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Dearest brothers and sisters. 


It is my deepest pleasure to announce that I will be hosting my second nervous system container. The nervous system container was truly one of the most powerful offerings I've ever shared, and it has completely transformed me on a personal individual level. 


I now get up at sunrise every day and do a very long practice of yoga and meditation. This has completely reset me and has transformed my relationship with technology and showing up online. 


There are so many extraordinary gifts that came out of the N/S container that my spiritual team have implored me to please go forward and share the second twin flame nervous system container.


The nervous system container will take place over a three day period on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March, culminating on the extremely powerful and potent 3/3 portal date. In this container, we will connect ourselves back with the God source code within and activate the most extraordinary protocols to completely transform and heal our nervous system at the root core. 


Our nervous system is the spiritual and energetic foundation of our consciousness. And if it is not healed and if this is not addressed, then we are unable to have a solid foundation moving forward in our life. 


We spiritually require a solid foundation in order to build our hearts' deepest destiny.


Everyone that participated in the first nervous system container experienced the most extraordinary transformations and breakthroughs. And everyone that gets to participate will be offered the extraordinary gift of the 21 day nervous system recalibrate challenge. 

In this nervous system container, we will be covering aspects of connecting with 

  • God source code within, 

  • understanding about how the nervous system works, 

  • understanding practices and protocols to heal and transform the nervous system. 

  • We'll be talking about the quantum field and manifestation and how that is deeply affected by the nervous system. 

  • There are so many aspects to this container that will be shared with you that will deeply help you to come to a place of profound, solid healing in your life.


I will share with you some of feedback that I have received from some of the participants that participated in the first nervous system container. 


The cost to participate in this container is £3333. But for all those that show up to the three day masterclass, I will offer you the chance to participate in this container for a 75% discount. So therefore the price will be £1,111. 


There will also be an option to pay in installments 


As soon as you sign up and choose the installment option, my assistant will contact you to set up a direct debit payment.


I'm in the process of writing a book about the nervous system and how to RE-calibrate it. And it really is my top subject for 2022.


 I deeply look forward to welcoming you into the core group, my beautiful brothers and sisters. 


In love and light, Jen.

Second nervous system container

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