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Day of the dead samhain transmission 


the Day of the dead samhain transmission will take place at 7:17 pm UK time on the 2nd of November 2022 in the ceremony we will all come together to honour our ancestors that have cross the rainbow bridge over to the other side we will like handles we will bring offerings we will activate the rainbow bridge that links us to our ancestors this is such a powerful energetic gateway and it is imperative that brothers and sisters In they are sending community honour this exceptionally important and powerful portal date in the past the old powers that were used the energies of this gateway for their own nefarious purposes it is up to ask the groundcrew to balance out the scales and bring love and light into the collective earth matrix grid on this powerful gateway the benefits of participating in a ceremony such as this or alignment with your spiritual path deep and profound blessings from our ancestors and truly setting a galactic precedent for your ancestral timeline what this means is that you will be raising up your whole entire ancestral timeline in accordance with the highest well of our creator there is so much more which will be revealed in due course with the ceremony…


Please check your spam and promotions folder you will get a PDF that will give you the zoom link to join this call....

PIF day of the dead ceremony

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