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Twin flame, Ascension, report, 144: 7.7 Gateway to Heaven Divine Feminine Restoration gateway

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, greetings of the most high.

We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. We are still basking in the solstice energetics, and the next peak energetic moment will be the 88 Lionsgate. This marks the Sun's alignment in the constellation of Sirius, ensuring that our Sun receives the most intense photonic light bombardment from its binary star, Sirius. It is an extremely potent and heightened time of energetic activity, and many people will experience profound shifts in their consciousness during this energetic gateway.

The solstice energies have been specifically connected to the divine masculine consciousness. The divine masculine has been receiving transformative codes, particularly targeting their subconscious minds in the dream time. These codes pertain to the true patterning of the divine masculine template, whose primary purpose is to provide for and protect the children and divine feminines of the Earth. This is deep work connected to the true masculine polarity, which has been targeted and distorted on the Earth plane in recent years.

I will share more about these teachings in the coming months. It is important to note that many divine masculines are letting go of confusion and disorientation regarding their true spiritual path.

We are now moving towards the 77 Portal, and the number 7 is deeply connected to the magical spiritual realms and how they manifest on the earthly plane. We have a seven-chakra earthly system, seven days of the week, and many spiritual references to the number seven.

The number seven holds an extraordinarily mystical power, and those with a life path number seven are oriented towards exploring the deepest mysteries of the spiritual path.

During the 77 Portal, we are guided to focus primarily on the divine feminine. The divine feminine has experienced a significant amount of violation and abuse due to the out-of-control element of patriarchy. This has created conditions where the divine feminine has not felt safe in her sacred feminine energy and has overcompensated by overlyembracing her masculine polarity.

This overcompensation has had a detrimental effect on romantic relationships and the necessary polarity within them.

We will gather for the 77 ceremony to work deeply with the divine feminine's base chakra. We will provide codons and affirmations of profound safety to fertilise her base chakra so that she can once again open up, flourish, and blossom as the feminine polarity that she truly is.

Please see below for full details on the 77 transmission.

It will be a monumental upgrade for the divine feminine, assisting many in becoming a vibrational match for their divine partnerships. I will share many secrets and mysteries around feminine polarity and how the divine feminine can heal from the violation and abuse inflicted on her, her mothers, sisters, and daughters.

We are in a powerful ascension gateway at the moment, and this will manifest on a physical level. It is crucial to stay hydrated and consume electrolytes to assimilate the high-level ascension energies.

It is time now for everyone in the ascending community to fully understand the true nature of reality/.

We have been endowed with the same spiritual powers as our creator. Anything we wish to manifest, we do so within the realm of our imaginal faculties. "Ask and it is given" holds true meaning. Whatever you wish to experience in your physical reality, claim it and lock it in on the spiritual realms. Know that it is yours and that you own it because you would not desire it if it weren't meant for you.

It is important to experience thought forms from the perspective that your desires have already manifested. For example, if you wish to manifest contact from your specific person, speak internally as though it has already happened and start making plans as if the conversation has taken place.

These are powerful codes that are being shared, and I pray that as many of you as possible are ready to understand what is being shared

Please see below for details on the 77 transmission. I will share more about faith and cracking the faith code in the coming weeks and months.

Additionally, I will delve into healing the father wound and the mother wound.

Sacred teachings about the true role of the divine masculine and divine feminine, and how they should be anchored in our appropriate polarities, will also be shared.

This information has been hidden from humanity until now, but these codes have been released and downloaded into humanity's consciousness. It brings me great pleasure to share these upgraded spiritual codes with the collective.

I look forward to seeing all of you, the ground crew, on your grid points for the 77 transmission.

We truly are the ones we have been waiting and praying for. Remember, attending the transmissions is like going to the spiritual gym, where you receive coaching and training to become a spiritual heavyweight.

This is crucial during this time of great planetary shift. Many people are relying on your spiritual connection and stability in order to find their own clarity in these extraordinary times.

In love and eternal light,

Jen and the White Wolf Tribe.

77 Gateway to Heaven Divine Feminine Restoration Ceremony

The 77 Gateway to Heaven Divine Feminine Restoration Ceremony will take place at 7 minutes past 7 PM UK time on the 7th of July 2023. This ceremony will be held on Zoom. Please check your spam folder to ensure you receive the PDF before the day of the ceremony.

In this ceremony, we will activate a profound base chakra reset for the Divine Feminine.

We will open up her base chakra, remove weeds of fear and trauma, and recode her sacral chakra with energies of safety and protection.

This work is crucial during this time of collective Ascension, as many Divine Feminines have not felt safe to embrace their polarized feminine energies. This repelling effect has affected the connection with the Divine Masculine, as the Divine Masculine is naturally attracted to and magnetised by the feminine polarity.

We will conduct a transformative ceremony to ensure that the Divine Feminine's essence is showered with codons, allowing her to finally feel safe in her sensual and erotic feminine form.

This will enable her to attract her divine counterpart in this heightened energetic gateway. The Divine Masculine will also benefit from this ceremony, as he will have the opportunity to work with important and significant Divine Feminines in his life, such as his partner, girlfriend, wife, daughter, and mother.

This powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis. Please click the link below to book your spot in the ceremony. If you are reading this on a mobile device, please click the live link that will redirect you to the booking page.

Here is the link to buy my ninth book the journey to union

here is a review of the book This book you hold is NEXT LEVEL - profound and soul-stirringly accurate in its recognition of our journey and ultimate reunion with our Twin Flame. Each cell in my body vibrated in the eternal truth of these words. My being, my body, my soul relaxed in the purity and wisdom contained in every single sentence, allowing my heart to fully hear and answer the call of my one true beloved and dive deep into the quickening of this time on our planet to merge with our true twin. This is what we signed up for - the remerging of our souls and spirits into the unity of Oneness. It's the ultimate guide for these times. - Tara Moore.


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