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The Easter Sunday transmission

The Easter Sunday transmission will take place at 8:08 pm UK time on Sunday, the 9th of April. In this transmission. We will enact the divine sacred marriage of Yeshua and Magdalene and understand that this is an internal and external marriage on the inner and higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

We will also decode the resurrection and understand the spiritual implications of the resurrection and how that applies to our own spiritual evolutionary path

we will come together to send a pulse of divine higher dimensional love into the collective consciousness of humanity, raise the bar for all our brothers and sisters, and bring forth the frequencies of the devotional template of Yeshua and Magdalene into the collective consciousness of humanity.

All those that participate in this transmission will have an opportunity to profoundly transform their spiritual vibration and raise it to an unprecedented level.

We will discuss ways to maintain this high frequency; we will also work on a very deep subconscious level with the construction of the crystalline light body which is connected to the resurrection of the christ within.

This will build up your spiritual muscles like no other force on Earth.

This transmission promises to restore your faith, transform your spiritual vibration and make you deeply magnetic to your divine counterpart.

it is my deepest honour to share this work with my community, and I cannot wait to be with the ground crew for this sacred meeting.



Easter Sunday transmission

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