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11:1 transmission

The 11:1 transmissions will occur at 7:11 PM UK on the 11th of January.

In this transmission, we will come together to eradicate the old fiat debt system and empower the timeline of financial freedom and dignity for all of God's children. We will also be working with the energy of the Vatican and opening up the timeline of disclosure and the revealing of the documents that have been held within the Vatican. This is very, very important that the ground crew gather on their grid points for this powerful and important opening ceremony of 2023.

This work is available on an energetic exchange basis, but please know no one has ever turned away through not being able to pay. There is a pay-it-forward anniversary fund, which you have to apply to. Other aspects of the 11:1 transmissions will be revealed in due course.

the benefits for those who participate in the transmissions are

  • happiness

  • bliss

  • alignment with your highest self

  • inner peace

  • the fulfilment that comes from knowing you are for following your highest spiritual path

  • increased spiritual vibration

  • profound spiritual magnetism

  • and so much more

PIF: 11.1 financial reset tranmsission

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