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Ascension report 144: Things are getting very sirius, 11.11 portal this is it!!!

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever evolving humanity.

We have just come through the powerful Samhein gateway and we are now rapidly moving towards the 11/11 gateway.

It is very important that everyone understands what is actually going on with the planetary procession.

Our sun is twined with the star that is known as Sirius.

We coexist in a binary star system.

In Egyptian, the word for sun is Atom, and the definition of the word Tom is twin.

When you place an A in front of a word, this makes it be the opposite. So in effect, the word atom is singualr/source/that which cannot be divided.

The word Atom refers to the potency of singularity. And within singularity, duality is born. Atom is source energy and is indivisible, and Tom is the binary aspect of atom.

Our solar system moves around the great cosmic wheel every 24,000 years, and on this journey it gets ever closer to its binary twin, Sirius. As this occurs, we come out of the age of darkness and we move into the age of light.

We are very much at the beginning of the end of the age of darkness and the beginning of the silver and gold golden age.

This is why so many people are awakening spiritually.

This is deeply connected to the return of the soul memories that we have about our twin flames.

Every single thing in creation has the blue and red opposite forces, electro and magnetic.

This is exemplified within the atom where the two aspects are red and blue, and in the centre of the atom is the nucleus.

This is the Taurus field which is prevalent in all aspects of creation, and this points very clearly to the truth that our souls originate from one source and split into two binary aspects.

We are now at the place within our cosmic cycle whereby the twin flames are beginning to remember each other and connect with each other in the aether, which is the non-material realm, the realm of eternity.

Bearing in mind that this third dimensional dualistic realm is the realm of decrease and decay. However, source energy is the aether which is eternal and perpetual life.

As we transform and grow up spiritually, we will deeply understand astro-theology and how all religions are deeply connected to the sun god Atom and its journey around the astrological wheel and the great procession of the equinoxes.

How does this all relate to the 11/11 portal, you may be thinking.

The 11 is symbolic of the eye ram presence. The two ones represent the two horns of the ram, which is connected to the constellation of Aries. Aries rules over the head and it governs the I am presence.

Without us awakening to our I am presence we cannot ever unify with our divine other. So this 11/11 portal points to the deep empowerment and awakening of the 144,000 into their true I am presence, to stand as 2 stabilized pillars of enlightenment in deep abiding connection with their twin flame on all levels of consciousness, particularly within the etheric realms.

In the 11/11 transmission, which I will be hosting on Friday the 11th of November at 17 minutes past 7:00 PM UK time, (which is a twin flame master number), we will be doing extremely deep work on an etheric level to restore the imbalances that have taken place within our planetary system.

Primarily, this is connected to the removal of the capstone in the Great Pyramids. Many of you may re-member this, but the capstones were actually made of pure crystal.

The fact that the capstones have been removed is symbolic that we are anchored in the time of the dark ages, the age of duality.

The top of the pyramid represents singularity, the zero point field, the unification of all polarity, particularly masculine and feminine electromagnetic energy.

Therefore, in the 11/11 transmission, we will be returning the crystal capstones back to the top of the pyramids.

As we do this great work, we will be empowering the point of singularity within our own consciousness, enabling all who participate in this ceremony to fully stabilize and anchor within the zero point field of consciousness.

Within this, the I am presence is truly born and one understands the sacred merge of the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Please see below for full details on the 11/11 transmission.

It is very important now that everyone wakes up from duality consciousness and understands that the heart is the master code that we must all adhere to in order to attain perpetual and abiding enlightenment.

We are the ones that we have been praying for. We are the ones that we have been wishing for.

This is a twin flame physical reunion gateway of the highest order, and this is because our sun has never been so close to Sirius as it is now in this last 24,000 year cycle.

This procession heralds the successful unification of the twin flames in this lifetime.

I trust that I will see all the ground crew on their grid Points on this great portal date

in love and eternal like Jen ji and the White Wolf tribe.

Please know brothers and sisters I have been going down extraordinarily deep rabbit holes in the last week learning and remembering all about Astro theology I have been reading some ancient books from people like Thomas H Burgoyne and many others Astro theologists... this report is influenced by these teachers and all the dots that I have been putting together through this sacred enquiry..

11.11 Paradise Transmission

The 11/11 transmission will take place at 17 minutes past 7:00 PM UK time on Friday the 11th of November.

In this transmission, we will be returning the capstone, the crystal capstone, back to the great pyramid of Giza and we will be deeply anchoring the physical unification of the 144,000 twin flame pairs.

This is an extraordinary auspicious portal to work with, particularly in such an enlightened way with regards to calling in the divine counterparts.

There are more aspects to this ceremony which will be revealed in due course.

Please know that this sacred of work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and no one is ever turned away.

There is a pay it forward scheme and bursary fund available.

The meetings will take place on Zoom.

I can't wait to be with you all for the 11/11 transmission. Love and eternal light, Jen.

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