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The 144 ceremony. 


Please click the link below to gift yourself the experience of this powerful meditation that will light up the 144,000 nadIs within your sacred energetic system. 

The benefits of connecting with your 144000 Nadis is deeply connected to the solid structuring of your light body.


We are all on this ascension trajectory and we are all transforming from our third dimensional carbon based structure to our fifth dimensional crystallized structure. 


This meditation is specifically designed to support in the nurturing and sealing of the crystalline light body. 


Many of you may start noticing crystaline particles on your skin through doing this meditation 



When you purchase this meditation you will receive a PDF file in your inbox. Please check your spam folder and all mail folder. If you cannot locate the PDF please email me and I will send you the link. The video is uploaded to YouTube and it is unlisted therefore only the people that purchased this meditation will get access to it....

144k codon meditation

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