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Twin flame ascension report: The Beltane gateway is open huge shifts for the twin flame collective

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time with very exciting news to share with all of you. There are many different levels to the chess game that are being played out on the world stage. And what is being presented via the third dimensional lame stream media is a highly distorted and convoluted version of what is truly going on currently on the world stage at the moment.

We would like to invite you all to dig deeper and find patience as this is a 15,000 year deep state monster that is being dismantled in real time as we speak. The head of the monster was cut off. However, due to the intensity and the longevity of the monster's life, there are still lower fractions, which are active and functioning and desperately trying to harvest the last bits of loosh for their overlords.

We are in the midst of a spiritual battle, unlike anything that has ever taken place in the universe. We are transitioning from a third dimensional paradigm to a fifth dimensional paradigm, and there are despicable powers that have ruled over the world that are desperately trying to cap this and control this.

You must all be aware that the despicable powers that “were” are very specifically targeting children at the moment as they understand that many of the children that are incarnating are exceptionally high level galactic beings and star seeds with fully activated 144 strand DNA. The whole jab agenda has been a desperate attempt to cap the spiritual life force and gifts of this particular group of children. And it would serve everyone well to educate and inform parents that God has provided each child with an immune system, which is able to function optimally in this world.

It is very important that we have the discussion about EMF protection. Please know that I have brought through a meditation that enables you to speak to your DNA, to inform it to oscillate at a frequency whereby it is not affected by EMF radiation warfare. However, until you arrive at the level whereby you have enough faith to be able to activate these codons and protection in your DNA, I highly recommend working with black stones, such as shungite and black tourmaline, as well as frequency devices, such as restotone and healy machines.

I also recommend working with EMF protection patches, such as Omnia patches... these act as a very necessary bridge supporting us to come to a level of faith and trust in our own innate ability to radically transform our DNA set points.

The energies are hugely building up towards Beltane which is such a wondrous and important ceremony within the pagan calendar.

Beltane symbols of the return of the Green Man, and the goddess. At the time of Beltane. The energy of spring and early summer is palpable and is symbolic of the rising of the sap within the trees and within humanity.

The energy of passion, and fecundity is being stirred within the collective.

Many people are waking up at this time to the true identity of their eternal consort.

In the 5:5 transmission, we will be working with transforming the 5G towers into tesla towers whereby they are emitting 432 hertz frequencies, which is the equivalent of a diamond song being sung into creation.

We will also be working with the golden dolphins to assist in the deep cleansing of our oceans. The dolphins will also be working with many of the divine masculines to support them to fully cleanse their emotional body of all obligation, beliefs, and thought forms pertaining to patriarchy.

Please see below for all the details on how to book onto the 55 transmission. This is such a huge time for the twin flame collective. Many, many twin flames are coming into union and recognition at the moment. And all of astrology is hugely supporting this.

Many people will receive spontaneous contact from their twin flame in the next two weeks. And many who are very close to union will be witnessing an unprecedented level of synchronicity with your connection with your twin flame.

I leave this energy report reminding you that trust is the fertilizer that makes your dreams grow.

An activator like myself can lead you to experience new codes and frequencies within your energetic field. But if you do not have the faith and the trust to believe that the shift has happened, then that will not be your direct experience.

So therefore, choose just for today to be in trust.

Choose just for today to be in faith and watch how your reality shifts and comes into alignment with miracle consciousness.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

if you are viewing this on a mobile device here is the link to book onto the



The 5.5 transmission will take place on the 5th of May at 8.08 p.m. UK time.

In this transmission, we will work with the dismantling of the 5G grid, which the nefarious powers that were, are seeking to implement. We will be working with the collective consciousness and indeed all of the ascended beings to transform these 5G grids into 432 hertz Tesla towers. Indeed, this is a momentum that has already kick-started, but we are being called in as the ground crew to deeply empower and solidify this timeline actualization.

In the transmission, we will also be working with the golden dolphins to clean and transmute the energy of the oceans. This is connected to the patriarchal energies, and it's very much connected to many divine masculines and the pollution within their emotional body.

So therefore in this transmission, we will be working on deeply cleansing all the oceans of the world and deeply cleansing our emotional psyche and emotional worlds in order to align with the higher dimensional codes and frequencies that are our true birthright.

I will no longer be hosting the meditations on YouTube. From now on, I will be creating a much more exclusive event on Zoom. Please see below for full details on how to book onto the transmission.

Here is the universal link to by My number one best selling book twin flames and the event by Jenny Mccarty

here is the link to purchase the audio

The replay for the wealth mastermind zoom meeting is available.

here is my link tree with all my links for all my programs


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