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The 2:2 Imbolc  ceremony will take place at 5 pm uk time on the 2nd of February 2023,

This is so exciting as this will be the first time that I host a transmission in India

I really hope as many of you as possible join me for this momentous occasion in this transmission we will be working together to open up the North Pole and the Summergate that exists in Antarctica this is absolutely essential that we focus on this now because this is how we get our world back….there is nothing that is more important at this time.

We will also be focusing on ending the conflict in the Ukraine this has now got completely out of hand and it needs to stop

We need to pull the plug on the spiritual and etheric level for this Heinious crime against humanity..

it is also very important that we fully anchor the age regeneration timeline again this is a unfathomable attack against humanity that must stop now

please know that all those that are vibrationally aligned with this sacred work will have the opportunity to understand the codes to fully reverse their ageing trajectory and I will be sharing mystical secrets that will enable you to anchor this in your here and now reality..

Please know that I will be hosting the ceremony live on zoom however if there are problems with our connection I will attempt to go live on my YouTube page if that doesn't work I will attempt to go live on my Facebook page and if that doesn't work I will pre-record the transmission and send it to everyone that books….

2:2 Imbolc ceremony replay

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