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Please come and join me on the 4th of august, where I will be hosting my once in a lifetime container, “healing the father wound”,


In this once in a Lifetime container I will be sharing hitherto veiled practices which have successfully kept the collective consciousness of humanity tethered in torturous and traumatic timelines. 


A master code has been downloaded from the highest Akashic Realms, which disrupts all traumatic patterning and programming in every single neural pathway in the human consciousness, returning the soul consciousness back into core source energy which is the trump vibration, collapsing all patternings of trauma within the psychic, energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual field.


There are a limited number of places on this  container.


We will be working with the essence of the true path of the wild feminine rose, 

This is my signature work, the true path of the Wild, feminine rose. 


And I will launch my first initiation program starting on the 4th august


If you are ready to receive an almighty upgrade, and full actualisation and embodiment of your divine Shakti wild rose self and heal your father and /mother wounds in one fell swoop Through the emanation of an extraordinarily miraculous healing current Which will be tra will be transnsmitted to all the participants.


This course will only ever be taught once live, and it will then be turned into an evergreen course. 


This is your opportunity to work with me personally in a sacred container, where we will all get to meet and connect and go on this momentous and epic healing journey as a collective.


There are many people in the Divine Union community who are struggling to manifest their divine union, largely because many women have not felt safe to drop into their true feminine essence. Many women have grown up with absent abusive fathers who have lacked any spiritual presence, which has sent unconscious messages to the divine feminines that they need to protect themselves, and that they're not safe to drop into their pure, deep, divine feminine essence.


This has made it such that many divine feminines have attained an equilibrium with their masculine and feminine energy, which can often make it hard to attract a divine union.

In this container, we are going to experience profound healing and recalibration with our divine feminine essence through healing the father wound at the deepest core level, thus sending codons to our unconscious minds that we have received the safety and nurturing that we needed and deserved when we were little girls.


We will do exercises that will enable us to truly embody our feminine essence. And we will work together as a collective container to deeply support each other to allow our soft, nurturing, exquisite feminine energy to be absolutely embodied in this lifetime.


There will be a WhatsApp group to support the participants as we go on this journey of stabilising in our divine feminine polarity. 


Participation in this course will enable you to heal yourself at the deepest core level. 

You will have the opportunity to:


  • Heal your deepest base chakra trauma, 
  • enable your Kundalini energy to click into place and blossom and grow finally. 

Participation in this container will get you on the right track to fully actualising and aligning with your divine masculine polarised counterpart and will fill your consciousness with deep memories and teachings around the true vibration of polarity. 


All of this will have a huge knock-on effect to your ability to instantly manifest, actualize, and materialise, as one's deep core trauma will be addressed once and for all.

There are a limited number of places for this container, and I'm offering a special discounted price of  £1,111 pounds to everyone that participates in the Manifestation Mastery free five-day challenge. 


Once the course goes live, it will be sold at its true price of £4,444 pounds to the wider community. 


There will be the chance to have a VIP upgrade when you sign up for the container, and that will include a one-to-one session with me and a spiritual bundle that will enable the codes to go in on an even deeper level.


VIP upgrade, one-to-one session with me. 

Collection of inner child healings 

spiritual MOT bundle, 

two audiobooks.

Healing the father wound with Jen McCarty

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