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Green man and the goddess meet in the Beltane gateway

Some profound wisdom is pouring through regarding the Holy Grail. Something extraordinary happened this evening. I went into an intense meditation through the sacred energies of Beltane as this is currently the 1st of May, Beltane Day - the day of the marriage of the Green Man and the Goddess. I was meditating on the Beltane energies, and in meditation I was suddenly guided to release all of my old clothing representing an aspect of my consciousness which had somehow run its course. I was taken into this beautiful and exquisite etheric castle and called upon St. Germain, and then witnessed him and his twin flame, Lady Portia, come forward with a violet flame. I was then guided to let go of my old outfit, representing where I had come so far on my evolutionary journey. Before me, I saw the most exquisite etheric gown laden with fabric from Scotland, and I realised that we were in the highest Highlands of Scotland in an etheric castle. At that moment, I released my old clothing into the violet flame and watched the violet flame transmute the old clothes. I was then guided to step into a brand-new upgraded outfit. Wearing these new clothes enabled me to embody the new vibrational frequency that the new garments held. I understood a software upgrade was happening and that I was experiencing it on a spiritual level. I took many deep breaths and embodied the new codes and frequencies pouring through as I wore this exquisite tartan outfit. In that moment, I saw my divine counterpart before me, and the same process was happening to him. He was letting go of an old outfit representing an old aspect of his identity, which had expired. And before him, there was a brand new outfit representing the new software upgrade which would enable him to go forward at one with his higher self. I watched him step into his new clothes and release his old clothes, and in that moment, a beautiful light appeared between us. And as we were both magnetised into this light, we both merged in the energies of the Hieros Gamos. As we dissolved as one light body in the in the Hieros Gamos, I saw before me the Holy Grail And I was intuitively shown that the Holy Grail was now moving its position from the River Thames up towards the highest Highlands in Scotland - indeed the opening source where the sacred waters enter into Scotland from the clouds. The Holy Grail was before me, and i could see it was born of the love of the Green Man and the Goddess, the sacred energies of the masculine, feminine, ying and yang, the two polarities that come together every day, but which are particularly celebrated on this Beltane Day. And so as I observed the Holy Grail anchoring, it's positioning at the top of the water source where the first drop of water enters into Scotland, and indeed England's holy shores, I began to receive much information about the Holy Grail. I was shown that the holy Grail is connected to a lineage of 12 twin flame partnerships who all have agreed to be the first ones to arrive at the vibrational embodiment of unconditional love as embodied by Yeshua and Magdalene. These 12 feminine and 12 masculine polarity counterparts are all part of the same soul group, called the Christ and Magdalene Holy Upon Holies soul group. What that truly means is: this soul group is the one who have contracted to go first. It is understood that as one of the pairs comes into Hieros Gamic union; the energetic merge is so powerful that it sends coded information to the whole entire soul group, enabling them to truly and deeply up-level on a spiritual level to come into vibrational alignment, to attract their true god mate or vibrational counterpart. As one pair out of the 12 couples comes into Hieros Gamos union, this activates the birthing of the Holy Grail and the actualisation of the Holy Grail on the physical plane. Or one could also say that when a divine earthly couple come into recognition of who they are on a true eternal spiritual level and recognise the divine feminine and divine masculine in each other, this recognition births a frequency that is so pure that the Holy Grail is activated. The Holy Grail exists within the fifth-dimensional realm of consciousness and is symbolic of the triumphant reunion of the ones that God has chosen to be together. And so when one of these couples awakens or indeed recognises the true identity of their divine counterpart, this dispels the veil between the higher dimensional realms and connects with the holographic matrix, which is indeed the Holy Grail. This is very rare for human beings to arrive at this level of consciousness. And whenever that occurs, there's a sense of duty and responsibility for that couple to take guardianship of the Holy Grail on the physical plane as well as of course on the spiritual plane indeed, this is a natural, and inevitable by-product of the vibration. It is truly extraordinary to observe the levels of self-realisation depicted by those couples that have arrived at the consciousness level to be guardians of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is deeply connected to the sacred union of the masculine and feminine within and without, the sacred dance of the mother and father, the God and the Goddess, the Green Man and the Goddess. You can never invert God's blueprint, which is the celebration of the polarity of the masculine and feminine within and without. And on this powerful and sacred day, we genuinely come to the vibrational celebration of this great sacred union and merge on the physical and etheric levels. The Holy Grail is the symbol of true love. The Holy Grail is the symbol of God's love. The Holy Grail is the symbol of remembrance. The Holy Grail is the symbol that is given to one whose third eye is truly open and remembers that they are an innocent, and eternal child of God. The Holy Grail is the heart. The heart resides in all. The heart is the fountain of unconditional love and is the seat of true love. The Holy Grail is the mystery of the power of the universe as the power of the universe resides within the heart. Our heart is the GPS system encoded to take us home to our spiritual destiny in the quickest, swiftest, and most efficient manner possible. We ignore our heart at our spiritual peril. May these sacred words inspire you to remember who you truly are and I will see you all on the 5/5 transmission where we will enact this most extraordinary Beltane ceremony

in love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

Here is the link to book onto the 55 Beltane ceremony

Write your first book with jenny mccarty

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be hosting my first ever container entitled, "Write your first book." The container will start on the 14th of June and run for three weeks. It is my absolute deepest honor to share with you the incredible skills that I have learned from bringing through four books. When I wrote my first book, I made a lot of mistakes that were costly and time-consuming, but I'm so glad that happened as it taught me the quickest, efficient and most streamlined way to birth a book into the world.

In this course, I will cover accessing Many various aspects of The Creation and will share with you every process that you need to be able to birth your first book We will cover issues such as:

  • Discovering your muse,

  • Finding your message,

  • Attaining profound clarity on exactly what it is that you are here to share with the world.

  • I will share with you all of the tech that I used,

  • I will share with you all of the apps,

  • I will share with you all of the amazing digital support that I used in order to bring through this book.

  • We will talk about the physical creation of the book into an actual document.

  • I will share with you design skills, design tools.

  • I will share with you all of the phenomenal hacks that I've discovered that have enabled me to bring through a book very quickly and efficiently.

if you have any issues with the payment button please use this paypal link below to send £1111

The price will stay at £1111 for 24 hours and then it will go up to £2222


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