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The 10:10 transmission


The 10:10 transmission will take place on the 10th of October at 7:17 pm UK time.


In this transmission we will be working with the powerful and sacred energies of Glastonbury tor to fully anchor the "Age of innocence" which is part of the golden Aquarian age


This is deeply connected to the restoration of our sacred innocence sexuality codes which have been hijacked


in this transmission we will restore these codes back to humanity's super consciousness field, so that everyone can remember the sacred innocence of their divine sacred sexuality.


We will also be doing a huge twin flame reunification ceremony in Glastonbury tor anchoring the 144,000 holy grail unions via the portal that is the maypole


The maypole is connected to the sacred union of the masculine and feminine.


It is a very powerful symbol to be working with and please know that it is an extraordinarily auspicious ceremony to be invited to participate in


I will not be hosting the ceremony on zoom


I have a very exciting surprise for all those that come to the ceremony….


Please know that this sacred work is often an energetic exchange basis and there is a best refund available for those that would like to make a donation please email my assistant at





miracle healing bundle


As it's my birthday I am going to extend the bundle offer which is the miracle healing bundle here is the link it is currently valued at £222 but for the next 24 hours is available for £55....



Have you read my book divine actor I am the reviews are starting to come in it is so life changing the codes in this book because I feel so deeply that so many people in my community are meant to read this book to receive this transmission I am going to do a sale on the audio version of the book usually is £27.99 for 48 hours I'm going to make it available to everyone in my community £14.44.


I'm starting to receive many emails from people in the community who are experiencing amazing miracles through working with the miracle oil from the Amazon I've just been sent some more of this oil and I can now so people that have bought the oil and are wanting to re-order I have some 20 mL bottles for £55 I have five bottles available here is the link if you would like to buy some

this inc's p and p


Here are all my links to all my books and social media










Divine actor I am universal link



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