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6.6 Venus transmission



The 6:6 Venus transmission will take place at 7:17 pm UK time on the 6th of June.


In this transmission. We will be working with our Pleiadian brethren from the higher galactic realms to correct a worthiness distortion which was implemented into humanity's consciousness at the time of the fall of Atlantis. The nefarious activities that took place at that time injected into humanity's consciousness the idea of war, ownership and separation. This has resulted in unfathomable levels of guilt and shame, particularly in the divine masculine collective.


This is having a huge effect on many divine unions, as many divine masculines simply do not feel worthy of this sacred union


in this transmission, we will go back to the time of Atlantis, revise the timeline and completely transform it. This work is considered the mother of all healing and soul retrieval modalities, and everyone who participates will experience a profoundly auspicious blessing within their own familial ancestral lineage, I deeply look forward to being with you all on this very, very important universal ceremony.



When you looked, please check your email and spam folder under jen mccarty or wix  and you will find the PDF file which will give you the link to the zoom meeting on the 6th of June. Please make sure that you have this before the date of the ceremony.

Pay it forward 6.6 Venus transmission

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