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Ascension report 144: Saturn no longer retrograde, huge movements forward now

Dearest, beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time to share with you, information regarding the current energetics that the planet is experiencing and going through at the moment.

We have just come through the Venus gateway and the work that was achieved by the ground crew was simply breathtakingly stunning.

So many in the core group experienced fundamental shifts on a deep unconscious level. This is connected to the removal of extremely deep blocks that were preventing many twins from coming into union.

The energies of the Venus gateway was so powerful that it has activated a huge breakthrough for many, many souls, particularly for all those that signed up to do this great, great work.

I myself, Jen, have experienced the biggest breakthrough I've ever had through hosting the transmissions, and there really are no words that can adequately express the potency of this work.

We are moving into the Samhein gateway, which is connected to the sun, moving into Scorpio and all of the upcoming eclipses.

We are also in a gateway where many of the planets have stopped being retrograde and the significant planet that we are dealing with that has now come into forward motion is the planet Saturn.

Saturn in retrograde has been very challenging for many of us as it has forced us to go deep into our conscious mind to bring light to our most repressed and suppressed programmings. This has been very, very challenging for many in the ascending community.

Now that Saturn is stationed direct, we will see that we are being given a huge break from the relentless processing of our shadow aspects.

Saturn's forward motion is also a huge boost for many divine unions as Saturn retrograde was keeping many karmic relationships locked into that patterning in order to fulfill the final culmination of the lessons that this karmic relationship has bought.

Many of the divine masculines who have been in karmic relationships will be departing these relationships now as the end of the cycle will be complete.

For those in the ascending community, it is very important that you address your self-concept, particularly with regards to manifesting your twin flame.

If you hold unconscious beliefs that you are unworthy of love, that you are undesirable and you are un-magnetic, regardless of how many affirmations you do and how many visualizations you do, this will act as a veil upon your super consciousness field and will prevent your manifestation.

It would serve you well to really take an inventory of your deep unconscious beliefs around your ability to manifest your divine relationship.

As we now move into the Samhein gateway, we are going to be connecting very deeply with our ancestors.

I have been guided to host a Day of the Dead Ceremony.

Please see below for the full details of the transmission.

In this transmission, we will be creating an altar for all of our ancestors and creating a rainbow bridge to the higher dimensional realms so that we can experience contact with our ancestors that have passed over.

Many of us have experienced huge losses in the last two years and many souls that we know have crossed over.

This promises to be a very busy and very powerful samhein gateway.

It is so important that the ground crew utilizes these potent spiritual ascension portal dates to come together in their soul groups in order to harness the energies.

The deep state has notoriously used dates such as this to project their nefarious agenda, and it takes for us the family of light to come together on portal dates such as this to balance out the scales and neutralize any nefarious intentions that are put out by the old dying powers that were.

This is such an exciting time to be alive, but the energies are very intense.

If you are feeling very emotional at the moment, please know that many souls in our community are feeling very tender right now.

Cherish yourself. Put yourself to bed early. Wrap yourself in cozy blankets, light candles, sit by the fire, nurture yourself. Surround yourself with good company.

This is a time for you to deeply honour your human needs and go deep within to cherish yourself on as deeper level as possible.

I am so looking forward to gathering with you for the Samhein Day of the Dead Ceremony.

It is going to be soul life-changing for all of us.

We are all doing so well. We are all bearing witness to the greatest show in the universe, and we have all been blessed with the front row seats.

We are the ones that we have been waiting for and we are the ones that we have been praying for.

There is no external savior that will ever come and save you as that is not how mother, father, God rolls.

You are your own savior and you save yourself by deciding in this moment to cease the identification with your victim story or victim narrative through understanding that every single one of us has experienced extraordinary levels of trauma through being incarnated into the matrix, but holding onto and being identified with this suffering is deeply keeping us out of the frequency band of the fifth dimension.

If we wish to enter the fifth dimension, we must be humble. We must put down our story, but most importantly, we must be empty.

We must all meditate on emptiness on an extraordinarily deep level.

Until the next time, in love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

Day of the dead /Samhain transmission

The Day of the dead /samhain transmission will take place at 7:17 pm UK time on the 2nd of November 2022

In the ceremony we will all come together to honour our ancestors that have crossed the rainbow bridge over to the other side

we will light candles, we will bring offerings, we will activate the rainbow bridge that links us to our ancestors.

This is such a powerful energetic gateway and it is imperative that brothers and sisters In the ascending community honour this exceptionally important and powerful portal date

in the past the old powers that were used the energies of this gateway for their own nefarious purposes - it is up to ask the groundcrew to balance out the scales and bring love and light into the collective earth matrix grid during this powerful gateway.

The benefits of participating in a ceremony such as this are:

  • alignment with your spiritual path

  • deep and profound blessings from our ancestors

  • and truly setting a galactic precedent for your ancestral timeline

what this means is that you will be raising up your whole entire ancestral timeline in accordance with the highest well of our beloved creator.

Please know that this transmission will take place in zoom

There is so much more which will be revealed in due course in love Jen …





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