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The 10:10 transmission will take place on the 10th of October at 8.08 P.M.UK time. 


In this transmission, we will do a personal individualized blessing for each of the Twin Flames that come forward to take part in this  ceremony.


We will activate a personal individualized meeting alignment, which will activate profound shifts and transformations within your personal Twin Flame union trajectory.


We will also be sending out a protection protocol for all the children of the Earth who are being exposed to the heinous jabs at the moment. 


There are other aspects to the 10:10 transmission, which will be revealed in due course. Please know it is my deepest honour to you into the core ground crew.


I will also be hosting the transmission after party. 


This is an opportunity for us to go deeper into the codes, deeper into the transmission, and deeper into opening to receive the codes that have been shared in the transmission. 


The after parties have been jaw-droppingly powerful and life changing for all of us. 


In Loving Service


Jen x



* You can pay for the transmission using paypal OR Credit/debit card. Please simply add to cart and continue to the next page. There will be an option to use card if you don't have paypal


** Once your order is complete, you will AUTOMATICALLY be sent an email to the same email you used to purchase with all the information you need to join the ceremony and the after party with Jen.  The subject line will read 'You're in the 10:10 Transmission' and the email will be from In addition you will receive reminder emails leading up to the transmission. Please check your inbox and junk for these emails


10:10 Transmission and After Party with Jen

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