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The Equinox Transmission



The Equinox Transmission will take place on the 20th of March at 8:08 PM UK time.

In this transmission, we will experience a profound letting go of any spiritual and emotional baggage that we have been holding onto in this last solar cycle. And we will experience a ceremony of truly welcoming the sun, externally and internally within our own beings as we mark the beginning of this extraordinary new cycle as our sun is placed on its equinoctial point.

In this transmission, we will also be reclaiming every single spiritual institution on the earth that has been taken over by nefarious and malevolent forces. It is absolutely essential that the ground crew shows up on their grid points for this powerful, sacred world ceremony. It is my deepest honor to welcome you all to the core ground crew. See you all there, brothers and sisters.


This powerful work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and there is a bursary fund, and no one is ever turned away from the sacred work.

pay in fullequinox transmission

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