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solstice transmission


The solstice transmission will take place at 8:08 PM uk time on the 20th of June, 2024, the day of the solstice in the northern hemisphere.

In this powerful ceremony, we will be connecting with the higher self monad group of the divine masculine's who are still

Struggling to gift themselves the bliss of their divine union with their divine counterpart.

We will be sending and transmitting a vibrational wave of profound support to the divine masculine soul consciousness enabling the prison cell that he has built around him to simply melt out of this vibrational frequency.

\We are also going to be dedicating our time to send our deep blessings to our Sun, God Ra, and we will be doing a very, very exciting solstice protocol with the Sun God Ra which will make our ancient ancestors very proud.

I cannot wait to share this experience with the ground crew.

This sacred work is open to everyone, and if you are unable to send an energetic exchange, please contact me. There is a bursary fund available and it is okay for you to make a donation

pay it forward solstice transmission

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