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Ancestors' Ceremony

The Ancestors' Ceremony will take place at 7:17 PM on the 31st of October, 2023. In this ceremony, we are going to be working with our deep unconscious field to remove insidious programs that have been passed on to us via our ancestral lineage, programs pertaining to abuse, neglect, martyrdom, lack of worth, and fear of abandonment, to name but a few. In this ceremony, we are also going to be activating a profoundly powerful protection protocol that will enable us to be completely invulnerable to the low vibrational frequency warfare that is taking place on the planet at the moment, namely 5G. Please remember that attending the transmissions can be likened to going to the spiritual gym whereby we all train on a very deep level to become spiritual heavyweights, enabling us to be able to masterfully ride the surf waves of this 3D experience. Participating in the transmissions is an extraordinary gift that you have the opportunity to give your future self and your inner child self.

I can't wait to be with you all.

Love, Jen.


When you book, please check your spam folder for the email which will give you the PDF file that contains the link for the zoom ceremony

low income Ancestors ceremony

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