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11:11 ceremony The 11:11 ceremony will take place at 6:36 PM UK time on the 11th of November. In this ceremony, we will be coming together to transcend the dualistic matrix, to revert the war codes that have been implemented into the psychic field of humanity through the old controllers who have attempted to harness the potency of this day with their own nefarious agenda.

There are going to be so many amazing elements to this transmission that are going to help so many of you on your spiritual evolutionary path.

In this ceremony, we will experience a spiritual protocol that will elevate our consciousness back to the point of singularity place where all dualistic forces me. This is an extremely powerful and potent activation to experience in your lifetime, and all those that come forward to be part of this ceremony will receive the most extraordinary boost to their ownSpiritual vibration, and will play a huge role in activating the tipping point for humanity, with regards to the number of souls who come together to meditate on this powerful numerological, master portal gateway


This is the way that we take back our beautiful world. We come together in our soul groups in accordance with God's will.


I can't wait to be with you all Beautiful ground crew


in love and eternal light, Jen.

11.11 ceremony

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