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I am ecstatic to invite the ground crew to come and participate in a most extraordinarily beautiful and Powerful ceremony that I will be hosting from the island of the gods Bali on the 12th of December 2023


This transmission will begin at a much earlier UK time as Indonesia is eight hours ahead therefore the transmission will be starting at 2.22pm UK time on the 12th of December


This powerful ceremony we will come together as the ground crew to fully take back and harness our true power as governors of our own consciousness and directors of our own third dimensional holographic simulation. This will be activated through the embodiment of the remembrance of who I truly am.


In this ceremony we will also be removing the collective curse that has been put upon humanity which has been working tirelessly to keep the twin Souls in separation.


We are also going to be addressing the barbaric practice of masectomy which is no longer appropriate in this spiritual energetic climate that we are all living in now we must end this practice of women's breasts being cut off on the surgeons table.


We live in a frequency universe where all disease comes from discordant frequencies and can be corrected with harmonious frequencies.


We will deeply empower this timeline for all our future generations to come.


It is absolutely imperative that the ground show up on their grid points on this extremely important portal date


I can't wait to be with you from the retreat


love Jen

1212 transmission remove all curses on the twin flame timeline

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