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Dearest brothers and sisters, 


it is my absolute deepest honor to invite you to the second twin flame container. 


The first twin flame container was truly life changing for all of us. And since completing that container, my spirit team have sent me on an extraordinarily deep journey to access and activate even more profound codes that will assist us all to manifest this holy sacred ordained divine relationship. 


The twin flame container will take place over a three day period, starting on the auspicious date of the 14th of February, Valentine's Day. 


The container will run on the 14th of February, 15th of February and 16th of February for three days. 


And the transmissions will approximately last two hours each. 


I have found that doing the containers over a three day period is extremely powerful and is an extremely potent way to run a container. 


So many of the participants have written to me saying that this is an extremely optimal way to run a transformational group such as this.


In the container, we will be covering every single aspect of the twin flame union. We will be talking about all the different aspects of the soulmate contract, the karmic contract, the catalyst twin contract and the twin flame contract. 


We'll be going into extreme depth, understanding the reasons why we attract certain relationships at different stages in our evolutionary process. 


We will be really deeply going into the mystery school's aspect of the twin flame phenomena, working in the temples of Isis and Osiris.


We will be working with the holy lineage of Yeshua and Magdalene, and we will be clearing all vows that we have taken in past lives to do celibacy and poverty. 


We'll be removing all curses from the time of Atlantis and we will be working specifically with the timeline of Atlantis to restore all trauma of separation from that time. 


We will be speaking in great depth about the quantum field and the manifestation potency, and how to align yourself to become a master manifester.


There are so many tools and codes that I will be sharing in this life changing transmission. And I am opening up to a limited number of places. 


The cost to join the transmission is £2,222. However, everyone who participates in the three day masterclass will be invited to participate for a 50% discounted price of £1,111. 


This will only be applicable to people that are taking part in the twin flame masterclass. 


There is the option to pay in installments. 


As soon as you set that up, my assistant will contact you to set up a go card contactless payment, which essentially is a direct debit that will come directly out of your bank account.


I'm not sure how long I will carry on doing payment plans, but for now I'm being guided to offer a payment plan for this particular container. 


The twin flame contract, the twin flame phenomena is the most important work that I have incarnated to share. And please know that it is my absolute intention for everyone that comes forward to manifest physical union with their twin flame.


We will be doing the most extraordinary rituals and ceremonies and spells within the group to deeply support the physicalization of every single twin flame union within the group. 


I deeply look forward to serving you and being with you for this powerful container.


 In love and eternal light, Jen.

second TF container

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