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Please check the PDF file you will find the link to the transmission on YouTube and the link to join me on zoom at the after party........


The Ancestors Ceremony will take place on the 31st of October at 8.08 P.M.UK time. 


 In this ceremony, we will connect with our seven ancestral lineages behind and seven ancestral lineages in front of us, and we will completely remove our core ancestral trauma from our deepest molecular cellular structure.


This will be an opportunity to send a blast of etheric celestial light to our entire ancestral lineage, that will assist in the clearing of many spiritual distortions that have prevented our ascension. 


This is extremely important work for the collective. 


In this ceremony, we will also embody our ancestral gifts in an exponential way. 


We will also be working with the planetary grid to encode within the matrix full liberation for all beings and the full and actualized support of the golden age timeline for all.


I will also be hosting the transmission after party.   The after party will be starting at approximately 9.30pm GMT


This is an opportunity for us to go deeper into the codes, deeper into the transmission, and deeper into opening to receive the codes that have been shared in the transmission. 


The after parties have been jaw-droppingly powerful and life changing for all of us. 


In Loving Service


Jen x



* You can pay for the transmission using paypal OR Credit/debit card. Please simply add to cart and continue to the next page. There will be an option to use card if you don't have paypal


** Once your order is complete, you will AUTOMATICALLY be sent an email to the same email you used to purchase with all the information you need to join the ceremony and the after party with Jen.  The subject line will read 'You're in the Ancestors Ceremony and After Party' and the email will be from In addition you will receive reminder emails leading up to the transmission. Please check your inbox and junk for these emails


Ancestors Ceremony with After Party

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