininity and must come forward honouring you and in devotion to you

*--> The importance of sacred sexuality and the necessity to atone your sexuality on an individual level

*--> divine feminine empowerment codes

*--> The singular circular aspect of the vesica Pisces

*--> Polish up your Merkabah have your Merkabah serviced - activate your etheric union with your twin soul


From the male perspective, we will hear about


*--> The importance of surrender  

*--> The rose and the Bee.. the divine feminine is the rose, And she must spend her time sweetening her fragrance as opposed to running after the Divine masculine

*How we got together 

 *--> Knowing that you deserve it 

*--> Tools whilst in relation in relationship 

Hold s space while traumas are unravelled from each other's energetic fields 

 *--> The understanding that everybody is experiencing some level of sexual trauma and we have moved from the age of what can we get sexually to the age of how can we heal each other sexually


as soon as you book i will send u a pdf file with the zoom room link



In love and Eternal Light Jen and Liam


If you choose the instalment option please state clearly that you are booking this specific transmission in the msg section


please email me as soon as you have booked at

If you are paying in installments please send me the 3 invoices upon payment of the last £11 thank you 

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