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9.9 online ceremony


If you have trouble using the link to pay, please use this PayPal link and email me at to request the PDF file


The 9:9 completion ceremony will take place at 8.08 pm UK time on the 9th of September 2023

in this powerful ceremony we will work with snake medicine to shed old and old skins pertaining to Old beliefs that have been passed on from our ancestry

it is extremely powerful to work with symbology as this is the precise language of the subconscious mind

we will be working to establish a brand new skin based upon the embodiment of the I am presence encompassing full faith and rememberance of who we are on the Eternal spiritual plaines

In the 99 ceremony we will also work with the water divas to ensure that our water supply is protected by the nefarious old controllers who are threatening to put graphine oxide into the water supply

we will partake in an extraordinary protocol to ensure the Eternal protection of our sacred godly Waters

I have been guided to change the location of where the transmission will be

it is very important that when you sign up you make sure that you read the PDF which will give you full instructions to join the ceremony.

it is quite likely that the PDF file will be in your spam folder,

Please feel free to email me at cosmic, and I will send you the PDF with all of the instructions please do not email me five minutes before I go live please make sure that you have all of the links to join the call 24 hours before the ceremony starts love Jen

9.9 completion ceremony

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