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please come forward to join this election night transmission to ensure victory to the light

Dearest brothers and sisters

we are in the most exciting period there has ever been for life on planet Earth.

All roads are leading to the US election on the 3rd of November.

my spirit team have guided me to facilitate an online global ceremony on the 3rd of november to ensure that the person who takes the office Is truly working for the greatness and upliftment of humanity we all know who this person is and for many of us it is such a deep honour to support this great human being, so I am inviting you all to come and take part in a global transmission on the 3rd of November to ensure that the light wins this election.

We are being guided to add our energetic and etheric support to ensure a monumental win for the forces of great light in this world.

The meditation will take place in a well-known group in Facebook and it will take place at 11:11 pm UK time on November 3.

Due to the fact that organising events such as this take such a huge amount of time and administration I will be offering this on a donation basis.......

I will not be sending out a PDF file to join this transmission I will be sharing the information here:

so just to let you know...

The transmission will take place on the 3rd of November 2020 at 11:11 pm UK time.

The event will take place in the event is happening Facebook group that I run please see below for the link to join the group.

please add yourself to the group and come to the group at 11:11 pm uk time to take part in this global transmission to support the forces of light winning this monumental election

Here is the link to join the Facebook group the event is happening

Please use this link to make a donation and please remember to come to the group at 11:11 pm UK time on the 3rd of November I will not be sending out a PDF reminder so you must add yourself to the group and show up at 11:11 pm UK time whereby you will see me going live in the group leading the transmission.....


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