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The 10-10 Master portal transmission

The 10-10 Master portal transmission will take place at eight minutes past 8:00 PM UK time on the 10th of October 2023. In this transmission, we are going to be working with the Crystal Lions, who are the guardians of our crystalline DNA patterning. We are going to be experiencing a protocol whereby we purge ourselves of all of the toxic poison that the blue pill has inflicted on many of our consciousness, and we are going to give ourselves the incredible gifts of taking the red pill.

For all those that show up to participate in this powerful ceremony, you are going to be experiencing an extraordinary blessing, not only for you and your twin flame, but this is also going to activate an extraordinary transformation within your own matrix reality. I truly, absolutely cannot wait to be with you all for the 10-10 Master Portal Ceremony.


This powerful work is offered on a energetic exchange basis. When you book onto the transition you will receive a PDF file with instructions to book onto the call for the 10.10.


See you on your grid points for the 10.10 beautiful brothers and sisters.


If you are viewing this on a mobile device, here are the links to book onto the transmission


The 10-10 Master portal transmission

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