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It gives me the deepest pleasure to announce the dates of my very first USA retreat which will take place at Stewart springs Mt Shasta California on Friday the 11th October 2019 till Sunday the 13th Oct 2019….


The retreat will take place in possibly the most sacred indoor space in Mt Shasta which is called Stewart springs, Which is the only other place on this earth that holds red-and-white springwater pertaining to the masculine and feminine energetics that are identical to the springwater in Avalon and apparently these sites link up via song lines and ley lines….there are so many alignments and synchronicities with Avalon that have led me to this most exquisite of spaces.

This retreat will be a residential women's retreat and will start at 12 midday on Friday, the 11th Oct and will run till 6 pm each respective day till the Sunday...

Please make sure you arrive at 10 am to give you enough time to be able to start by 12 pm midday.

In the 3 days we are together we will be going deep into the work and the itinerary is not fixed as I am always strongly guided to remain open to spirits guidance whilst running groups


But there will be


Extremely deep healing on a cellular level

Yin yoga

Powerful exstatic Kirtan

Ceremonies on the sacred sites

Deep friendship love and intimacy with the other participants

Lots of laughter tears and transformation

True sister hood

Recallibration of ones nervous system

Alignment with ones life mission and spiritual purpose


The retreat will End at 6pm on the Sunday.

Beloveds when you are packing please bring:

a yoga mat

a towel

a cup and plate and knife and fork

a swimming costume

a Backjack if you have one

Comfortable walking shoes

Suncream sun hats

Rain jacket

Beautiful sacred objects for our communal altar

and all the things that you will need for being away from home for three nights or more.

This is a full residential Retreat and all meals will be provided please make it clear when you send your booking form back whether you are vegan or gluten-free the food will be vegetarian with gluten-free and vegan options we will have one person predominantly doing food with other members also participating as part of the Zen meditation aspect of the retreat


It is such an honour for me to come from Glastonbury to be with my brothers and sisters in America and of course it had to be Mt Shasta which is such a powerful portal point on our beautiful sacred earth with huge links to LemuriA…

In this retreat we will be working a lot with our galactic brothers and sisters particularly the blue avians, The Lyrans, Arcturians and sirians... We will be working specifically with the energy of the underground portal of Mt Shasta and we will be working as the awakened ground crew assisting our Galactic soul family to anchor the intense Solar codes that are pouring into the Earth as we imminently align with the solar flash event.

A very important theme in this retreat will be silence and connecting with the elemental spirits of nature this is such a wonderful opportunity for all of us to gather in one of the most powerful portal points on this earth to explore deeply the mysteries of the elemental kingdom and queendom.

During the retreat we will also be discussing kundalini awakening, twin soul Ascension, and the transformation of one’s consciousness from third to 5th dimensional.

I will also be sharing a great deal of sacred medicine chants from all around the world that will assist all of us to attune to our highest self in the most efficient and optimal way whilst healing our throat chakra at the same time which is intricately connected to our sacral chakra.

The cost is $665  Which covers rental of the space, airfare and accomodation whilst in the United States, and an energetic exchange for offering this powerful sacred work.

To secure your place please send $222

Anothe $222 is due on the 15 august and the remaining $222 is due the second week of september



Please know that 48 people have preliminary pre-booked, and the retreat centre is only able to hold 18 of us so therefore I am opening up the retreat on a first come first serve basis. In order to secure your place please send a deposit of $222. As soon as you do I will send you an email confirming whether you have got a place on the retreat.


Unfortunately not everybody will get a place on the full residential retreat, and  this is why I have also been strongly guided to offer a two-day non-residential workshop and a one-day non-residential workshop.


The 2 day non residential workshop will give us an opportunity to come together in deep ceremony and silence and meditation to explore the healing currents that are being offered from being in sacred Communion with high vibrational starseeds and also with the powerful nature of Mount shasta. We will be working very much with the elemental spirits that Guard over Stewart Springs and we will also be doing a powerful water blessing connecting to avalon and the masculine and feminine Waters that run through Avalon.


if you sign up for the 2-day workshop you will also have the opportunity to join all of the brothers and sisters that will be coming for the one-day workshop. This will include an opportunity to experience some deep cellular healing and forgiveness between the masculine and feminine on this sacred portal point, enabling us to work with healing any residues of trauma that are stored in our emotional Fields seven generations behind and seven generations in front.


This is highly auspicious work that we are being called to do in a group consciousness that is directly linked to Sacred work that has taken place in Avalon in relation to the anchoring of the Holy Grail codes..


I am also being guided to offer a community kirtan event whilst in Mt shasta the evening of the 1 day work shop ( the evening of the second day of the 2 day wk shop ) , I have been playing kirtan with some of the most Gifted sacred musicians in the world for over 20 years and it is my deepest pleasure to come to California to share this powerful transmission that is directly related to my own spiritual lineage that is connected to Northern India and Babaji also known as Herakhan baba…….



Here is the link to book onto the 3 day retreat please send $222 using this link as soon as you do please email me and i will confirm if you have a place


Please remember that I will be offering places to everyone on a first-come first-served basis and there are 17 places available on the 3-day residential Retreat. if you do not get a place on the 3-day residential Retreat I will automatically put you forward for the 2 day non residential retreat. if you are unable to make the 2-day non-residential retreat and are only interested in coming on the 3 day retreat please make this clear when you are booking and i will refund u


Here is the link to book onto the 2 day retreat please send $111 using this link as soon as you do please email me and i will confirm receipt of your deposit


Balance is due by the 01.09.19


Here is the link to book onto the 1 day retreat please send $111 using this link as soon as you do please email me and i will confirm receipt of your booking


In the deepest love and light



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