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77 mystery school transmission



the 77 transmission will take place at seven minutes past seven pm uk time on the 7th of July, 2024.

In this powerful and sacred ceremony that will take place on Zoom, we will go deep into penetrating the mysteries of the seven seven and what that means on a deep spiritual level.

As part of the 77 mystery school transmission we, the ground crew have been ordained with the huge responsibility to release all remnants of matrix control structures that have been keeping the twin flames in separation, we have been given the phenomenal responsibility to entirely sever all of these control timelines ensuring that the collective consciousness of twin flames are now free to come in to union 

It's very powerful for us to come together on our soul groups for these powerful portal dates and the seven seven is the big portal date before the eight eight Gateway, so I would expect to see a vast number of the ground crew to show up for planetary service for this particular portal.

77 mystery school transmission

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