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Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters congratulations on hearing the call to participate in this life-changing 21-day nervous system recalibration challenge.


You will be joining many of the souls who are starting of 2022 with the intention of completen  healing and re-calibrating their nervous system back to the God source code within/


Each day I will send you a different meditation/ exercise or piece of writing to deeply meditate on that will enable you to completely shift your relationship with your nervous system.


Taking part in this challenge will enable you to completely reset your fight or flight mode, and will also settle your vagus nerve.


There is a huge amount of love and intention poured into the creation of this 21-day challenge and it is my deepest pleasure to share this with my community. 


In order to get the most out of this 21-day challenge please make sure that you check your inbox every day.


You will receive a new challenge every day 


We are also sending you the ebook PDF with all of the 21 challenges in one go 


If there are any technical issues please refer to the e-book with all of the challenges/exercises……

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