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2. Sep, 2016

Twin Flame energy report.....9/9/9 preperation..........Mass Twin Flame Reunion Imminent

Namaste dearest beloveds.

We come through in this moment of now to offer you some insights into the current energetics that are subsuming Gaia as we speak…... Dearest hearts, hold tight, for all of creation are on the verge of receiving an extremely significant upgrade in your DNA patterning……. this refers to you, to the flowers trees and mother father God's beloved animal kingdom…... This ascension trajectory is on, and at this conjecture there is no turning back. This moment can be likened to the second the bungee jumper jumps off the cliff, at that moment there is no turning back neither is there the possibility to backtrack.

So beloveds we invite you to say yes to everything that is presenting as a divine mirror in your reality at the moment.

For many of you who have been firmly committed to their personal ascension trajectory please know that we are in the gateway whereby there are set to be huge monumental shifts in your own personal timelines up until and throughout this eclipse season and the long prophesied alignment with the 9/9/9 portal.

Many star seeds have come through a phase of extremely powerful alchemy and integration with regards to their own shadow aspects in the last few weeks... This recent alchemical marriage of that which you could term the darkness and light within you has brought with it profound instructions to your DNA patterning to oscillate at a higher frequency pitch. This transformation in your own DNA patterning is precisely what catapults you into brand-new timelines. These timelines that we are referring to are part of your soul's highest destiny and as such are infused with synchronicity, blessings, fortuitous meetings and alignments.

Beloveds please understand that if there is any part of your being that perceives itself as separate from the whole or if there is any part of your being that is in conflict internally or externally this very subtly and often blatantly affects the timeline that you are experiencing, as these unresolved issues create significant blocks in the flow of chi throughout your whole energetic and physical system.

These aspects actually construct physical experiences that will often be perceived as extremely challenging by you,in order to get your attention, that you may recognise the internal aspect that is being played out, and rise to meet that aspect in your pure presence and with the potent alchemy of unconditional love.

Beloveds these dynamics have been playing out for many Starseeds lightworkers and illumined twin flames in the last few weeks and this has facilitated a monumental personal and collective purging which is exactly what gaia has required to ensure she stabilises in her alignment with the 5D new earth Ascension trajectory.

We applaud you dearest lightworkers, the period you have just come through has been extremely challenging for many and this is very much related to the 9/9/9 portal that is rapidly approaching.

You may or may not be aware but a crop circle appeared on 27 August 2016 in Wiltshire UK which depicts this great transformation, This crop circle which originates from Hinduism symbolises the progression through the ages.

The Hindu religion uses the term yuga to refer to these ages and this recent crop circle is very much referring to the transition from the dark and challenging age of Kali yuga to the Golden age of aquarius.

This recent crop circle points to the fact that the 9/9/9 portal is very much connected to this transition and it is no coincidence that this glyph appeared on 27 August 2+7 = 9.

The circle points to the fact that we are about to experience another huge potent upgrade as gaia’s evolutionary wheels turn once again, aligning her ever more succinctly to the fifth dimensional golden age of equilibrium and truth.

The 9/9/9 portal is extremely significant and on that day our beloved channel will be facilitating a gathering to harness and work with the 9/9/9 energies. On this day and throughout the call we will be focusing on clearing out and putting to rest all that we have experienced in the past personally and collectively particularly to do with the unconscious patterns we have inherited (from our ancestral lineage and past lives) and picked up with regards to our intimate connections.

We will be using our time together to work as a group consciousness to assist gaia and us all personally to fully and deeply lay the ghosts and Demons and challenges of the past to rest once and for all, and we will use the energies to initiate a brand-new cycle for us. One whereby we will align graciously with the living MagdalenE and yeshua divine union template that we may become conduits for this template to manifest on the earthly plane.

We will also work together as a collective consciousness to support gaia’s transitioning from the age of Kali to the golden age.

Throughout this transmission we will make contact with the Akashic record keepers and converse with them in a manner that is extremely potent and activating for all who are involved, and we will put forth our intentions and dreams into the master grid that we co create,and speak the vision of the new earth that we hold and carry as blueprints in our higher heart centres.

We shall also be using the group collective energy to enhance our own personal manifestations on that day.

Your presence is deeply called to come forward to partake in the sacred ritual, this sacred gathering. The time of that Lonewolf is no more. The golden age is the age of conscious groups and conscious community. individually we are strong together our power is exponentially magnified…..

Please contact me at and please see below for the exact details of the webinar I am also available for 1 to 1 sessions if you feel you need some powerful guidance and assistance on your ascension and or twin flame journey it is my deepest privilege to serve ahomo takaisin to all my relations

Beloveds we cannot stress the significance of this current time that we are in, Huge monumental shifts are set to take place in the lives of many of the first wave illumined twin flames…… Those that were created at the beginning, the original twinned pairs are now aligning in an unprecedented manner, in order to actualise and bring into fruition the Golden age.. The new earth paradigm…. It is essential that we gather at this time to harness these potent frequencies that are being ushered forth from galactic central… The 8/8 gateway was preparation for this next wave of union, deep soul transgressions have been transmuted in this time frame, which has put many many of you on your most accelerated timelines thus far on your evolutionary trajectory… Please know that there is deep support available for you…

It is my deepest honour to serve the collective twin flame timeline..

In loving service

Jen and the white wolf tribe

7. Sep, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report....9/9/9 completion for twin flames physical seperation

Dearest beloveds.

Greetings of the most high….. We come forth now in this moment, overjoyed at being the conduits for this most auspicious message. Beloveds by now you will have heard much about the imminent 9/9/9 alignment that is occurring for you whom we speak to today upon the earthly plane. There are so many wondrous insights that we wish to share with you regarding this highly talked about alignment….so let us begin….. nine is the number of completion it is the end of a cycle whereby that which has been harnessed and experienced completes a significant orbit, and the energy is returned back to 0 again, a refreshened new zero point, whereby a brand new cycle can begin again.

One of the most significant gifts this gateway offers is the opportunity to offer up, to All that is/ Great Spirit/ Mother Father God all that no longer serves you or is incongruent with your ascension trajectory.

Beloveds we encourage you to use this pivotal activation date to gather within your consciousness all that you wish to release. Gather all the memories, all the timelines, all the souls you have yet to offer your full forgiveness to, into a central point and when you are ready we invite you to place these memories and timelines inside a black box and ask that the violet flame once and for all transmute these energetics and return them back to source energy.

This is a highly significant moment to do this beloveds and there will be many souls on this day who will be partaking in this ritual which will add a great potency to your own intentions.

Beloveds this 9/9/9 alignment brings with it great great gifts for illumined twin flames. Many in the twin flame community have been in long periods of physical separation from their divine consorts in this last nine year cycle, and this has all been preordained and predecided by you and your twin flame in your pre-birth state. The reason for this earthly separation has been to offer your systems a full reset or reboot you could say.

Many Blu-ray twin flames have incarnated on the front line of bloodline dysfunctionality in order to be the pure vessels to purge and ultimately transmute these ancestral patterns.

This has brought with it a rather deepened and entrenched experience of profound levels of woundedness that has required much care and attention and wisdom to be transformed.

We have always reminded you in all our sacred writing transmissions that you are never ever a victim of circumstances, and that you and your twin flame made a decision before you came here, that it would be better to be in physical separation whilst engaging in the vast levels of purging that your ancestral lineage has brought about.

Dear ones this cycle is now complete. If you could only see what we see in regards to what lies before you and as ever in your eternal now moment your heart would soar, and you would find yourself on cloud nine. for this preordained time of the earthly separation for many twin flames is now over and this is the main message we wish to bring to you today.

Much of the blessings of this 9/9/9 portal are overseen by jupiter's transition from virgo to libra… jupiter in virgo has ensured order and clarity and cleanliness in the garden of your beings, but this transit that is set to occur on the 8th sep is set to bring with it great great blessings for enlightened partnerships, new paradigm partnerships, as Libra is the sign mostly associated with harmony and ideal relationships…...

Dear ones we would like to remind you that our beloved channel is offering a sacred 9/9/9 transmission to bring together a collective of enlightened twin flames to assist each other in this final purging. It is most auspicious to be gathering in high frequency groups at this time as this offers a profound potency to all intentions that are sent forth into the zero point field. We will also be using our time together to assist Gaia as she fully transitions from the age of Kali to the prophesied golden age.

This is happening beloveds and your presence is required to be the pure conduits to assist gaia to fully stabilise and anchor in fifth dimensional consciousness the new earth paradigm. We will also be working with the Akashic record keepers speaking our intentions into the new and fresh electromagnetic grid……. speaking our intentions of Swift triumphant and successful twin flame reunions.

Please join us on this call the more souls who gather the more potent the transmission will be.

Many souls who come forward to partake in these transmissions report phenomenal breakthroughs in their timelines which very often precipitates seemingly miraculous contact from their twin flame.

it is our intention to facilitate this opportunity for as many souls as possible therefore please join us on the 999 transmission in loving service

Jen and the White Wolf tribe

20. Sep, 2016

Twin flame Energy Report... Welcome Home......New Timelines Now Anchored....

Dearest beloveds,

Exalted salutations of the most high in this wondrous moment of now, this present moment, whereby all that is and all that ever shall be coalesce in a celebration of sublime being.

What an incredible ride these last two weeks have been beloveds, since the extremely powerful 999 activation portal and the recent lunar eclipse in Pisces….

We from the higher realms have witnessed an unprecedented amount of transformation in many many illumined twin flames timelines…...And to be the observers of this gives us more joy than you could ever possibly conceive…. We also note that the last two weeks have been extremely challenging for many of you, most reporting Ascension symptoms which hitherto have surpassed all previous symptoms in intensity. We know by now that many of you regard this in a positive and optimistic light which it truly is, as the intensity of the symptoms are indicative of your souls endeavour to clear you out to your core of all the old false programs that you have taken on whilst clothed in these earthly Garms.

Beloveds we wish to offer you some clarity with regards to the recent timeline of deep purging that many of you have found yourself on in the last few weeks. Ones evolution could very much be likened to being on a spiral, as opposed to a circle…. Often times your higher self will deem it appropriate to revisit parts of yourself, particular at specific planetary configurations and alignments, in order to view how you are responding to the same issues that have notoriously been coming up for you on your soul's journey.

We see that many of you have indeed been revisiting these core wounds that you have been carrying with you through out this incarnation, but we can see that whereas in the past there has been very much an identification with these core wounds i.e. “this is really and truly who I am” in this latest turn of gaia's evolutionary wheel we can see that many of you have fully activated the master codes within you, which is able to hold a proficient space for these aspects to be there whilst not identifying with them.

Dear ones, we cannot stress enough how essential this is, for you to come into your full living self-mastery, as when these aspects are observed without being believed in, this catalyses and exponentially raises your vibrational frequency, aligning you with the activated living master that you have come here to be.

We are observing this in many many of you whom we speak to today in this moment, and our heart is exploding in bliss to be able to report this back to you.

Very often you will hear us speak about the illumined twin flame timeline trajectory, however beloveds it is most appropriate to always remember that these words are simply labels and oftentimes labels can create expectations which as we all know are the mother of all disappointment.

We are reminding you of this as in truth labels are utterly irrelevant to your higher self, to the God consciousness being that you truly are, as in truth our beloved mother father God has no attachment whatsoever to the label twin flame. You see your beloved twin flame is your identical vibrational tonal match that was created with you at the moment of your souls conception, and whether you identify the one who stands before you as your twin flame or not is irrelevant to your higher self, as this label can never ever make it so, or make it not so….. indeed It is so, whether it is called out as being this or not.

We hope this is clarifying for you and we encourage you to release any expectations around what this is, and what this is supposed to look like in your life, as regardless of what you name it or label it, it either is or it is not and therein lies a great liberation for many of you.

We observe that many many souls have given up on the dream of manifesting a union with the highest consort of their soul, as many many of you believe that it is simply too good to be true. Beloveds with regards to the egos projections around what this union is and what it looks like, this indeed is true….. The twin flame…... you're perfected vibrational tonal match can never be known whilst one still carries the shackles of identification with one's ego consciousness. The twin flame union can only ever manifest when at least one of the divine pair is in a state of full self realisation and inextricably aligned with there I Am Presence in every moment.

When the initiate arrives at this holiest of holiest conjectures then all seeking, all need, and all desire for the soul's highest consort is transcended and ultimately exposed as the ego grasping that it has always been, and it is this level of freedom and non attachment which is crucial to the successful anchoring of the bona fides twin flame unions upon the earthly plane at this great turning of the 26,000 year planetary cycle.

There is always so much to share with you, and we would now like to take this opportunity to inform you that our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate a webinar transmission on 29th September 2016 at 6PM UK time to “Activate the Paradise Codes” that have been stored, and safely tucked away in the 144 000 twin flame pairs pituitary gland, pineal gland, and higher heart center.

The 999 Gateway witnessed Gaia transition fully into the golden age, and in order to support her it is necessary and appropriate for her wayshower brethren to activate the Paradise codes within their own personal consciousness and energy fields.

The paradise codes are aligned with great health, great well-being, divine flow and upgraded synchronicity, the Paradise codes once activated bring forth the blueprint of our higher Christed consciousness into the apex of our frontal cortex.

The transmission will also include activating the paradise codes within Gaia herself, We will be communicating to the Akashic record keepers and working with them to fully and successfully anchor this ancient yet brand new template safely into earths biosphere and electromagnetic field.

This is a great personal planetary activation to be part of and your presence is very much required on this call. Throughout this transmission as you activate and and enliven the paradise codes within your own consciousness please know that these codes are also very much activated within your beloved twin flames consciousness, which will act to deeply serve your physical union when divine timing decrees.

These are incredibly powerful times that we are living in now and these webinar transmissions are calling forth the souls who are truly ready to be part of a master circle of planetary elders, in order to assist gaia and her children to move smoothly into her brand-new Ascension timeline.

To take part in this life altering webinar transmission please contact to reserve your place. The cost of this transmission is £22 it is our deepest honour to serve you all and be the living conflicts of spiritual light and grace that has always been our highest destiny.

We see you all..

We love you all,

And our faith in you knows no bounds

love Jen and the white wolf tribe

27. Sep, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report..... Sacred Union Template has now fully Anchored

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most wondrous moment of now whereby the earth has just passed through that which is known as the equinox gateway and is now nestling safely and joining the mighty planet Jupiter in the constellation of Libra. Libra governs partnership, unions, and the part of the soul's journey where the emphasis is taking off the individual to encompass the other.

This is a most auspicious time beloveds, as this transition that we speak of, heralds great and vast changes for many illumined twin flames. The time of the equinox symbolises transformation and change, as on the external level the seasons change, and the leaves begin to fall off the trees, but this is also symbolic of a great internal shift that is aligning for many of you whom we speak to tonight.

We know these words are deeply resonant for many of you, as we are very much aware that in your quiet moments and in your meditations you have also very much been receiving these messages, that this time heralds great changes for those of you who are on the frontline of the current spiritual revolution.

The 999 portal was a fundamental gateway in terms of a fully ushering in the morning of the golden age and now that is so, this is precipitating great changes in the lives of many star seeds, light workers and twin flames. Beloveds these changes are being activated by the full grounding of the Yeshua and Magdalene divine union template which has now anchored from the lower fourth dimension into the third dimension.

Whilst this template has been hovering in the fourth dimension this has a very much kept alive the reality of your higher dimensional union with your beloved twin flame, and has somewhat kept many of your unions stabilized in the fourth dimensional planes, however beloveds, the time of the Equinox saw the complete anchoring of this template safely and triumphantly onto the third dimensional plane.

The time is now beloveds and we can assure you that many many of you will be noticing fundamental shifts in your unions on the physical plane with your beloveds from this time onwards. The template was fully anchored by the 144000 twin flame pairs, in a master circle of light on the eve of the Equinox on 22 September, this was overseen by the highest masters of light, the ascended masters, the great Elohim, and of course Mother Father God.

The template was anchored with great success on this date, and this will now activate fundamental transformation in the timelines of many twin flames. Beloveds the divine masculine counterparts have been being worked on by their higher selves predominantly in the dream time in the recent months, however this is all set to radically change as many of the masculine counterparts are now finally awakening from a very long slumber to their true spiritual identity and heritage.

All of this is intricately connected to the turning on of the paradise codes personally and collectively within the illumined twin flame timeline trajectory, as if the paradise codes remain dormant and unactivated, it will make Gaia's inevitable destiny far more sluggish, and could be experienced as an uphill struggle.

The paradise codes have always been stored in what have been termed humanities junk DNA which of course is a great lie and fallacy as mother father God would never design their children with junk DNA. These codes have laid dormant in the pineal gland, and were switched off at the time of Atlantis whereby many twin flames received a profound soul shock, from experiencing their first ever separation from their twin flame on that material plane. The shock of this separation was enough to fully turn off the paradise codes and thus assist the dark ones plans to control an asleep humanity, completely oblivious to their spiritual heritage and identity.

However beloveds during this great turning of the great cycle it has been deemed necessary by the highest architects of light, the Akashic record keepers that these codes again be turned on. The paradise codes govern one's spiritual and almighty knowing of who one truly is on all levels of being.

The paradise codes, once turned on release a secretion through the higher heart and the pineal gland which stimulates and activates the initiates a full remembrance of the blueprint they carry and were created with, to fully bring into the third dimension, the living reality of paradise.

Paradise is the utopian ideal that we all know is Gaias inevitable destiny. The reality of paradise is set forth to infiltrate all of earth's societal institutions from schools, to religions, to media, to politics, actively deprogramming and reprogramming these societal institutions to discard the old Limited functioning and modalities, and come fully into alignment with our creator's master plan for these institutions, which is for them to nurture and serve humanity, and be aligned with humanity's greatest levels of wellness and well-being.

This is a very exciting time that we are living in, but we must act as a collective consciousness to turn these codes back on for us personally and for the collective consciousness, and this is why our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate her next webinar transmission on activating the paradise codes. This is crucial work that we will be bringing forth for ourselves personally and for Gaia and all the generations to come, as this is a free will universe, so requires us to step up and call forth these codes to be turned back on.

It is imperative that this master circle happen and if you are feeling called to join and participate in this gathering of planetary elders please send an email to to reserve your place. We hope you grasp the importance and significance of this sacred work, and please know all who do sign up to be part of this transmission have already decided to do so previous to incarnation, we are all simply fulfilling a deep promise we made to our creator to be the ushers in of these new yet ancient codes.

Our last transmissions have been extremely powerful as we are working in an enlightened group setting which exponentially increases the potency of the work that we do. Many report very accelerated purging symptoms after the call and we must warn you of this before you sign up, it would be our deepest honour to welcome you into this sacred circle.

Many blessings

Jen and the White Wolf tribe

The 9/9/9 webinar will be held on friday the 9th september 2016 at 6pm uk time..

The purpose of the transmission is to harness the light dispensation on that day which is bringing through the great transformation from the age of Kali yuga to the golden age.. We will be co creating a Master circle to work with these energies on a personal and collective level, and there will be opportunities to use the potency of the group transmission to activate and materialise our own twin flame unions on the physical plane..

A ritual will be facilitated to gather together all the dysfunctional old programmes of the past and they will be offered to the gatekeepers of the violet flame… Please know beloveds that when these intentions are sent forth in an enlightened group setting, This exponentially magnifies the potency of the intentions..

The New earth paradigm foundations are built on conscious community, and awakened beings coming together to co create the new timelines that are in alignment with the paradise blueprint that we all carry in our sacred and wise hearts…

Your presence is required on this call…

In love and service


The investment for this transmission is £22… and will last for approximately 1 hour

Blessed be……..

please see feedback from my recent webinars...

The last webinar was a multidimensional explosion of orbs and Fairy sprites which took over the transmission, and the feedback has been deeply humbling to receive…..especially with regards to the powerful upgrades all of the participants are experiencing now at the moment, and at the time immediately after the webinar.

If you feel drawn to be at the next webinar the details are below (please send an email to I would be honoured to have your energy and presence on the call…..

please see some feedback from the last webinar.......

Hi Jen, I have been eagerly awaiting some quiet time to watch the Ascension webinar as you know I was unable to join live. I just finished participating and I can say it was AMAZING. Both meditations were powerful beyond measure and the knowing and resonance of your awakening explanation with my twin flame ascension story was comforting and inspiring (I've been stuck in fear and despair as of late). The most phenomenal part of the call was the miracle template- it was off the charts. My third eye, hands and feet blasted open and then fully encircled my being- goosebumps, vibrations and things I can't even begin to describe!! I also loved how funny you were when the call was kicked off and you gave the iphone a pep talk. :) You are adorable. I can't wait to participate again. I loved and appreciated the shout out by name, I felt even more a part of the circle and community. I'm far geographically from souls I deeply resonate with- this group you are building is a lifeline. Thank more words, just gratitude! Love, rosie

Hi Jen, The webinar was really magical. There were many beautiful higher dimensional beings present. Never seen so many at the same time before so that was awesome. There were also pink fearies too as well as bright golden ones and with many orbs. So many visitors holding the strong energies to raise the vibration of the session throughout.I felt the amazing energies on the replay as well and the strong presence of my beloved twin and guides <3 <3

Blessings with twin flame/ray joy with divine love in unity & harmony ...


Hi Jen, with regards to the webinar.....I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it's exactly just what people are needing at this time, the energy and support you have around you is very strong....I think we're all feeling to need that connection now, the orbs were just astounding to watch.....for myself the affects of the upgrades and codes, the same as others said i had utter exhaustion for 3 days, then today I've woke up feeling so energised and light, my thoughts are so clear and different in ways, like there's been a clearing of any fog from things, even my actual vision is clearer and more defined.....not sure if my explanation makes sense but your webinar has definitely wrought changes, I haven't had chance to rewatch the video yet, but I will as there were a few small parts I missed, you're a true blessing xxx


Dear Jen, This was such a beautiful and profoundly comforting session. Your guidance and love have shifted me from a place of doubt and struggle, to knowing that what I am experiencing is true, and important, and also justifiably terrifying as it is a big job ahead! ( :-) ) Your words "It will be so, so worth it." will resonate through my whole heart, in harmony with what my heart has been showing me. I have found an extraordinary ally in you, and for this I am deeply grateful. Love.

EmailWebsite23. Feb, 2016


a big thank you for our session on Monday! i felt Jen took me very far high and very far back on a journey that was needed for deeper healing and integration. i'm coming out of it transformed, more self-assured and trusting in my evolution, more anchored into the current situation, which is my point of power anyway. i really, really, REALLY wanted to have a peak at this fabulous timeline of Atlantis with someone i could lean on for a safe exploration of ancient grief for my pair. Jen saw me in a way i'd never been seen before and the mirror she held up for me is already helping me grow wings to fly higher on my own and step more firmly and enthusiastically into my purpose and mission in a light-hearted way. this session truly was an incredible gift. many blessings to you dear Jen, i am ever so grateful we connected and worked together. Elisabeth. xxx

Email18. Jan, 2016


Thank you so much for the session. It was exactly what I needed right now. The past life you identified and healed reflects an aspect of myself in this lifetime that I'm not very proud of. I could feel the shift taking place in my throat chakra. Now I will be able to let go of that influence and start speaking from my heart. Much love and gratitude.

EmailWebsite27. Dec, 2015


Hello dearest, So much joy and gratitude flows through me just a few days after receiving my healing session with you!.................Prior to seeing you I was a little heart broken and confused about what was happening in my life, and the work you lead me through showed me such horrific pain in my heart, a trauma that I didn't know existed. Following there was a lot of emotional releasing that came but shortly after I have been flooded with profound and beautiful visions. One of which I saw my soul beautifully intertwine with the soul of my beloved and I have not experienced such blissful and emotional joy in such a long time! So incredible! The physical separation that we are going through on this plane of existence no longer aches me as I feel so incredibly connected to him and to everyone. I have been unified with my heart, my home and the greater Divine plan is thoroughly felt, loved and accepted within me. I am so grateful for that dear sister, thank you for the work and the light that you bring to us all. Looking forward to connecting with you

EmailWebsite27. Dec, 2015


Jen, just want to tell you how did I get so far off,I was in a bad place when I talked to you. I feel so much better now, I have been following your advise. I feel so much more grounded and have so much more inner freedom. I still feel his energy around me and it is okay now. I did a lot of purging the next day, I know there is more to come.....thank you so much, you helped me in a big way. I will definitely follow up with you in 30 days. Sending lots of love and blessings heart emoticon heart emoticon

Email19. Dec, 2015


Thank you for a wonderful session. Since then I'm filled with acceptance. It doesn't matter what is playing out on this plane we are helping each other grow. I know we are in Union on a soul level and love for my beloved for all people is just flowing. Thank you I thought the heart ache of separation would never end. Now I feel calm and okay with how things are. Blessings to you and deep gratitude.

Email28. Nov, 2015


Dear Jen, Thank you so much for my healing. It was a relief to hear that it wasn't my fault that I couldn't let go of the pain that I was carrying. The session had a deep effect and I felt something shift inside me, something that had been stuck for a long time. I feel like I can now do what is necessary and have the strength to move forward again. You made me feel reassured, less alone and more calm. I am doing better already and will continue working with the tips you gave me until everything is cleared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Email3. Nov, 2015


Jen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our meeting yesterday. The work you did on my deeply rooted issues were nothing short of breathtaking. As I was sitting in relaxation (and doubting a little I could let myself go deep enough), I suddenly felt in my physical body popping and pulling sensations, in my throat, my solar plexus, and sacral chakras. The feeling of being lovingly worked on was obvious, and glorious, as the clearing and template was brought in. I am at this moment, in peace and know I need to go within for a time to enjoy the great gift you bestowed on me. I'm in awe and in such gratitude for your beautiful light and support.