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3.3 transmission


The 3.3 transmission will take place on the 3rd of March at 8.08 PM UK time.


In this transmission, we will come together to entirely neutralize all tyrannical timelines, which are vying for our attention at the moment.


And we will do an activation to empower the holy trinity within our own sacred consciousness.


The holy trinity is the triad, the expression of the one God's source energy, the father, the mother and the holy child.


The trinity is the first triad of creation, and it is extremely important that we honor this first triad within our own psychic alignment and upgrade.


Everyone that participates in this ceremony will experience an auspicious empowerment of their own spiritual frequency and will deeply intensify their source code, which is the fundamental aspect of the spiritual bank account that we have all incarnated to fill up to over spilling



This powerful work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and there is a bursary fund, and no one is ever turned away from the sacred work.


I look forward to being with you all on the 3.3 , in love and eternal light, Jen.



Please check your spam folder under my name and you will find the PDF that will give you the zoom link to join the call

pay it forward 3.3 transmission

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